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The Influence of Super Heroes and Mythical Stories on Cultural Progress

People need myth. Especially, the super heroes of mythical stories allow the socially suppressed to have something to hold onto that is strong and good -It provides a sense of hope for a better life. Hero movies often touch on, if not lead, the meaning of our present culture’s beliefs and driving forces. Forces that move a society forward. They reflect a rising desire or struggle in both the individual and as a collective. The

A Practical Theory On Leadership & Collaboration – ‘The Shirtless Dancing Guy’

I got this video off of Charles Lemos’ site and was referred to it by Ben Roberts’ Facebook conversation. Derek Sivers gave this presentation at the TED Conference this week and got a standing ovation. It’s pretty brilliant in its takeaway. The video below is a healthy perspective on the collective’s role in leadership, especially the ‘first follower’. Watch how this natural form of taking the lead seeds the beginning of collaboration. Here’s the transcript,

Communication: Differentiating Debate, Discussion, & Dialogue

I have been asked to clarify the difference between ‘debates‘, ‘discussions‘, and ‘dialogues‘ (note wikipedia incorrectly clumps discussion into the same definition as ‘debate’). Below is a first attempt at trying to evolve our understanding of these three primary communication processes. I ask for your feedback, and also for your own insights on this matter. The intent here is to help organizational change processes be more conscious and more effective by becoming aware that how

The Future of Innovation and Technology has Already been Figured Out by Nature One Million Years Ago

I’ll say it again: The future of innovation and technology has already been figured out by nature one million years ago. Watch this TED video …

Fukushima Radiation and the End of Life as We Know It

OMG … What have we done to ourselves and our children’s future?! Most of us think the nightmare of Fukushima’s nuclear power towers is over, but it has only just begun. Do not feed your family Pacific Ocean fish, ever again. The blindness of our so-called intelligent experts, and the complacency of us as citizens, has now placed humanity in an accelerated breakdown of the planet’s life system. And it is continuing to get worse. Only this

When Something New Needs to be Said – Watch Out for the Platitude Beast!

Ask me why I posted this. Do you know? What comes to mind? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DANGER!!! Platitude beasties in the area …. When something ‘new’ needs to be said …. Watch out for the Platitude beasties hiding behind rocks! DEFINITION platitude |ˈplatiˌt(y)oōd| noun a remark or statement, esp. one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful : she began uttering liberal platitudes. • the quality of being dull,

Sustainability Reporting as Anchor for Innovation

The emerging ‘sustainability reporting’ movement has begun and is growing in leaps and bounds. This process can be much more than a way to report how a company is doing regarding sustainability. More so, it becomes the anchoring point for defining what and how new forms of innovation witll emerge within the organization. Sound strategic methods for managing and accessing sustainability reporting information will become crucial for generating ‘whole system’ innovation within and across organizations.

Peter Senge on Education, Learning, and Humanity’s Future

How do we tie our children’s learning to the world at large? It’s time to rethink, not just what we are teaching are kids, as the information is old and too often wrong. But also, we need to redo HOW we are teaching them. Our children are way ahead of the system that is trying to teach them. Peter Senge’s video will help you open to some possibilities. Possibilities that have to go beyond conversations

Innovation is blinded by our assumptions

In this IONS audio, “Unexplained Mystery of Spontaneous Remission” with Brendan O’Regan, it explicitly describes how we suppress innovation by two things: 1- our assumptions and beliefs, that are founded in our education, that filters out and rationalizes outcomes that do not fit expected norms, and 2- our lack of choosing to study unexplained phenomena. For example, the medical world carries the most unexplained healings that no one has studied. Why is that? These strange

Innovation starts with the artist and is followed by the scientist

Artist Frank Chester has discovered how the heart works. It doesn’t pump blood, it ‘swirls’ blood. And is based in how the body designs itself – done using geometry (known as ‘sacred geometry’) that is mostly hidden to the common eye … including doctors. The interesting thing is that Frank is not a scientist by definition, rather he is an ARTIST. I have always believed that artists are the initiators of new innovation as they

Schools Should Teach The Way Children Learn

I love this article from the S.F. Chronicle. It will make you rethink your beliefs around technology’s role in teaching and how we humans tend to learn. Read up. (Click on the article image to enlarge it) Use your mouse to click, hold, drag, zoom, autoplay, and control the presentation below. Playing to Learn? on Prezi

Sustainable Economics – We’re in Trouble

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, watch this moving picture video as it unveils the U.S. economic decline from the perspective of the unemployed. It doesn’t slow down a bit since 2007. What is this telling us? Who is responsible for this decline? How are you and I being held accountable for taking the necessary action to stop the bleeding? How can we learn as an evolved community, and begin to

Declared ‘Critically In-Sane’

I’ve just been declared ‘critically in-sane’ by the authorities. So you can disavow anything I say or do, as it is merely a fig-newton of my delirious irrational in-sanity-iation. You can visit me. I’ll be in padded cell # 13 talking through steel-secured cement walls to other cuckoo’s who got nested here before me. You know – the ones society locks up because they are nut cases, insane, crazy, out of touch with reality? Good

Religion is the Unseen Barrier to Effective Collaboration

Religion? A barrier to collaboration? Who’da thought? One must stop for a moment to deeply consider why I have placed this subject here in the category of ‘barriers to collaboration’. Read on … Religious positioning may in fact be the essential obstacle that stands in between a healthy human(e) collaboration. If there is a place to claim ‘wrong-ness’, it would be a religious wrong that we all share as a humanity. A wrong that has

I started this website with intent to grow it as I can. To start here is a page with 50+ online green stores. Use it for daily shopping and especially for the holidays. More to come. is an eco store provider of products and services relating to the green marketplace through the selling of sustainable green product lines. It’s primary objective is to provide green consumers a one stop shop to learn about

