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The Capital of Meaning: Using News & Social Media to Monitor a Currency’s Effectiveness

An interesting realm to look into that can be used to determine the efficacy of a currency (and/or various forms of capital) is done by monitoring news media conversations. In this work by Joe Brewer and team, they have accrued media outlet topics tweets and found huge disconnects around common themes. The resulting diagrams show digital clusters of self-truths that create walls between each other, undermining the potential for any deeper understanding emerge

Make Your No-Vote Count

I know you think Hillary is better than Trump. Like somehow her lies are better than his. Or visa versa. If, or when, you are open to another solution. And if or when you get to the point not to vote (see rising statistics), here’s my solution. THERE IS AN OPTION TO NOT VOTING.

Make your no-vote count.

Go to

Our Responsibility To ‘AWE’

This short video gives me that spinal shiver we humans get when ‘awe’ is present. When’s the last time you’ve felt it? What moves you? What draws on your desire to be in life? Who are you not to stand up to what is your own momentum into amazing, incredible, awesome! We have a ‘responsibility to AWE’.


Unsustainable Everything

I love it when somebody is able to synthesize the incoming data into a meaningful message. Watch this video and understand how the world’s unsustainable economy works … Guess what my dear sustainability activists: The work you are doing? … It’s ‘not’ working. Sustainability will go to another level of understanding after you watch this video.

Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital

How does one go about building social innovation and creating social capital?

Creating more grounded transformative work is done by formulating a collective research process that builds shared capacity. If done well, an emerging social system moves itself (self adaptive) into momentous collaborative action.  CREATING SOCIAL INNOVATION – RESEARCH STAGES Asking powerful questions within dynamic interactive feedback loops is key to establishing a foundation for the collective to

The Game Is Up … Preserving Our Soul

Yes, the game is up. And most of us know it, but can not speak to it. So how do we know what to do? What will others do to us if we tell them that we are lost? I will let poet master David Whyte express this point. Listen deeply into the poem and allow personal time for the silence he speaks of to breathe into you. Sit with the mythic images that appear

Silence is a cancer that grows – from enslaved thinking.

No more silence. Use your voices and speak up for what is right; for yourself, and for the people. What do you have to say?! Allow no logic, no mindfulness, no model, NO CHAINED THINKING … Let nothing get in the way of speaking up now! What do you know? What do you feel? What is deep in you screaming to get out? What do you have to say?! There can be no deep impact,

Concentrix Management: How To Cross Pollinate Innovation Teams

Concentrix Management (CM) is a model for distributing and managing information with the intent to cross pollinate ideas and concepts across sub-groups so that each part of the system knows about the ‘whole’ (of which all working groups within it reside) without overloading any one person.

——————————————————– We are each at the center of our own Universe.

How does yours relate to mine? ——————————————————–

CM is an important communications tool

Collaboration "IS" the New Government

Imagine a new way of thinking regarding what government is … 

Rather than government being the provider of fixes, it instead becomes a convener of stakeholders, thereby allowing ‘we the people’ to generate our own solutions, which is how a real democracy should be. This shifts our system from a STATIC governMENT institution into a DYNAMIC ‘governANCE’ system. We go from rigid structure to flowing process. The governing body becomes a manager

Resiliency through Social Innovation – Design for Engagement and Humanization

I wonder why so many design initiatives are so data and information constrained. What about actual human behavior and how to apply its chaotic nature into rational logistics? Where we need to go to move beyond rational design? How do our relations integrate into information from a design perspective? Imagine how the concept of ‘resiliency’ ties into an understanding of sustainability through the ‘supply chain’. Imagine reforming our concept of ‘supply’ to eliminate the ‘chain’

The Ecology of Leadership: A Twist on the Idea of Professionalism

In our attempt to be ‘professional’, it seems that our society has become afraid of our own human-ness. Have we lost our sense of how to be with each other in the messiness of our humanity?

