Peter Senge on Education, Learning, and Humanity’s Future

How do we tie our children’s learning to the world at large? It’s time to rethink, not just what we are teaching are kids, as the information is old and too often wrong. But also, we need to redo HOW we are teaching them. Our children are way ahead of the system that is trying to teach them. Peter Senge’s video will help you open to some possibilities. Possibilities that have to go beyond conversations and into generative action and change. We start with the children to teach ‘ourselves’ how to learn to change our adult ways, which are inherently unsustainable. Senge addresses a corporate audience regarding the issues at stake that reinforce our need to change what and how way we learn. Start the change of your own learning process now, by having a family chat around the dinner table tonight, and a discussion at your next work meeting regarding the issues addressed in these videos.

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