Plutonium is Flowing into Our Oceans and Skies

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Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast as result of Fukushima nuclear fallout (click for article)

Do you know this?!

Do you know what plutonium is? Do you know that it’s leaking into the Pacific? Do you what this means? And here we are – watching CNN journalists argue about who’s got the bigger balls to be president, with barely a whimper about Fukushima. Too funny.

You’re right: It’s not funny. Because the game is over and nobody knows it. Everyone is still playing as if time had not run out. But it has. It reminds me of a truth the movie “The Matrix” revealed. Remember it? In that movie, our lives were (are?) apparently a great big lie; a dream that we don’t know we are dreaming. Time to wake up to the truth of what’s happening, don’t you think? Watch Nobel Prize winner Dr. Helen Caldicott’s video below called “What We Learned From Fukushima” in video below.

Don’t you get it?

The dark genie is now out of its bottle. The wild woo-ly beast – a creature from our worst nightmares, is free. The seers death card has been played. Plutonium has over a 26,000 year half life, and right now it’s particles are filling our skies, leaching our waters, and contaminating our soils, poisoning the entire food change of life. And do you realize that no one knows how to filter out all this radiation, let alone where to put it if they could? Meanwhile, this Pluto-creature is insatiably eating any living flesh it touches. It’s happening RIGHT NOW. Millions of us are being eaten alive in this moment, and we don’t even know it.

So much for innovation.

Want to be remembered for an innovation that saved humanity? Best get started. Forget that great new app or awesome widget that will make you a million dollars, because you life span has been so shortened at this point that you won’t be here to spend it. Instead show the world some real innovation by figuring out how to stop the madness and find a way to get the dark genie back into its bottle. Maybe the next great idea is not an app or  device but is instead a way to passify humanity’s devisive nature. The mothers of invention, named Problem and Crisis, have never screamed so loud for their new borns.

Sustainability? – What a joke.

Oh, and for this whole sustainability movement: Give me a break. How arrogant can we be, while pushing chairs around on the deck of the Titanic. What a joke the whole sustainability movement is. A complete failure. Worst part is, we actually had the know-how and technology to avoid this insane suicide. But now, the only green we can talk about for the rest of our very shortened life spans is the green that is coming from a very sustainable pile of glowing dead flesh, effectively lighting up the planet. Guess this is one thing we can brag about: In a sick sort of way, our energy and environmental problems have be solved!

Look – It’s too late.

Why bother at this point? Really. It is too late. Game over. End of story. Might as well go play with your children for the short time we have left. Watch them drink their last few glasses of radiation-enriched Kool-aid, knowing from here on that we will be watching our families die slow, horrific, painful deaths.

Without most of us even knowing that we’ve asked a question that has provided us an answer – a solution has appeared in an unexpected way. Done from inside our ridiculous problem-solving philosophy (which by the way ‘is’ the actual problem), one of humanity’s greatest problems is now declared solved. Guess we got what we asked for. Next question please?

+ + +

Watch Nobel Prize winner Dr. Helen Caldicott:
What We Learned From Fukushima (April 2, 2012)

Few people know that the Pacific Northwest got whacked hard by fallout from the Fukushima disaster with radiation rates hundreds of thousands of times higher than normal background radiation.  The damage from this is not something that the corporate media or the government is talking about.  It mysteriously disappeared from the radar almost immediately.  Dr. Caldicott referred to this as a process of “cover-up and psychic numbing.”  Looks like it may be working.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission just approved two new nuclear power plants this week (4/2/12) in South Carolina in addition to the two approved earlier this year in Georgia. Dr. Caldicott talks about the dangers and hidden costs of nuclear power then tells the awful truth in minute detail about the actual scale of the Fukushima disaster and compares it to the nuclear disasters of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.  Recent studies estimated that a million people have died so far from Chernobyl. Dr. Helen Caldicott is a physician, Nobel Peace Prize winner, noted author, anti-nuclear power advocate and has founded numerous national and international groups which oppose nuclear power & weapons, including Physicians for Social Responsibility. See also:


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