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The 'WE' Part Hasn't Worked Because 'YOU' Are Making 'R'ational Decisions

I watched ‘The Colbert Report’ recently (see below video). He had this guy on named Jonah Lehrer who wrote the book “How We Decide”. Ohhhhh, we are so fooled by our own rational mind. You know, that tough guy part of us who thinks its in control when instead its his sister, the emotional/intuitive part of our brain, that is really running the show. “”Pure reason is a disease”, says Lehrer. Ha! It’s certainly done

Reconsidering the Meaning of "New" Technology

A critical piece to technological success in an emerging era of the green (or sustainable) design marketplace is to, not just create cool, cutting edge technologies, but to also define design itself differently so that technology’s underlying processes comply with the new principles of triple bottom line (sustainability) management. That is, we must redesign our underlying methods for designing technologies. To do this, we will have to take a much bigger look at how we

Validation Generates Deep Collaboration

picture-2There are some things that do not need explanation. Want to feel real good at your next gathering or meeting? Then take time from your busy schedule and allow yourself to feel good for a couple minutes. Check out these two AWESOME videos. Play one of these at your next meeting or pow wow and watch the difference in the way people connect with each other.

Online Collaboration Boosts Power of the People

This is such exciting times that we live in. The world is cracking and inside is something completely different for us to feast on. Yes, the turmoil part is painful; very very painful. Yet we’ve got to feed off the energy of what is working, of what feels exciting, to get us out of the unsustainable mess we’re in on this planet. Right? Don’t you agree? Take this article

Technology's Influence on Behavior Changes

I watched this interesting video on company and personal branding, which are often one in the same these days. Check it out because it tells an underlying tale of how technology is influencing our behavior. Additionally David Armano tells a story here of how positive interactions with his iPod has changed his ‘dropping’ behavior. This triggered an insight for me that is relevant to collaboration and design. Online collaboration tools are rapidly filling

Defining the Innovation Economy

Podcast from iInnovate LISTEN UP … Geoffrey Moore – VC, Consultant, and Bestselling Author of Crossing the Chasm … Geoffrey Moore is a VC with Mohr Davidow Ventures, consultant and, most famously, the bestselling author of Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado and Dealing with Darwin. Talks about: -Darwin vs Ecosystems -Competition vs Altruism -Self limiting boundaries -Google as aggressive organism -Patterns of success -Social networks (web 2.0 latest)

The Need For Communicating About Our Communication

Join Abhijit and I in this dialog about the evolution of “communication” … ————————- Dec 24, 2008 AM Vic, I’ve been in the business of mass communication and making efforts to ease the man-to-man communication process. Abhijit Banerjee, 54 Calcutta India ————————- Hello Abhijit, I am curious to learn more about your statement: ” efforts to ease the man-to-man communication “. Kindly, Vic D ————————- Abhijit Banerjee Reply Message Hi Vic I was expecting

Living Strategies: Bringing Innovation To Life

Guiding Your Organization Through The Rugged Landscape Ahead By Arian Ward of Community Frontiers As we all know well, the world has changed dramatically since the times when traditional strategic planning first became the foundation on which organizations of all types are based. The landscape on which organizations operated then was relatively predictable, stable, and homogenous. Now it is filled with uncertainty, rapid change, and increasingly diverse players and dynamics.

Who Says It Ain’t Easy Being Green ?! (Sustainable Business Planning Workshop)

How to Create a ‘Sustainable’ Business Plan AN ONLINE WORKSHOP .Join Vic Desotelle from for an ONLINE collaborative sustainable business planning workshop series. This session will allow you to preview and inquire about the series, which is for small business social entrepreneurs who have dreamed of owning a sustainable business. Learn how to make a viable business plan that moves your green idea from conception to successful execution. Create a sustainable future

Sustainability Reporting and the Creative Process

Which of you are familiar with the concepts of creativity, innovation, and sustainability? I seek direction from you on how to incorporate ‘deep creative’ processes within Discovery Fuel’s emerging ‘sustainability reportingCoLaboratories. The sustainability reporting phenomena is a rapidly growing trend within organizations world-wide and covers all sectors including business, NGO’s, communities/cities, education, and government. These reports help to clarify and monitor how well companies are improving their ecological, social, AND economic

About A More Advanced Form Of Leadership

My good friend Maria Kostelas from Flutes of the World is an exceptional thinker, innovator, musician, and writer. She shared some thoughts with me today. Read up … Maria says … “Thought leaders do not wait in silence. Nor do they wait for others’ minds to be opened, or for safe places to speak into. Today’s thought leaders are the openers of minds so that they too may participate in the leading of

