Sustainability is Only for the Rich

130115255617Os72I’ve never been able to grock how the well-known triple bottom line phrase ‘people planet profit’ has anything to do with sustainability. Please tell me how ‘profit’eering has anything to do with creating healthier societies and a balanced earth ecology?

My interpretation of people, planet, profit goes like this: Elitist PEOPLE who PROFIT from others get to use the PLANET however they want, and make the laws that allow them to do so.

Below is a great example of this, and how ‘doing good’ in order to ‘save the planet’ has nothing to do with human well being. Unless of course you are one of the monetary elites. And so what about the rest of us??

Look. If an organization like EPA is going to create over-arching rules that ban things, they have to also create solutions to replace what will be taken away by the ban. In this case, it means giving every poor person, whose wood stove is no longer usable by law, a stove that is useable. This has to be added to the policy or guess what? It’s not “sustainable”. … Duh.

Well, it’s time for me to go find a cold rock to sleep under, because my wood stove has just now been banned. Sleep tight all you environmental extremists who have a pay check that allows you to buy your warmth, and ignore what is really happening here.

Read this article and you tell me what’s right about non-democratic organizations like the EPA proclaiming new laws in this way?

God I’m pissed.

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