Social Dennovation (not social innovation)

Where is social innovation is headed? Whose lives are actually being improved? How are individuals becoming more self resilient, independent, and free?

It seems we need to coin a new term to contrast the lack of useable effective innovation that is happening. Let’s call it ‘dennovation’. (LOL! My Google spell checker tried to correct this word 7 times!)

For those of you who feel you are making a difference, dare I ask you to think again? Maybe we are merely designing the box we’re in with more pizzaz and security? Thereby enslaving us to our own ill-conceived notions of social improvement?

These days, I mostly see how the corporate media is suggesting that the economy is improving. But statistics can be shaped into any result you want. So, what about these other statistics (see link below) that suggest economic improvements are not true? There are so many of us out still of work, or working 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Not to buy that extra car, but to ‘make’ ‘ends’ ‘meet’.

Read this article and notice that reducing opportunities, along with shrinking salaries, along with rising costs of living, are leaving the rich with more, the poor with reduced survival benefits (like food stamps going down while food prices go up), and the continued annihilation of the middle class.

Social Innovation will have to stand much taller if its going to even pretend to be the white knight riding in to save the day. Read more from Robert Reich on … Why Widening Inequality Is Hobbling Equal Opportunity

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