Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital

How does one go about building social innovation and creating social capital? Creating more grounded transformative work is done by formulating a collective research process that builds shared capacity. If done well, an emerging social system moves itself (self adaptive) into momentous collaborative action.  CREATING SOCIAL INNOVATION – RESEARCH STAGES Asking powerful questions within dynamic interactive feedback loops is key to establishing a foundation for the collective to stand on. Some general advice about how to do social research … Continue reading “Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital”

Social Innovation … What is it really?

Social Innovation is the next wave that pushes whole system design to new heights. It goes beyond sustainability by allowing technology, humanity, and environment to synchronously converge within an ecological world society that is more conscious, and more aware of our creative collective impact. It defines how our creations can better fit into a greater whole, thereby sustaining and evolving planetary systems (including ourselves), rather than unraveling and destroying it.  Social Innovation Review out of … Continue reading “Social Innovation … What is it really?”

How to Facilitate Powerful Generative Team Meetings – Onsite or Online

Improve Group Trainings and Team Design Sessions with Discovery Colabs The Art of Collaborative Design: Learn how to facilitate more powerful, generative meetings using this collaborative design process. Discovery Colabs can be either physical or virtual and have nearly the same top level process configuration. However, the online tools used for a physical onsite session are quite different than those used in a virtual online session, which are described in a different presentation. Contact me for more information.  … Continue reading “How to Facilitate Powerful Generative Team Meetings – Onsite or Online”

UNconferences – Doorway Into True Social Innovation

Collaborative design with no boxes holding us in!? … Awesome! Facilitation Across Time and Space: How to Create Change Through Virtual Environments. Unconferences provide a newer form of creative freedom that empowers participants into defining their own creative paths. Satisfying individual needs by allowing ‘them’ to be the authors, presenters, and facilitators. By sharing knowledge across previously impassable boundaries, unconferencing holds the potential to be the primary way that SOCIAL INNOVATION will be formulated. I’ll … Continue reading “UNconferences – Doorway Into True Social Innovation”

Changing Normal: Wisdom-based Societies in the Making

  Click Here To Join The Changing Normal Meetup Group. WHAT IS CHANGING NORMAL? Rappoport addresses the idea of what NORMAL is in his articles. He speaks to each individual having the ability to create realities, and how our essential creative nature for doing this is being suppressed. [Caution: His writings are not for minds whose belief systems are easily threatened!] WHAT IS A CULTURAL MYTHOLOGY? The work of “Changing Normal” is founded on the dream of a new … Continue reading “Changing Normal: Wisdom-based Societies in the Making”

What is Social Innovation? An Online Collaboration Project

To demonstrate how Social Innovation can work in collaboration … As we move into an age of human(e) design and collective creativity, my ultimate goal is to co-create an ebook that collectively defines what SOCIAL INNOVATION (SI) is. It becomes a practical guide for every manager or guiding group (of a family, village, organization, community, company, or corporation) who recognizes that SI is no longer merely a do-good concept, but has evolved to become a founding … Continue reading “What is Social Innovation? An Online Collaboration Project”

Collaboration in Context of the Big Shift

On Collaboration This article by is a must read. It helps to describe the critical shift from isolated accumulative information, represented by degrees and the like, to collaborative flows of knowledge, which is only on the fringes of being recognized, let alone accepted within the world’s production-oriented cultures and societies. The article provides a great summary that addresses a new level of consciousness that emphasizes: adaptive, flowing, dynamic, and learning over established, structural, static, … Continue reading “Collaboration in Context of the Big Shift”

Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development

Download Resume from gDocs Vic Desotelle – Resume (831) 515-8141, vicdesotelle @, Santa Cruz, CA, LinkedIn Recommendations       Social Innovation Blog Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development  PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY My background is broad and systemic, which is a prerequisite for building and running effective programs. I have diverse skillsets in sustainable development, online e-learning tools, technical design engineering, leadership training, group facilitation, small business management, entrepreneurial coaching, organizational change, and team collaborative … Continue reading “Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development”

Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Considerations for Effective Application

