Collaboration By Design: The Missing Link

Have you ever noticed how video ratings get very close but rarely hit “5” as an average? Well, these 3 videos hit that big ‘5’ rating, with the first two presently around a million views, and the third ‘hugs’ video having over 57 million. Why do these videos have such huge ratings and viewings? I propose an answer:

In these views videos, our humanity is spoken to. Not our processes, or our procedures, or someone’s organizational goals or strategic plans. But instead, these videos move us at the deepest core of our human nature.

1-The Gift of an Ordinary Day

2-Helsinki Complaints Choir

3-Free Hugs Campaign

I bring this forward because I believe that our discussions and planning about collaboration, and innovation, and the future, and ‘changing normal’, are not spiced with enough of a very essential ingredient, which is this: We are each passionate, passionate people simply awaiting to be amazed by the next moment of ‘awe’ that comes with a sunrise. Each of us – no matter what our situation, crisis, gain, loss, have, or have-not – is deeply in love with life. I guess what I’m asking here is that you watch these 3 videos and allow yourself to ‘fall in love’. Allow yourself to feel the welling of your own emotions as they arise within you. And then, THEN let us ask as a collective: What is collaboration and innovation? What is community? And, why in the world are we wanting to ‘change normal’?

In Spirit,
Vic Desotelle

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