Sustainability is Only for the Rich

I’ve never been able to grock how the well-known triple bottom line phrase ‘people planet profit’ has anything to do with sustainability. Please tell me how ‘profit’eering has anything to do with creating healthier societies and a balanced earth ecology? My interpretation of people, planet, profit goes like this: Elitist PEOPLE who PROFIT from others get to use the PLANET however they want, and make the laws that allow them to do so. Below is a … Continue reading “Sustainability is Only for the Rich”

The Dirty Little Secret About Sustainability

With all the growing commitment to green, is sustainability actually happening?   As an advocate for sustainability for many years, I sincerely want to know what you think. My goal here is to rattle things up a bit. To shake and stir us sustainability advocates into sharing what I believe is a silent voice regarding its future.  On our way to where? … Consider the statistics in the video presentation and then please share with me – Are … Continue reading “The Dirty Little Secret About Sustainability”

Sustainability Reporting as Anchor for Innovation

The emerging ‘sustainability reporting’ movement has begun and is growing in leaps and bounds. This process can be much more than a way to report how a company is doing regarding sustainability. More so, it becomes the anchoring point for defining what and how new forms of innovation witll emerge within the organization. Sound strategic methods for managing and accessing sustainability reporting information will become crucial for generating ‘whole system’ innovation within and across organizations. … Continue reading “Sustainability Reporting as Anchor for Innovation”

Growth Myth: How Sustainability is Linked to Poor Economic Design

The future of HUMAN sustainability is directly linked to the models that we have created to manage our social systems. And our inability to connect with exponential growth concepts is about to take the whole thing down in flames. I highly encourage you to watch Chris Martenson‘s ‘Crash Course‘, which covers a slightly different set of 3E’s: economy, energy, and environment. Chris builds a clear and concise description of money and its relationship to the … Continue reading “Growth Myth: How Sustainability is Linked to Poor Economic Design”

Sustainability Reporting and the Creative Process

Which of you are familiar with the concepts of creativity, innovation, and sustainability? I seek direction from you on how to incorporate ‘deep creative’ processes within Discovery Fuel’s emerging ‘sustainability reporting’ CoLaboratories. The sustainability reporting phenomena is a rapidly growing trend within organizations world-wide and covers all sectors including business, NGO’s, communities/cities, education, and government. These reports help to clarify and monitor how well companies are improving their ecological, social, AND economic objectives (otherwise known … Continue reading “Sustainability Reporting and the Creative Process”

Vic’s Supplements Plan For Wellness … and Sustainability

Our wellness influences what we create as human beings and how it either supports or depletes the world’s complex ecology of life – a planetary well being, so to speak. Our individuality is made up of a physical body, mind(fulness) and thoughts, emotions and attitude, and spiritual connection with something greater than us. The interactions between sustainability, leadership, collaboration, and innovation (my favorite subjects) start inside ourselves. That is, how we treat the inward effects … Continue reading “Vic’s Supplements Plan For Wellness … and Sustainability”

Unsustainable Everything

I love it when somebody is able to synthesize the incoming data into a meaningful message. Watch this video and understand how the world’s unsustainable economy works … Guess what my dear sustainability activists: The work you are doing? … It’s ‘not’ working. Sustainability will go to another level of understanding after you watch this video.

Resiliency through Social Innovation – Design for Engagement and Humanization

I wonder why so many design initiatives are so data and information constrained. What about actual human behavior and how to apply its chaotic nature into rational logistics? Where we need to go to move beyond rational design? How do our relations integrate into information from a design perspective? Imagine how the concept of ‘resiliency’ ties into an understanding of sustainability through the ‘supply chain’. Imagine reforming our concept of ‘supply’ to eliminate the ‘chain’ but still keep the … Continue reading “Resiliency through Social Innovation – Design for Engagement and Humanization”

Social Innovation … What is it really?