Sustainable Innovation Through Whole System Design My experience has taught me that the design and application of sustainability requires a ‘whole-systems’ approach. It requires ability for team members to work while recognizing multi-system interdependency’s called a ‘Design Ecology’. For example, although energy is a critical touch-point for effective implementation of sustainability, the impact on other aspects of enterprise becomes systemic and dynamic. This means that, when a new energy solution is applied, its impact goes … Continue reading “Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Considerations for Effective Application”

If I Wanted America To Fail: Positioning Humanity’s Future

Notice! : I recently received negative feedback on this article. People are particially reading it, then watching the video, and assuming that I am advocating for right wing politics, which is not at all the point of my article. So, as you read, watch for the fears as they arise in your mind. Read with a discerning eye and ask yourself – what is the point of this article?  I watched this video today and found myself … Continue reading “If I Wanted America To Fail: Positioning Humanity’s Future”

SUPPORTING INDIVIDUALS, SMALL BUSINESSES, STARTUPS, & NONPROFITS THAT HAVE A FOCUS ON SOCIAL DESIGN AND SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION. Vic Desotelle I have expertise in organizational development, whole-system design, online group facilitation, collaborative process, web design, and strategic planning. GLOBAL TRANSFORMS FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION *Sustainable Systems *Collaborative Design *Leadership Ecology *Cultural Mythology I bring 20 years of experience with for-profit, non-profit, and startups, with a diverse skill set in technical engineering, online business development, executive and team leadership, group facilitation, and … Continue reading “”

Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series

Start Your Own GREEN Company! Create a sustainable business plan through my private coaching and online workshops. THIS WORKSHOP SERIES IS FOR: Social Entrepreneurs, Green Business Start-ups, Clean Tech Ventures, Sustainable Designers, Business Technology Incubators, and Corporate Green Programs and Innovation Teams. A Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series Turn Your Green Ideas Into A Real Sustainable Company! Got a great idea but missing certain business know-how pieces to make it happen? Would you like to … Continue reading “Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series”

Ethics To Innovation Workshops

Preparing Your Enterprise for an Emerging Global Ethic Email Vic To Learn More About Onsite and Online Workshops at Your Company From Ethics To Innovation I have been been training businesses and educational institutions using a unique approach to ethics management. Our ‘Right vs Right’ workshop has been taught at UC Santa Cruz’s Leadership and Management Programs. By incorporating our workshop managers gain a deeper understanding of ethics’ role in their workplace. They also gain … Continue reading “Ethics To Innovation Workshops”

Moving from Thinking to Action – The Fears and Myths that Bind Us (part 1)

Transformation or Collapse? Many of us sense that humanity is a a place of act now or die – no exaggeration. Yet, not much change seems to be happening, especially in human behavior. There seems to be incredible unconscious fears about acting on ideas, and even more about the future that is ours … Just better not to think about that part. Thinking is wonderful, but if it just stays in the mind, nothing new … Continue reading “Moving from Thinking to Action – The Fears and Myths that Bind Us (part 1)”

Defining a Regenerative Commerce System

Regenerative Commerce is a system based on a broader understanding of what it means to develop technology and business. I propose that, using these principles, a region’s economic system can revitalize itself and perform beyond today’s assumptions and expectations. The following represent shifts in awareness of the models we use to create and innovate within enterprise. Note that a ‘shift’ means we are including new information that expands existing models and does not mean that … Continue reading “Defining a Regenerative Commerce System”

The Art of Authentic Leadership

How To Become An Authentic Leader By Vic Desotelle Authentic Leadership is for those who choose to ‘BE change’ as the way to ‘SEE change’ ____________________________ Authenticity as Prerequisite for Leadership Today’s growing global problems can not be solved using the same methods that created them in the first place. Thus, we must evolve our approaches toward innovation, including a new eye on leadership. This article addresses leadership from a very different perspective. How do … Continue reading “The Art of Authentic Leadership”

