Fukushima Radiation and the End of Life as We Know It

OMG … What have we done to ourselves and our children’s future?!

Most of us think the nightmare of Fukushima’s nuclear power towers is over, but it has only just begun. Do not feed your family Pacific Ocean fish, ever again.

The blindness of our so-called intelligent experts, and the complacency of us as citizens, has now placed humanity in an accelerated breakdown of the planet’s life system. And it is continuing to get worse. Only this time it is affecting not just the environment, but us as well – Human Beings DIRECTLY. Scientists are warning the greatest risk to humanity, right now today, is coming from Fukushima’s fuel pools

Even with the Fukushima nightmare happening, are you aware of how many more nuclear plants are being readied for development right now? Why, after a series of major incidents over the years, do we still continue to allow nuclear energy? Feel the fear of our foolishness – Feel it to your core. Because the upwelling of that fear may be the only thing that can enable us to act out against the horror of nuclear energy. With tears in my eyes I ask you to read more on the data being gathered. Here is a list of 28 signs that prove the U.S. West Coast is getting radiated.

Watch the videos below. You have every right to feel terrified as you watch. Let that fear help us to act on what we can today, not tomorrow. Although it may already be too late for us and for many generations to come, please take the initiative to act. Find ways to STOP putting any more radiation into our world. 


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One thought on “Fukushima Radiation and the End of Life as We Know It”

  1. The ethical meltdown that occurred in Japan in 2011 is a failure in terms of not only business ethics, but also government in being able to resist the encroachments of big business (I think you will like this essay: http://thewordenreport-governmentandmarkets.blogspot.com/2014/06/an-ethical-meltdown-in-japan-on_30.html.
    In other words, a business that shirks on business ethics is not likely to hold back from trying to corrupt public officials. The latter can act as a protect shell, enabling the continuance of unethical business conduct because the system itself of the political economy is contorted, or warped to the favor of the private interest.

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