Social Innovation is the next wave that pushes whole system design to new heights. It goes beyond sustainability by allowing technology, humanity, and environment to synchronously converge within an ecological world society that is more conscious, and more aware of our creative collective impact. It defines how our creations can better fit into a greater whole, thereby sustaining and evolving planetary systems (including ourselves), rather than unraveling and destroying it.  Social Innovation Review out of … Continue reading “Social Innovation … What is it really?”

Going Beyond the Idea of ‘Conscious Capitalism’

The following are my comments to an associate who went to the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ conference. I anticipated when I reviewed Gil’s notes from the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ Conference, that I would be brought into a state of aggravation. Expecting that the language would point to the same old talk about doing good business, while actually covering up that its not doing ‘good’. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised! I’m so relieved, and quite jazzed, about seeing signs … Continue reading “Going Beyond the Idea of ‘Conscious Capitalism’”

Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital

How does one go about building social innovation and creating social capital? Creating more grounded transformative work is done by formulating a collective research process that builds shared capacity. If done well, an emerging social system moves itself (self adaptive) into momentous collaborative action.  CREATING SOCIAL INNOVATION – RESEARCH STAGES Asking powerful questions within dynamic interactive feedback loops is key to establishing a foundation for the collective to stand on. Some general advice about how to do social research … Continue reading “Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital”

What is Social Innovation? An Online Collaboration Project

To demonstrate how Social Innovation can work in collaboration … As we move into an age of human(e) design and collective creativity, my ultimate goal is to co-create an ebook that collectively defines what SOCIAL INNOVATION (SI) is. It becomes a practical guide for every manager or guiding group (of a family, village, organization, community, company, or corporation) who recognizes that SI is no longer merely a do-good concept, but has evolved to become a founding … Continue reading “What is Social Innovation? An Online Collaboration Project”

Why the Social Innovation Movement is Bound to Fail: It’s The Money Stupid!

For social entrepreneurship to truly take hold, a redesign of the world’s money systems has to be a part of any complete social innovation plan. . WHAT SECRET LIES BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF EMERALD CITY? We all go around wondering why such bad things happen. Why are so many out of work? Why I can’t make ends meet at the end of the month? How come green technologies rarely seem to reach the marketplace? Why … Continue reading “Why the Social Innovation Movement is Bound to Fail: It’s The Money Stupid!”

Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development

Download Resume from gDocs Vic Desotelle – Resume (831) 515-8141, vicdesotelle @, Santa Cruz, CA, LinkedIn Recommendations       Social Innovation Blog Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development  PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY My background is broad and systemic, which is a prerequisite for building and running effective programs. I have diverse skillsets in sustainable development, online e-learning tools, technical design engineering, leadership training, group facilitation, small business management, entrepreneurial coaching, organizational change, and team collaborative … Continue reading “Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development”

Collaboration "IS" the New Government

Imagine a new way of thinking regarding what government is …  Rather than government being the provider of fixes, it instead becomes a convener of stakeholders, thereby allowing ‘we the people’ to generate our own solutions, which is how a real democracy should be. This shifts our system from a STATIC governMENT institution into a DYNAMIC ‘governANCE’ system. We go from rigid structure to flowing process. The governing body becomes a manager (or governor) of the … Continue reading “Collaboration "IS" the New Government”

A Six-Point Architecture For Mapping Next-Generation Innovation

A deeper Learning conversation has emerged that we believe will help designers of companies, technologies, and communities, to develop new forms of offerings that are more appropriate for a conscious global culture. These conversations are the result of a new framework for organizing ourselves, where our activities now relate to what we call a Regenerative Commerce system. One that provides a balance of Equitable, Ecological, and Economical products and services to our global communities – … Continue reading “A Six-Point Architecture For Mapping Next-Generation Innovation”

Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Considerations for Effective Application

Sustainable Innovation Through Whole System Design My experience has taught me that the design and application of sustainability requires a ‘whole-systems’ approach. It requires ability for team members to work while recognizing multi-system interdependency’s called a ‘Design Ecology’. For example, although energy is a critical touch-point for effective implementation of sustainability, the impact on other aspects of enterprise becomes systemic and dynamic. This means that, when a new energy solution is applied, its impact goes … Continue reading “Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Considerations for Effective Application”

Our Money Or Our Lives?