I was reading my LinkedIn Groups this morning and came across Mike Smith’s ‘Life Back West’ thoughts on people, teams, organizations, effectiveness and success (thanks Mike!). Now,

How to Facilitate Powerful Generative Team Meetings – Onsite or Online

Improve Group Trainings and Team Design Sessions with Discovery Colabs

The Art of Collaborative Design: Learn how to facilitate more powerful, generative meetings using this collaborative design process.

Discovery Colabs can be either physical or virtual and have nearly the same top level process configuration. However, the online tools used for a physical onsite session are quite different than those used in a virtual online session, which

Social Innovation … What is it really?

Social Innovation is the next wave that pushes whole system design to new heights. It goes beyond sustainability by allowing technology, humanity, and environment to synchronously converge within an ecological world society that is more conscious, and more aware of our creative collective impact. It defines how our creations can better fit into a greater whole, thereby sustaining and evolving planetary systems (including ourselves), rather than unraveling and destroying it. 

The Art of Authentic Leadership

How To Become An Authentic Leader

By Vic Desotelle

Authentic Leadership is for those who choose to ‘BE change’ as the way to ‘SEE change’


Authenticity as Prerequisite for Leadership

A Six-Point Architecture For Mapping Next-Generation Innovation

A deeper Learning conversation has emerged that we believe will help designers of companies, technologies, and communities, to develop new forms of offerings that are more appropriate for a conscious global culture. These conversations are the result of a new framework for organizing ourselves, where our activities now relate to what we call a Regenerative Commerce system. One that provides a balance of Equitable, Ecological, and Economical products and services to our global

Illusion or Reality? Awakening to Humanity’s Present State of Being

christmas-presentsOn Christmas, that day of the year which best reflects our ‘present’ state of being, I watched three films. Elysium, Consumed, and Obey, which you will find links to below. Being alone for this holiday, I couldn’t think of a better present to gift myself than to open up to the ‘present’ state of  our humanity. Call me odd; maybe so. But I wish there

Changing Normal: Wisdom-based Societies in the Making


Click Here To Join The Changing Normal Meetup Group.


Rappoport addresses the idea of what NORMAL is in his articles. He speaks to each individual having the ability to create realities, and how our essential creative nature for doing this is being suppressed. [Caution: His writings are not for minds whose

Values: The Obstacle That Keeps Us From Deeper Collaboration, Innovation, and Change

Dance of the ‘Victor Victim Villain’ Archetypes

Victor (Champion, Hero)

The three ‘V’s – victor, victim, villain. If you are human being, you can’t escape it. We all wear their cloaks at times in our lives. You are more dependent on these three V’s than you probably know.

Our ways of thinking shape our world. Whether we know it

Recycling is a Joke without a Bigger Plan in Mind

Recycling – how effective is it really?

There so many efforts, articles, and statistics that address both sides of the recycling equation, such as this article on recycling and the water bottle industry.
To my point however, the nonlinear increase in production of things like plastic bottles, far excedes the ability to recycle them, due to lack of creating economic constraints to buy the recycled stuff back.

Ritual’s Role in Social Innovation and Design


No matter what we do – from guiding our child’s evening prayer, to the way we prepare our food, to how we hire and fire people at work, to how we say hello on our iphone, to celebrating our nations leaders, to ringing the bell on wall street, to starting an act of war. It’s all loaded with ritual. ritualRitual is what defines

UNconferences – Doorway Into True Social Innovation

Collaborative design with no boxes holding us in!? … Awesome!

Facilitation Across Time and Space: How to Create Change Through Virtual Environments. Unconferences provide a newer form of creative freedom that empowers participants into defining their own creative paths. Satisfying individual needs by allowing ‘them’ to be the authors, presenters, and facilitators.

By sharing knowledge across previously impassable boundaries, unconferencing holds the potential to be the primary way that SOCIAL INNOVATION will be

What is Social Innovation? An Online Collaboration Project

To demonstrate how Social Innovation can work in collaboration …

As we move into an age of human(e) design and collective creativity, my ultimate goal is to co-create an ebook that collectively defines what SOCIAL INNOVATION (SI) is. It becomes a practical guide for every manager or guiding group (of a family, village, organization, community, company, or corporation) who recognizes that SI is no longer merely a do-good concept, but has evolved to become a

Sustainable Innovation Is Impossible Under Today’s Monetary System

Knowledge is power. Truth in Knowledge is Transformative.  I’m sure I am irritating some of you with my remarks that social capitalism and sustainable business can NOT happen under the existing monetary model, which is now globally applied. I find it interesting that no one has either supported nor refuted this point here. However, I implore you to consider this as a an extremely important point regarding transformation and real sustainable change. If we wish to

Why the Social Innovation Movement is Bound to Fail: It’s The Money Stupid!

