Growth Myth: How Sustainability is Linked to Poor Economic Design

The future of HUMAN sustainability is directly linked to the models that we have created to manage our social systems.

And our inability to connect with exponential growth concepts is about to take the whole thing down in flames.

I highly encourage you to watch Chris Martenson‘s ‘Crash Course‘, which covers a slightly different set of 3E’s: economy, energy, and environment. Chris builds a clear and concise description of money and its relationship to the decline of the world’s economies, based on our lack of understanding of how ‘exponential’ growth works.

He also ties failing money systems to the earth’s limited resources and energy production. And he talks about how the Federal Reserve’s ‘right’ to freely make money keeps our poorly designed financial system going – until now.

I ask you: How do we best bring this knowledge to our communities so that we can redesign the system before the inevitable collapse? Learn for yourself by watching and learning at the link below. Thank you Chris for a well done program. 

Vic Desotelle

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