These talks (below) by Peter Joseph establish a baseline for understanding why sustainability can ‘not’ happen (listen up all you greenies!) under our existing monetary system. Time to educate anew in order to clear ourselves of the old. Note this clearing will not from those ”with” but rather from those of us with”OUT”. What are you going to do TODAY to start taking action? Get RE-educated now, not tomorrow. As with so many of us, … Continue reading “Our Money Or Our Lives?”

Plutonium is Flowing into Our Oceans and Skies

Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast as result of Fukushima nuclear fallout (click for article) Do you know this?! Do you know what plutonium is? Do you know that it’s leaking into the Pacific? Do you what this means? And here we are – watching CNN journalists argue about who’s got the bigger balls to be president, with barely a whimper about Fukushima. Too funny. You’re right: It’s not … Continue reading “Plutonium is Flowing into Our Oceans and Skies”

Lossy vs Efficient Organizations – How to Design a Sustainable Supply Chain Management System

My recent insight on Sustainable Supply Chain Management System design … Lossy vs efficient organizations – how to design a ‘sustainable’ supply chain management (scm) system sustainability in supply chain management is optimized by measuring the lossiness cause by reflective coefficients at the sources and sinks of each learning node (suppler/vendor) in the chain. This refers to both informational and material flows. Thus, when the reflective coefficients are high, much loss occurs in the transfer of … Continue reading “Lossy vs Efficient Organizations – How to Design a Sustainable Supply Chain Management System”

SUPPORTING INDIVIDUALS, SMALL BUSINESSES, STARTUPS, & NONPROFITS THAT HAVE A FOCUS ON SOCIAL DESIGN AND SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION. Vic Desotelle I have expertise in organizational development, whole-system design, online group facilitation, collaborative process, web design, and strategic planning. GLOBAL TRANSFORMS FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION *Sustainable Systems *Collaborative Design *Leadership Ecology *Cultural Mythology I bring 20 years of experience with for-profit, non-profit, and startups, with a diverse skill set in technical engineering, online business development, executive and team leadership, group facilitation, and … Continue reading “”

Moving from Thinking to Action – The Fears and Myths that Bind Us (part 1)

Transformation or Collapse? Many of us sense that humanity is a a place of act now or die – no exaggeration. Yet, not much change seems to be happening, especially in human behavior. There seems to be incredible unconscious fears about acting on ideas, and even more about the future that is ours … Just better not to think about that part. Thinking is wonderful, but if it just stays in the mind, nothing new … Continue reading “Moving from Thinking to Action – The Fears and Myths that Bind Us (part 1)”


Vic Desotelle Sustainability Innovator, Green Entrepreneur, Collaborative Design Facilitator, Change Agent, Leadership Coach, Social Mythic + + + “Mythic Dragons appear at the Earth’s Horizon, as the Sun Inflects the Dawn of an Emerging New Culture – An Awakened Global Civilization, Ignited by Humanity’s Inner Solar Rays.” + + + Vic’s Insights and Inspirations We have entered a new era of ‘once upon a time’, where the reappearance of mythical dragons signal the emergence of … Continue reading “Vision”


. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller     Practical Summary of Vic’s Skill Sets Technical Project Management, Startup Business, Green Development, Group Facilitation, eMarketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, Leadership Coaching, Change Management, Social Innovation, Organizational Learning, Instructional Training Program Startup Management: Company development and technical management for entrepreneurs * Social innovation program management within startup or changing environments Business on the Web: Internet … Continue reading “Resume”

