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MarCom as a Bridging Agent to Healthy Companies and Society?


OLD DEFINITION: (wikipedia) Marcom is targeted interaction with customers and prospects using one or more media, such as direct mail, newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telemarketing, and the Internet. A marketing communications campaign may use a single approach, but more frequently combines several. NEW DEFINITION: (vic’s) Marcom is a complex set of interactions that uses a variety of mediums to share a message, which attracts interest

Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Considerations for Effective Application

Sustainable Innovation Through Whole System Design

My experience has taught me that the design and application of sustainability requires a ‘whole-systems’ approach. It requires ability for team members to work while recognizing multi-system interdependency’s called a ‘Design Ecology’. For example, although energy is a critical touch-point for effective implementation of sustainability, the impact on other aspects of enterprise becomes systemic and dynamic. This means that, when a new energy solution is applied, its impact goes

Occupy Movement’s Underlying Purpose

Occupy’s presence is felt to this day. Seeds that were planted years ago have been germinating, and now breaking ground. bean-seeds_shutterstock_57850783 The reason no one could get their arms around the Occupy movement is because it was of principle, not of policy, and not yet a way of practice. Principle is highly intentional and not always tangible in its early stages. When principle moves into action,

Collaboration By Design: The Missing Link

Have you ever noticed how video ratings get very close but rarely hit “5” as an average? Well, these 3 videos hit that big ‘5’ rating, with the first two presently around a million views, and the third ‘hugs’ video having over 57 million. Why do these videos have such huge ratings and viewings? I propose an answer: In these views videos, our humanity is spoken to. Not our

Defining a Regenerative Commerce System

Regenerative Commerce is a system based on a broader understanding of what it means to develop technology and business. I propose that, using these principles, a region’s economic system can revitalize itself and perform beyond today’s assumptions and expectations. The following represent shifts in awareness of the models we use to create and innovate within enterprise. Note that a ‘shift’ means we are including new information that expands existing models and does not mean that

Fractal Scaling Social Innovation – Alignment with Fractal Brain Studies

The Fractal Nature of Nature

There has been talk within my Facebook ‘Social Innovation’ groups to figure out a way to scale it for growth. I proposed that we can not apply the same methods to social innovation as we have for all our other forms of innovation, as that would backlash and bring down the potential breakthroughs that SI are beginning to tap into.

The Dirty Little Secret About Sustainability

With all the growing commitment to green, is sustainability actually happening?   quick_draw_rattle_shake_by_blackrhinoranger-d6qkqhlAs an advocate for sustainability for many years, I sincerely want to know what you think. My goal here is to rattle things up a bit. To shake and stir us sustainability advocates into sharing what I believe is a silent voice regarding its future.  On our way to where? … Consider the statistics in the video presentation

The Notion of Right and Wrong … is Wrong

The primary principle of innovation is this. It is being able to consider and change our ‘notions’; our so-called facts of our experiences; our factual claims; into something new that goes beyond our own individual reality. The statement of this work is at the foundation of collaboration and discovery. He speaks of science and the evolution of values. Excellent.

Watch this video …

The Empathic Civilization

Is it possible for us to manifest a better world? One filled with more peace, well being, and harmony? Yes, I believe we can. We just have to remind each other – often.

Watch this amazing video below.

The Empathic Civilisation, by Jeremy Rifkin

Lossy vs Efficient Organizations – How to Design a Sustainable Supply Chain Management System

My recent insight on Sustainable Supply Chain Management System design … Lossy vs efficient organizations – how to design a ‘sustainable’ supply chain management (scm) system sustainability in supply chain management is optimized by measuring the lossiness cause by reflective coefficients at the sources and sinks of each learning node (suppler/vendor) in the chain. This refers to both informational and material flows. Thus, when the reflective coefficients are high, much loss occurs in the transfer of

Alice’s Mirror and the Great White Elephant

A story of conflict and healing in human interaction & collaboration

With compassion in his voice, he said (something like) you can be too sensitive. The energy with it was almost as if the conflict was not that big of a deal,

Revolution or Evolution?

I used to watch videos like this. Watching youth getting jazzed would give me a chill (a real thing) that would go all the way up my spine. But now, I only get a small shiver that is felt in only a small section of my spine. Is my physical response sending me a message?

When I watch videos like this, I know their intent is good. They are trying to get youth

For Those Who Stand in the Arena of Change

May 2014 be the year when the men and women of ‘the arena’ (see below) come together to share our triumphs and struggles, and to celebrate the making of a world that works for all. I wish a to extend to each of you who stand in this very special place, a joyful and transformative New Year.


THE MAN IN THE ARENA by Theodore Roosevelt “It is not the critic who counts; not the man

Ethics To Innovation Workshops

Preparing Your Enterprise for an Emerging Global Ethic

Email Vic To Learn More About Onsite and Online Workshops at Your Company

ethicstoinnovationFrom Ethics To Innovation

I have been been training businesses and educational institutions using a unique approach to ethics management. Our ‘Right vs Right’ workshop has been taught at UC Santa Cruz’s Leadership and Management Programs. By

Is There an Ecological Unconscious?

I find that this subject is one of the more revealing issues of our time. A place that requires us to reshape our understanding and meaning of ‘environment’. Read this great article on the link between our human psyche and the Earth.


ecologicalunconsciousBy DANIEL B. SMITH
Published: January 27, 2010

The terms in which ecopsychology pursues this admittedly ambitious goal are steeped

The Paradox in ‘Sustainable’ Innovations

sustainable innovation paradox
sustainable innovation paradox
The Paradox in ‘Sustainable’ Innovations I want you to click on the picture of the ‘invention machine’ at the left and watch the video. As your watching the video, make a list of the things that (in your mind) make up ‘sustainable’ innovation, based on how they

Our Truths Are Based On Internal Beliefs That Are Too Often Wrong

Here’ an important message to our leaders and decision makers:

Assume that your truths and beliefs are an Illusion.


