Authentic Leadership Coaching

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A Unique Coaching Experience, For Business & Personal Leadership Development

Authentic Leadership Coaching Is For …

Coaches, Executives, Managers, & Those in Life Transition

The professional coaching process is not what it once was. It’s purpose and intent is changing. Your own leadership abilities will improve and become more meaningful to you -and others- once you revisit the notion of coaching itself. When you work with me, you will find that your own values, identity, and sense of authenticity will be considered based on a non-formula approach to the coaching process.

To understand what it means to be a leader today, we must consider being coached away from traditional methods.

Why? Because each one of us is unique. And too often that one-of-a-kind identity does not get to reveal itself through traditional coaching methods. Leadership consulting and coaching process formulas only work to a point. Then what? How do we address you – that part of your personality that does not just have goals, strategies, and tasks to perform more efficiently. These are only on the surface of our inner personal truths, which are the TRUE DRIVERS OF THE CHOICES WE MAKE IN LIFE. This is what authenticity really is. Once revealed the whole world looks different. How you act and make choices will change. You – in your full authentic self – will actually become a more balanced self-realized leader of others. All of which comes from revealing your authentic place inside.

My approach to Leadership Development is different

There is a difference between leading and leadership; between directing as a manager and managing as a mentor. There is also a difference between practicing formulated exercises to create personal change, and experiencing deep transformational change through self awareness.

Leadership Ecology suggests that a person’s leadership qualities are transferred to another through a shared awakening process.

This is done by first empowering yourself as a leader in your own right based on your interests, capabilities, and passions to realize your unique authentic identity. Instead of your leadership being placed upon another by ‘leading the charge’, you rather consciously follow and look for opportunities to ‘catalyze the charge’. By following team members and watching for their own ‘yellow brick road’, you inject power into the group’s journey, one individual at a time – starting with yourself. In other words, you evolve an Ecology of Leadership (read this article) by positioning yourself to see others, rather than them seeing you. Thus, my coaching approach is somewhat opposite of run-of-the-mill coaching. It comes more from a place of ‘guiding’ than it does from a traditional ‘leading’ coaching perspective.

Find the Authentic Leader Inside Yourself

… Start Here

  1. Learn more about this perspective by reading my blog article on Authentic Leadership.

  2. Review client praise for my work, personal integrity, and coaching and facilitation skills.

  3. Contact me Vic Desotelle, by email or phone (831) 454-8046 for a no-obligation inquiry together.

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