For social entrepreneurship to truly take hold, a redesign of the world’s money systems has to be a part of any complete social innovation plan.

. WHAT SECRET LIES BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF EMERALD CITY? We all go around wondering why such bad things happen. Why are so many out of work? Why I can’t make ends meet at the

Collaboration in Context of the Big Shift

On Collaboration

This article by is a must read. It helps to describe the critical shift from isolated accumulative information, represented by degrees and the like, to collaborative flows of knowledge, which is only on the fringes of being recognized, let alone accepted within the world’s production-oriented cultures and societies.

The article provides a great summary that addresses a

Creating a Learning Exchange Marketplace

Learning Exchange Markets uncover hidden innovation which is often at the fringes of an organization.

Within a Learning Exchange Market, a shift of emphasis occurs between the participants from debates and discussions to generative dialogue, which must be in place for true forms of sustainable innovation to emerge. During the learning

Social Dennovation (not social innovation)

Where is social innovation is headed? Whose lives are actually being improved? How are individuals becoming more self resilient, independent, and free?

It seems we need to coin a new term to contrast the lack of useable effective innovation that is happening. Let’s call it ‘dennovation’. (LOL! My Google spell checker tried to correct this word 7 times!) For those of you who feel you are making a difference, dare I ask you to think again?

Our Future and the Mistake We Continue to Make

the mistake we continue to make is about how we learn and make Decisions

Taking action on our future is less about ‘what‘ we know and ‘who‘ is in the room, than it is about ‘how‘ we come together to learn. We’ve had this wrong for a long long time. Look at the photo below. This is a “climate action” conference. Observe how people in the room are positioned. Notice how one person is

Using Fractal Mapping To Build Organizational Inductive Performance

The below map sketches out an applicable model for deepening the capacity, value, and intelligence of an organization’s performance.

It’s impact suggests that non-productivity, or inductive activities are aspects of a company’s behavior that should be nurtured rather than exterminated. Similar to the model for energy, which has both electric and magnetic characteristics, so too should we look at our organizations and acknowledge that people and activities that do not directly impact the production line,

Our Money Or Our Lives?

These talks (below) by Peter Joseph establish a baseline for understanding why sustainability can ‘not’ happen (listen up all you greenies!) under our existing monetary system.

Time to educate anew in order to clear ourselves of the old. Note this clearing will not from those ”with” but rather from those of us with”OUT”. What are you going to do TODAY

Social Innovation: A Three Phase Transformation Process

I often like to dabble in the abstract. There, I am taken to transitory state that help me feel closer to the Creative Source. For example: below consists of two intertwined trinity models, of which I like to play with when considering the architecture of ‘whole systems’. These models help us to both ‘look at’ and ‘participate in’ (w)holistically oriented organizations and communities: “structure-pattern-process” and “principle-practice-policy“. Note the principle of ‘three’ shows up in my

Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series

Start Your Own GREEN Company!


Create a sustainable business plan through my private coaching and online workshops.


Social Entrepreneurs, Green Business Start-ups, Clean Tech Ventures, Sustainable Designers, Business Technology Incubators, and Corporate Green Programs and Innovation Teams.

A Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series

Growth Myth: How Sustainability is Linked to Poor Economic Design

The future of HUMAN sustainability is directly linked to the models that we have created to manage our social systems.

And our inability to connect with exponential growth concepts is about to take the whole thing down in flames. I highly encourage you to watch Chris Martenson‘s ‘Crash Course‘, which covers a slightly different set of 3E’s: economy, energy, and environment. Chris builds a clear and concise description of money and

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