Consider how our brain works …
Watch what happens to your belief system as you stare at this image.

1-Follow the moving pink dot: What do you see?
2-Look at the middle black cross. Now what do you see?
3-Now star for a few seconds at the

Social Innovation in Action: Vic Applies for the Bucky Fuller Design Challenge Award

InGENuity Vision And Guiding PrinciplesBuckyFuller Design Science Challenge:

How to shift innovation’s intent from creating intellectual widgets to forming intelligent societies.

I want to share that last week I applied for the Bucky Fuller Challenge Award. Hoping you will wish the inGENuity team and me lots of luck. Learn more at links to the story below. Vic 🙂

Awakening to Social Dark Truths is how Bright Futures Begin

Batman-Arkham-City-Joker-Heath-Ledger-460x470As a student of truth, I have become the ‘cynical optimist’. I have allowed myself to go down forbidden rabbit holes, and there faced information that I did not want to deal with. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me to not only have horrific truths revealed to me. But then to also be pushed aside by most people, not wanting to

Days of the “Sage on Stage” are Over

Experiment: A test was given to physics students all over the world. Results showed that students only comprehend 14% more its basic concepts over a quarter. Outcome: Listening someone to talk is not an effective way for humans to learn. However, if small group discussions are used to learn the same material, it was found that comprehension gains triple by the end of a semester. The days

Ecological Design Principles

Principles of Ecology From the Center for Ecoliteracy (By Fritjof Capra)
1-Networks *Interdependence, Diversity, and Complexity* The members of an ecosystem are interconnected in a vast network of relationships in which all life processes are interdependent and achieve stability through a diversity of linkages. 2-Boundaries *Scale and Limits* At

Going Beyond the Idea of ‘Conscious Capitalism’

Conscious-CapitalismThe following are my comments to an associate who went to the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ conference. I anticipated when I reviewed Gil’s notes from the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ Conference, that I would be brought into a state of aggravation. Expecting that the language would point to the same old talk about doing good business, while actually covering up that its not doing ‘good’. BUT, I was

Here’s Where the Idea of ‘Collaboration’ is Going

Collaboration is redefining what it means to be busy. It is becoming the vehicle for formulating new forms of innovation – sustainable innovation. More and more, you will find it in your work place to get things done more efficiently, and for establishing a new c0llective world-wide governing system – something even beyond the idea of democracy. This short video does a good job at hitting this home.

Vision Quest: Faith seeps through the gaps of our despair.

The corporate oligarchy is now fully in charge. Things will be getting worse for 2/3rds of us, while 1/3 will flourish. Which are you? Chris Hedges is my new champion. He speaks of the dark state that we are in as a humanity. Naming specifics of our dying plant’s woes, being held in the grasp of an inhumane society. He addresses truths that do not get spoken. Just as I have tried to

Sustainability is Only for the Rich

130115255617Os72I’ve never been able to grock how the well-known triple bottom line phrase ‘people planet profit’ has anything to do with sustainability. Please tell me how ‘profit’eering has anything to do with creating healthier societies and a balanced earth ecology? My interpretation of people, planet, profit goes like this: Elitist PEOPLE who PROFIT from others get to use the PLANET however they want, and make the laws

World War 3 – In the Name of Social Good – For Who?

tanks_largeWith the Ukraine literally ‘up in arms’, is World War 3 on its way?
As with most all wars, this one’s about power mongering. Nothing different. They’re all the same. It has little to do with keeping freedom. In fact, war itself demonstrates we have never had it. I feel helpless to its ways.
Wars are run by the bad guys in

Authentic Leadership Coaching

A Unique Coaching Experience, For Business & Personal Leadership Development

Authentic Leadership Coaching Is For …

Coaches, Executives, Managers, & Those in Life Transition

The professional coaching process is not what it once was. It’s purpose and intent is changing. Your own leadership abilities will improve and become more meaningful to you -and others- once you revisit the notion of coaching

Innovation is a misrepresented characterization of humanity's creative process.

Innovation is a misrepresented characterization of humanity’s creative process. It is too often used to describe the entire process of manifestation. Actually, INNOVATION is sandwiched between INSPIRATION and INVENTION. This more (w)holistically describes a full creative cycle. More . . .

If I Wanted America To Fail: Positioning Humanity’s Future

Notice! : I recently received negative feedback on this article. People are particially reading it, then watching the video, and assuming that I am advocating for right wing politics, which is not at all the point of my article. So, as you read, watch for the fears as they arise in your mind. Read with a discerning eye and ask yourself – what is the point of this article?  I watched this video today and

Plutonium is Flowing into Our Oceans and Skies


Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast as result of Fukushima nuclear fallout (click for article)

Do you know this?!

Do you know what plutonium is? Do you know that it’s leaking into the Pacific? Do you what this means? And here we are – watching CNN journalists argue

Moving from Thinking to Action – The Fears and Myths that Bind Us (part 1)

Transformation or Collapse? Many of us sense that humanity is a a place of act now or die – no exaggeration. Yet, not much change seems to be happening, especially in human behavior. There seems to be incredible unconscious fears about acting on ideas, and even more about the future that is ours … Just

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