Religion is the Unseen Barrier to Effective Collaboration

Religion? A barrier to collaboration? Who’da thought? One must stop for a moment to deeply consider why I have placed this subject here in the category of ‘barriers to collaboration’. Read on …

Religious positioning may in fact be the essential obstacle that stands in between a healthy human(e) collaboration. If there is a place to claim ‘wrong-ness’, it would be a religious wrong that we all share as a humanity. A wrong that has been the foundation for every war ever fought on this planet. For my God is the right God, and yours is not. Such fear comes up to consider that my beliefs are not the higher truth, that we will kill to keep the belief alive.

Thus, a need for deep dialog and collaboration across God-belief boundaries is crucial to realizing effective collaboration. Because within the religious pedals that secure the seeds of our beliefs are also a deeper more hidden truth that can allow for the rebirth of our collective God-nature. A morphing DNA that will actually bring us into an evolved state of being alive – a transformation in consciousness.

So, it is time that we put down our strategic modeling minds just for a moment and allow our compassionate hearts to step into the center of the collaboration circle. Because no strategy can sustain unless our heart will allow each to be with the other, even if our minds choose to disagree.

For more on this subject, see my friend Jean Houston’s discussion on ‘The Future of God Debate, where she embraces religious, spiritual, and scientific paradoxes, and stakes new claims for what (and what isn’t) our spiritual nature within an emerging globally-conscious world of peoples seeking something more that is beyond each of our present beliefs and mythologies.

Also see James Carrol’s film called Constantine’s Sword, because it covers many mis-assumptions, misguided education, individual, group and collective denials, and indirectly addresses the ultimate the huge lack of collaboration across human societies due to the endless battles between higher-power religious belief systems.

These are my thoughts for today. What comes up for you?

Vic Desotelle

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