Truth vs Logic

In the end truth defies logic. . And yet we have a world that insists logic is the way out. How many holes do we need to step into, in order to get that logic is good, but it is not what will take us out of social collapse? Actually, I don’t think we will. It’s too late. We will die in the name of an unspoken logical premise. . BUT THEN THERE’S MYTH … DOES

Web Technology as Sacred

I want you to take your business hat off for a minute to read what’s below. I am about to enter the twilight zone and attempt to bring in what some may consider ridiculous or impossible. For me, what I am about to say touches on the profound, and believe it is a critical subject for our times. READY ?! The Web has reached a level of maturity where it can be viewed as an

The Link Between Ethics and Innovation

Ethics to Innovation Article By Vic Desotelle and Michael Kaufman Table of Contents Introduction The Ethics/Innovation Relationship What are Ethics? Forces Creating Managerial Dilemmas (Principle Forces Creating Practical Dilemmas) What is Innovation? Innovative Wholes and Inventive Systems (Fractal Wholes vs Fractured Parts) The Emerging Global Ethic Innovation through Ethical Tension Sustainability: Bridge from Ethics to Innovation The New Innovation Strategy Architecting a Regenerative Commerce Conclusion Ethics to Innovation CONVERSATION WORD MAP . . Introduction In

Innovation and the future of socialism and capitalism

“You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it”, says an economics professor at a local college. He made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had once failed an ENTIRE class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”.

Tell Me Why (Why change?) – A Children’s Tribute

Why must we have to remind ourselves of the horror we do to others of our own kind? Why must we have to remember over and over again ‘why’ we must create change? Watch Declan – Tell Me Why – a children’s tribute;  images of children at war.

"Be The Change!" – 7 Steps To Manifestation

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Join “Be The Change!” Twibes Twitter Group /// Participate in the “Be The Change!” Dialogue Project Join One Of Our Discovery Communities At The Bottom Of This Page Mohandas Gandhi’s quote above is powerful, isn’t it? Being the change requires that we embody change itself. To do this, each of us must surround ourselves with a community of others that can provide us with encouragement

Discovering our collective global mythology

It is essential that the world collaboratively discover our collective global mythology. Only through this act can sustainable forms of innovation be created that can build a planet of whole, diverse communities that are united in the dance of an emerging conscious global culture. . Vic is Mastered Facilitator Of Teams With A Focus On “Sustainable Innovation” Follow Vic on Twitter

Put in Values and an Organizational Structure That Will Stimulate Innovation

Donald Mitchell asked: le associate industry-changing innovation with high technology products and services, and certainly those industries create lots of innovation. On the other hand, almost every business seems to enjoy the potential to be more innovative if people think about the business that way. Few industries had a greater reputation for being stodgy than steel making during the 1950s and 1960s. Today, the industry has been totally reshaped, by relying on technology that did

How We Create Meaning Together

Understanding how we create and enrich meaning … can help us to determine and implement collaboration tools that help us generate valued outcomes, such as business products and services. Watch this video to learn how group design and understanding process is enhanced when three key parts of the brain are working in coordination: 1-the ‘ventral stream’ part of the brain uses images to clarify ideas, 2-the ‘dorsal stream’ area creates the ability to navigate through

Is Sustainable Commerce an Oxymoron?

Being sustainable has everything to do with being innovative. In fact, it is beginning to generate the next generation of creative products and services on (and for) this planet. Yet, with all of our amazing efforts, something seems to be drastically missing. There’s a BIG BLACK HOLE that the subject of sustainable commerce seems to be orbiting. Any comments? Add them here ->

Myth and Metaphor as a Way for Creating Intelligent Businesses

In a time when we feel more chaos than order, and more wrong than right, we must consider deeper aspects of our psyche as human beings and reassess our assumptions about everything. To create more intelligent companies we business leaders must do the same. Finding more meaning and purpose in our businesses is critical to this assessment. And using ‘myth’ can help us go deeper into ourselves to reveal how we want to relate to

Vic on Creative Learning

Let’s set the stage for what will be discussed here: What does this subject have to do with anything outside of a school environment? Well allow me to elaborate … The world has changed. Noooo, the world is not ‘about’ to change, it HAS changed. And the way we learn no longer fits into the slot of go-to-school, get a degree, then go apply what we learned. No, learning has become a frequent set of

Building A Learning Organisation

A learning organisation is an organisation that learns and encourages learning among its people. It promotes exchange of information between employees, hence creating a more knowledgeable workforce. This produces a very flexible organisation where people will accept and adapt to new ideas and change through shared vision.It is said that the only constant in life is change and organisations are not spared. Change brings about not only uncertainty and risks but also opportunities for growth.

Collective Intelligence and Collective Wisdom

“Change” has been the big topic of conversation for some time now. For the most part, the change that everyone writes about and talks about is economic change. There has been much written about the change from a manufacturing economy to a service economy and there has been much written about the movement of manufacturing jobs off shore, but I want to concentrate on another kind of change. Willis Harman wrote a whole book about

Vic on Organizational Learning

Let’s set the stage for what this section of Discovery Fuel’s blog on organizational learning is all about. Companies that fall into this category often describe themselves as learning organizations. It is one of the first recognized concepts that the corporate world has successfully used to bridge the previously huge gap between education and business. Interesting to note that the value of this concept has been increasing as companies have needed to increase their rate

Online Learning To Reshape Our World ?

I’ve been behind the mark in getting some good material out relating to online collaboration tools because I’m actually formulating new potions back in my personal ‘Colab’oratory. I am continuing my search for KISS (keep it stupid simple) online environments that will allow us all to connect online in amazing ways – no matter where we are in the world. And some cool tools are certainly rising to the top. I’ll admit as well that
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