If I Wanted America To Fail: Positioning Humanity’s Future

Notice! : I recently received negative feedback on this article. People are particially reading it, then watching the video, and assuming that I am advocating for right wing politics, which is not at all the point of my article. So, as you read, watch for the fears as they arise in your mind. Read with a discerning eye and ask yourself – what is the point of this article? 

I watched this video today and found myself whirling in passion, anger, confusion, and drive, which compelled my to write. Please watch this video ‘first’, then read my article, and please share your thoughts with me in the comments box. I find the underlying topic of the video (i.e. not the subjects of the video themselves) to be a source of volatility and danger. Yet as well, vitality and nourishment are contained therein that can help us become empowered to direct what our future is to become.

This video is an emotionally drawing, well synthesized, manipulation of content that both inspires and conspires. Very well done. It is an excellent piece to bring into conversation for ‘The Next Edge’, ‘ConversationCafe.org’, and similar groups.

The video directs watchers toward a toll on the bridge, where humanity has staged a stand-off between ‘knowledge and intent’, and ‘values and value’. It is mixed with both wrong and right points that influence the watcher’s mind, depending on which side of the bridge you start from.

To take messages like this ‘as-is’ and attempt to stand for your view through reason is suicide. But to collaboratively play with the video’s nuances can help to realize new forms of awareness that become a foundation for humanity’s crossing into our future. A forecast that, by design, does not force individuals to take a stand, but to instead freely cross destiny’s bridge to address our fate together.

I encourage those who come to this grand dialog to not distain nor proclaim the video’s message as ‘reasonable’. Do not take a stand. Rather, become a watcher of what emerges from within a rich non-defensive dialog about the subjects this video brings front-and-center. Allow the unfolding of unexpected answers to happen – those that can only be realized from within a collaborative generative conversation. A gathering where the badges of ‘expert’ and ‘authority’ are left at the gate. Allow its content to guide us (rather than collide us) toward destiny’s call.

Let us use information, such as what is described in this video, to move ourselves from the dangers of positioning an ’emergency’ into a place of ’emergence’, where wonder and creativity (not just rationality and fact) are the foundations for shaping our future.

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