Fractal Scaling Social Innovation – Alignment with Fractal Brain Studies

The Fractal Nature of Nature There has been talk within my Facebook ‘Social Innovation’ groups to figure out a way to scale it for growth. I proposed that we can not apply the same methods to social innovation as we have for all our other forms of innovation, as that would backlash and bring down the potential breakthroughs that SI are beginning to tap into. The idea of ‘fractal scaling’ popped out of my brain … Continue reading “Fractal Scaling Social Innovation – Alignment with Fractal Brain Studies”

Using Fractal Mapping To Build Organizational Inductive Performance

The below map sketches out an applicable model for deepening the capacity, value, and intelligence of an organization’s performance. It’s impact suggests that non-productivity, or inductive activities are aspects of a company’s behavior that should be nurtured rather than exterminated. Similar to the model for energy, which has both electric and magnetic characteristics, so too should we look at our organizations and acknowledge that people and activities that do not directly impact the production line, … Continue reading “Using Fractal Mapping To Build Organizational Inductive Performance”

Resiliency through Social Innovation – Design for Engagement and Humanization

I wonder why so many design initiatives are so data and information constrained. What about actual human behavior and how to apply its chaotic nature into rational logistics? Where we need to go to move beyond rational design? How do our relations integrate into information from a design perspective? Imagine how the concept of ‘resiliency’ ties into an understanding of sustainability through the ‘supply chain’. Imagine reforming our concept of ‘supply’ to eliminate the ‘chain’ but still keep the … Continue reading “Resiliency through Social Innovation – Design for Engagement and Humanization”

What is Social Innovation? An Online Collaboration Project

To demonstrate how Social Innovation can work in collaboration … As we move into an age of human(e) design and collective creativity, my ultimate goal is to co-create an ebook that collectively defines what SOCIAL INNOVATION (SI) is. It becomes a practical guide for every manager or guiding group (of a family, village, organization, community, company, or corporation) who recognizes that SI is no longer merely a do-good concept, but has evolved to become a founding … Continue reading “What is Social Innovation? An Online Collaboration Project”

Concentrix Management: How To Cross Pollinate Innovation Teams

Concentrix Management (CM) is a model for distributing and managing information with the intent to cross pollinate ideas and concepts across sub-groups so that each part of the system knows about the ‘whole’ (of which all working groups within it reside) without overloading any one person. ——————————————————– We are each at the center of our own Universe. How does yours relate to mine? ——————————————————– CM is an important communications tool that allows innovation to emerge … Continue reading “Concentrix Management: How To Cross Pollinate Innovation Teams”

Social Innovation: A Three Phase Transformation Process

I often like to dabble in the abstract. There, I am taken to transitory state that help me feel closer to the Creative Source. For example: below consists of two intertwined trinity models, of which I like to play with when considering the architecture of ‘whole systems’. These models help us to both ‘look at’ and ‘participate in’ (w)holistically oriented organizations and communities: “structure-pattern-process” and “principle-practice-policy“. Note the principle of ‘three’ shows up in my … Continue reading “Social Innovation: A Three Phase Transformation Process”

Alice’s Mirror and the Great White Elephant

A story of conflict and healing in human interaction & collaboration With compassion in his voice, he said (something like) you can be too sensitive. The energy with it was almost as if the conflict was not that big of a deal, and more in your mind; as if it wasn’t real enough. Since there are some similarities between you and me in the area of ‘sensitive’: Do you think we are too sensitive? In … Continue reading “Alice’s Mirror and the Great White Elephant”

The Link Between Ethics and Innovation

Ethics to Innovation Article By Vic Desotelle and Michael Kaufman Table of Contents Introduction The Ethics/Innovation Relationship What are Ethics? Forces Creating Managerial Dilemmas (Principle Forces Creating Practical Dilemmas) What is Innovation? Innovative Wholes and Inventive Systems (Fractal Wholes vs Fractured Parts) The Emerging Global Ethic Innovation through Ethical Tension Sustainability: Bridge from Ethics to Innovation The New Innovation Strategy Architecting a Regenerative Commerce Conclusion Ethics to Innovation CONVERSATION WORD MAP . . Introduction In … Continue reading “The Link Between Ethics and Innovation”

The Need For Communicating About Our Communication

Join Abhijit and I in this dialog about the evolution of “communication” … ————————- Dec 24, 2008 AM Vic, I’ve been in the business of mass communication and making efforts to ease the man-to-man communication process. Abhijit Banerjee, 54 Calcutta India ————————- Hello Abhijit, I am curious to learn more about your statement: ” efforts to ease the man-to-man communication “. Kindly, Vic D ————————- Abhijit Banerjee Reply Message Hi Vic I was expecting … Continue reading “The Need For Communicating About Our Communication”

Unbounded Particulates of Spirit

Unbounded (Particulates of) Spirit work to be integrated   see the world differently ——————————————————————————————-   ——————————————————– Value Density (gravitational lensing): All things manifest once a certain level of mass-density occurs; from galaxies, to planets, to organizations. This density can be realized physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually (we usually only consider ‘physical’ densities in our science). ‘Lensing’ then, is way to bring focus to something and is what makes it apparent (a parent). Awareness and attention … Continue reading “Unbounded Particulates of Spirit”