Communication: Differentiating Debate, Discussion, & Dialogue

I have been asked to clarify the difference between ‘debates‘, ‘discussions‘, and ‘dialogues‘ (note wikipedia incorrectly clumps discussion into the same definition as ‘debate’). Below is a first attempt at trying to evolve our understanding of these three primary communication processes. I ask for your feedback, and also for your own insights on this matter. The intent here is to help organizational change processes be more conscious and more effective by becoming aware that how … Continue reading “Communication: Differentiating Debate, Discussion, & Dialogue”


Also See Vic’s Many LinkedIn Testimonials Maria Kostelas Founder and CEO, Flutes of the World “The single most perceptive coach I’ve worked with, Vic Desotelle combines the wisdom of an old sage with the business acumen of a CEO, and the psychological know how of a learned clinician. Our work together catapulted me into the higher level of professionalism and business operations I had always wanted to realize, but didn’t know how to achieve. Vic … Continue reading “Testimonials”

The Paradox in ‘Sustainable’ Innovations

The Paradox in ‘Sustainable’ Innovations I want you to click on the picture of the ‘invention machine’ at the left and watch the video. As your watching the video, make a list of the things that (in your mind) make up ‘sustainable’ innovation, based on how they describe it to be. Then, look at your list and consider how they are using the definition of sustainability. In some parts, they show energy efficient light bulbs, … Continue reading “The Paradox in ‘Sustainable’ Innovations”

Sustainable Economics – We’re in Trouble

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, watch this moving picture video as it unveils the U.S. economic decline from the perspective of the unemployed. It doesn’t slow down a bit since 2007. What is this telling us? Who is responsible for this decline? How are you and I being held accountable for taking the necessary action to stop the bleeding? How can we learn as an evolved community, and begin to … Continue reading “Sustainable Economics – We’re in Trouble”

Vic’s Soul Mate

SEEKING MY SOUL MATE What I Seek in a Woman … I seek companionship with a woman who, through her life experiences, knows her place in the world. She may be afraid of the unknown, but chooses to go there anyway. She owns her decisions and differences of opinion, while seeking to understand why others choose what they do, and reaches toward compassion for them, whether she agrees with them or not. She possesses a … Continue reading “Vic’s Soul Mate”

The Link Between Ethics and Innovation

Ethics to Innovation Article By Vic Desotelle and Michael Kaufman Table of Contents Introduction The Ethics/Innovation Relationship What are Ethics? Forces Creating Managerial Dilemmas (Principle Forces Creating Practical Dilemmas) What is Innovation? Innovative Wholes and Inventive Systems (Fractal Wholes vs Fractured Parts) The Emerging Global Ethic Innovation through Ethical Tension Sustainability: Bridge from Ethics to Innovation The New Innovation Strategy Architecting a Regenerative Commerce Conclusion Ethics to Innovation CONVERSATION WORD MAP . . Introduction In … Continue reading “The Link Between Ethics and Innovation”

Mapping Next Generation Innovation

Considering A Six-Point Architecture For Mapping Next-Generation Innovation A deeper Learning conversation has emerged that we believe will help designers of companies, technologies, and communities, to develop new forms of offerings that are more appropriate for a conscious global culture. These conversations are the result of a new framework for organizing ourselves, where our activities now relate to what we call a Regenerative Commerce system. One that provides a balance of Equitable, Ecological, and Economical … Continue reading “Mapping Next Generation Innovation”

Discovering our collective global mythology

It is essential that the world collaboratively discover our collective global mythology. Only through this act can sustainable forms of innovation be created that can build a planet of whole, diverse communities that are united in the dance of an emerging conscious global culture. . Vic is Mastered Facilitator Of Teams With A Focus On “Sustainable Innovation” Follow Vic on Twitter

Vic on Organizational Learning

Let’s set the stage for what this section of Discovery Fuel’s blog on organizational learning is all about. Companies that fall into this category often describe themselves as learning organizations. It is one of the first recognized concepts that the corporate world has successfully used to bridge the previously huge gap between education and business. Interesting to note that the value of this concept has been increasing as companies have needed to increase their rate … Continue reading “Vic on Organizational Learning”