Concentrix Management: How To Cross Pollinate Innovation Teams

Concentrix Management (CM) is a model for distributing and managing information with the intent to cross pollinate ideas and concepts across sub-groups so that each part of the system knows about the ‘whole’ (of which all working groups within it reside) without overloading any one person. ——————————————————– We are each at the center of our own Universe. How does yours relate to mine? ——————————————————– CM is an important communications tool that allows innovation to emerge … Continue reading “Concentrix Management: How To Cross Pollinate Innovation Teams”


Vic Desotelle Sustainability Innovator, Green Entrepreneur, Collaborative Design Facilitator, Change Agent, Leadership Coach, Social Mythic + + + “Mythic Dragons appear at the Earth’s Horizon, as the Sun Inflects the Dawn of an Emerging New Culture – An Awakened Global Civilization, Ignited by Humanity’s Inner Solar Rays.” + + + Vic’s Insights and Inspirations We have entered a new era of ‘once upon a time’, where the reappearance of mythical dragons signal the emergence of … Continue reading “Vision”


SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: PERSONAL & TEAM CONSULTING Solutions for Organizational Design and Sustainable Innovation Discovery Colabs * What is collaborative design? * Sustainable business created with a collaborative design facilitation process * Organizational learning concepts applied to company development * Green Business Planning Workshops (green company development support) * Collaborative Design Facilitation (with an online, distant network focus) See My Concept Articles Below Blog For Social Entrepreneur Startups (new!) Authentic Leadership Ecology What Is Sustainable Innovation Next Generation Innovation Mapping … Continue reading “Ventures”


. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller     Practical Summary of Vic’s Skill Sets Technical Project Management, Startup Business, Green Development, Group Facilitation, eMarketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, Leadership Coaching, Change Management, Social Innovation, Organizational Learning, Instructional Training Program Startup Management: Company development and technical management for entrepreneurs * Social innovation program management within startup or changing environments Business on the Web: Internet … Continue reading “Resume”

Days of the “Sage on Stage” are Over

Experiment: A test was given to physics students all over the world. Results showed that students only comprehend 14% more its basic concepts over a quarter. Outcome: Listening someone to talk is not an effective way for humans to learn. However, if small group discussions are used to learn the same material, it was found that comprehension gains triple by the end of a semester. The days of the ‘sage on stage’ are over. It … Continue reading “Days of the “Sage on Stage” are Over”

Communication: Differentiating Debate, Discussion, & Dialogue

I have been asked to clarify the difference between ‘debates‘, ‘discussions‘, and ‘dialogues‘ (note wikipedia incorrectly clumps discussion into the same definition as ‘debate’). Below is a first attempt at trying to evolve our understanding of these three primary communication processes. I ask for your feedback, and also for your own insights on this matter. The intent here is to help organizational change processes be more conscious and more effective by becoming aware that how … Continue reading “Communication: Differentiating Debate, Discussion, & Dialogue”


Also See Vic’s Many LinkedIn Testimonials Maria Kostelas Founder and CEO, Flutes of the World “The single most perceptive coach I’ve worked with, Vic Desotelle combines the wisdom of an old sage with the business acumen of a CEO, and the psychological know how of a learned clinician. Our work together catapulted me into the higher level of professionalism and business operations I had always wanted to realize, but didn’t know how to achieve. Vic … Continue reading “Testimonials”

Social Innovation: A Three Phase Transformation Process

I often like to dabble in the abstract. There, I am taken to transitory state that help me feel closer to the Creative Source. For example: below consists of two intertwined trinity models, of which I like to play with when considering the architecture of ‘whole systems’. These models help us to both ‘look at’ and ‘participate in’ (w)holistically oriented organizations and communities: “structure-pattern-process” and “principle-practice-policy“. Note the principle of ‘three’ shows up in my … Continue reading “Social Innovation: A Three Phase Transformation Process”

Our Future and the Mistake We Continue to Make

the mistake we continue to make is about how we learn and make Decisions Taking action on our future is less about ‘what‘ we know and ‘who‘ is in the room, than it is about ‘how‘ we come together to learn. We’ve had this wrong for a long long time. Look at the photo below. This is a “climate action” conference. Observe how people in the room are positioned. Notice how one person is actively … Continue reading “Our Future and the Mistake We Continue to Make”