Collaboration: The Dance Between Inner and Outer Realities

So what’s real? And what influences it? Is it all withIN me where the control power lies? Or is it withOUT me? … And what the hec does this have to do with COLLABORATION ? <p style=”text-align:left”><img src=””/></p> Some say to themselves; I have no power of my own and I am controlled by the outer world, and by the influence of other people, events, and circumstances – an outer perspective. Yet the guru’s say

Innovation and the Great Global Warming Debate

This is a great article. I like the authors that counter an anticipated perspective based on their status; in his case, as a scientist. I agree with Botkin’s perspective here. Note that the author’s points do not counter any of my other social-intellectual points made earlier. I too have as much concern for the exaggeration of our isolated focus as I do for my sense that humanity is a major instigator in the

Triple Bottom Line Investing: A New Framework for Innovation

I have long awaited the day when business and technology would begin to use principles of sustainability as the foundation for how we create and pay for our products and services. Well, the future has arrived with the concept of “” and socially responsible investing, which holds a whole new framework for innovation to emerge. If you like to watch your money AND the planet grow

Policy Innovations: When Principles Pay

I found this at It discusses the idea of when principles can be profitable in the world market. I like to think of ‘profit’ as much more expanded and profound than how we use the word in our society today. This video is worth a look. Tell me what comes up for you. When Principles Pay

When Principles Pay
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Insights on Team Identity and Self Expression

This is a real experience relating to my own personal authenticty awarenesss and development. I encourage you to do the same. Below are insights from John Voris of Authentic Systems after a healthy discussion on personal development and team building. Go ahead and listen in… — “Vic,  It was a pleasure talking with you. We have a great deal in common. In the beginning, you seemed concerned with being boxed in and I

Vic on Sustainable Innovation

I have long awaited the day when business and technology begin to use principles of sustainability as the foundation for creating and using products and services. Well, the future has arrived and I’m all over it. Under concepts like ‘triple bottom line’ and ‘social responsibility’ the idea of innovation is showing up in new ways. Thus, I will be spending ample time discussing these kinds of concepts and looking at how their use in day-to-day

Vic on Team Building

Allow me to set the context for this section of my blog. For me, team building is a highly important aspect of any organization’s development. Very few of you will argue me that. However, I propose that it is rare to see team building as a process that is directly integrated into the work that needs to get done. Instead, team building is done using separate programs, like climbing trees together, or goofy games that

Vic on Keepin' it Green – the Color of "Sustainable Innovation"

As most of you who clicked into this space: green is no longer a do-good concept. No, in fact it has become a manditory part of defining any business, any organization, any city … really anything that we humans have the ability to think about and create will forever be different because of the green movement and its identity with how we manage our home  – that big round house we call Earth and all

911 Revisited: Insights That Reveal Our Limits For Discovery

I find it interesting how our desire for ‘discovery’ is fueled only to the point where our innate fears reside … and then dies. Watch this 9 part youtube video series and then ask yourself. Why do we still feel the truth has evaded us? How does this reveal weaknesses in our social, cultural, and individual character? And what can we learn from these character flaws that allow us to create a world that works

Bottled Water – The Joke’s On Us (video) The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand—how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap. Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industry’s attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising

Aug 11th Webinar: Sustainable Innovation from the Amazon

Runa: Energy, Sustainability & Innovation from the Amazon A forefront conservation enterprise, Runa is partnered with native agronomists in the Ecuadorian Amazon to achieve market-driven restoration. The venture will be the first to market read-to-drink Wuayusa tea, a traditional beverage similar to Yerba Mate, that enhances mental clarity and personal energy. Tyler Gage, Runa CEO, will be holding a WebEx conference to discuss the sustainable model that has won Runa awards from Brown University and

Vic’s Supplements Plan For Wellness … and Sustainability

Our wellness influences what we create as human beings and how it either supports or depletes the world’s complex ecology of life – a planetary well being, so to speak. Our individuality is made up of a physical body, mind(fulness) and thoughts, emotions and attitude, and spiritual connection with something greater than us. The interactions between sustainability, leadership, collaboration, and innovation (my favorite subjects) start inside ourselves. That is, how we treat the inward

Seemingly "green" state ballot propositions

The language of propositions can be quite manipulative. I often think I’m voting yes when no is what I wanted, and visa versa. Below is a trust-able source – the Union for Concerned Scientists (, to help you choose well at the polls on Tuesday. When you go to the polls this Tuesday, November 4, you will face a pair of seemingly “green” state ballot propositions. As you may remember from our earlier e-mails, a

Unbounded Particulates of Spirit

Unbounded (Particulates of) Spirit

work to be integrated


see the world differently


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Organizational Geometries: Emergent Design

NOTES: the chemical periodic table and its relationship to organizational configuration and development energetic flux is generated by geometric configuration which then results in form & function Economical, Equitable Leadership. Organizational Geometries. Vibrational Organization. (physical) [ PROCESS


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