"Be The Change!" – 7 Steps To Manifestation

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Join “Be The Change!” Twibes Twitter Group /// Participate in the “Be The Change!” Dialogue Project Join One Of Our Discovery Communities At The Bottom Of This Page Mohandas Gandhi’s quote above is powerful, isn’t it? Being the change requires that we embody change itself. To do this, each of us must surround ourselves with a community of others that can provide us with encouragement … Continue reading “"Be The Change!" – 7 Steps To Manifestation”

Ethics To Innovation Workshops

From Ethics To Innovation Preparing Your Enterprise for an Emerging Global Ethic I train businesses and educational institutions using a unique approach to ethics management. My ‘Right vs Right’ workshop has been taught at UC Santa Cruz’s Leadership and Management Programs. By incorporating our workshop, managers gain a deeper understanding of ethics’ role in their workplace. They also gain essential leadership tools for creating and sustaining a healthy company. Organizational Ethics: A Conceptual Overview Today’s troubling business … Continue reading “Ethics To Innovation Workshops”

Discovering our collective global mythology

It is essential that the world collaboratively discover our collective global mythology. Only through this act can sustainable forms of innovation be created that can build a planet of whole, diverse communities that are united in the dance of an emerging conscious global culture. . Vic is Mastered Facilitator Of Teams With A Focus On “Sustainable Innovation” Follow Vic on Twitter

Technology's Influence on Behavior Changes

I watched this interesting video on company and personal branding, which are often one in the same these days. Check it out because it tells an underlying tale of how technology is influencing our behavior. Additionally David Armano tells a story here of how positive interactions with his iPod has changed his ‘dropping’ behavior. This triggered an insight for me that is relevant to collaboration and design. Online collaboration tools are rapidly filling a new … Continue reading “Technology's Influence on Behavior Changes”

The Need For Communicating About Our Communication

Join Abhijit and I in this dialog about the evolution of “communication” … ————————- Dec 24, 2008 AM Vic, I’ve been in the business of mass communication and making efforts to ease the man-to-man communication process. Abhijit Banerjee, 54 Calcutta India ————————- Hello Abhijit, I am curious to learn more about your statement: ” efforts to ease the man-to-man communication “. Kindly, Vic D ————————- Abhijit Banerjee Reply Message Hi Vic I was expecting … Continue reading “The Need For Communicating About Our Communication”

Living Strategies: Bringing Innovation To Life

Guiding Your Organization Through The Rugged Landscape Ahead By Arian Ward of Community Frontiers As we all know well, the world has changed dramatically since the times when traditional strategic planning first became the foundation on which organizations of all types are based. The landscape on which organizations operated then was relatively predictable, stable, and homogenous. Now it is filled with uncertainty, rapid change, and increasingly diverse players and dynamics. These players not only think … Continue reading “Living Strategies: Bringing Innovation To Life”

Sustainability Reporting and the Creative Process

Which of you are familiar with the concepts of creativity, innovation, and sustainability? I seek direction from you on how to incorporate ‘deep creative’ processes within Discovery Fuel’s emerging ‘sustainability reporting’ CoLaboratories. The sustainability reporting phenomena is a rapidly growing trend within organizations world-wide and covers all sectors including business, NGO’s, communities/cities, education, and government. These reports help to clarify and monitor how well companies are improving their ecological, social, AND economic objectives (otherwise known … Continue reading “Sustainability Reporting and the Creative Process”


  Vic Desotelle email me A CHANGE AGENT’S GUIDE Being change itself means facilitating the transfer of your will, done to empower others to lead their own awakened intentions into action. This is humanity’s next spiritual evolution.   AWARENESS (heart/compassion)  “Normalcy is the surest sign of low self esteem.” (John Trudell) Collectively, this becomes an expression of a world filled with fear and insecurity – signaling social meltdown. Awakening to this truth is an emotional process … Continue reading “Contact”