The Capital of Meaning: Using News & Social Media to Monitor a Currency’s Effectiveness

An interesting realm to look into that can be used to determine the efficacy of a currency (and/or various forms of capital) is done by monitoring news media conversations.

In this work by Joe Brewer and team, they have accrued media outlet topics tweets and found huge disconnects around common themes. The resulting diagrams show digital clusters of self-truths that create walls between each other, undermining the potential for any deeper understanding emerge and meaning-making to arise. Meaning by the way, is humanity’s primary pathway to spirituality.

One of the primary valuations of the dollar (or any currency) appears in how we connect with each other. Under today’s currency, money creates inherent competition forcing isolation of truth into bubbles of self identification and increases the desire for self-centering power, that is then used to downplay and denigrate other’s truths in the name of their own.

Imagine instead, news outlets shifting from being informational channels, to becoming a common medium (media) for integrating (rather than isolating) shared knowledge. This would allow for measurable correlations between conversational depth, monetary exchange, and world wealth (used here in its broadest meaning) to help humanity monitor its own transformation of rising (or decaying) values, where that value can only be done through second degree assessment of conversational relationships.

This approach would turn organizational ‘valuations’ (which are presently determined almost completely by dollar potential only) inside-out. Allowing for currency to return to its original intent, which was to represent the meaning (rather ‘be’ the meaning) of how we determine value in one another.

Thus, the analysis of news through social media becomes a critical tool in creating capital as a dynamic (no longer static) meaningful world.

Our Responsibility To ‘AWE’

This short video gives me that spinal shiver we humans get when ‘awe’ is present. When’s the last time you’ve felt it? What moves you? What draws on your desire to be in life? Who are you not to stand up to what is your own momentum into amazing, incredible, awesome!

We have a ‘responsibility to AWE’.


Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital

How does one go about building social innovation and creating social capital?

Creating more grounded transformative work is done by formulating a collective research process that builds shared capacity. If done well, an emerging social system moves itself (self adaptive) into momentous collaborative action. 


Asking powerful questions within dynamic interactive feedback loops is key to establishing a foundation for the collective to stand on. Some general advice about how to do social research is as follows:

  1. Inquiry: Starting everyone of my questions with ‘open ended’ question words including the 6 ‘W’s: WHY is it this way, WHAT is it exactly, (w)HOW does it work, WHO is involved, WHEN is it enacted, WHERE does it reside or show up. In this way, your research will expand from isolated assumptions into broader understandings and improve data outcomes.
  2. Clustering: The next step is reducing the content you have found by clustering or mapping common synergistic principles or concepts into groupings.This can often be found by creating keyword maps and phrase streams that appear and link across your data.
  3. Synthesizing: The last stage is integrating your results into something meaningful and valued. This happens by testing some of your new gathered insights “with others”. In other words ‘meaningfulness’ is key to a social movement and thereby social action, and this can only occur through interaction and feedback.

These are my 3 stages for developing new insight and interpretation for social innovation. They are based in the understanding of collaborative learning and design.

Next you will need to put your research to the test; not just proving whether it is true or not, but also (and even more important), using your synthesized research to enable social action – a community of practice.


A more challenging but (in my view) more fun part of development, is enabling your research into a ‘social performance’ process for creating social capital and social innovation. This is done through 3 phases as follows (note ‘phases’ are different than ‘stages’):

  1. Enabling a Group Intention
  2. Building a Value Network
  3. Experiencing a Community of Practice

Here is the related article that describes these phases, called Social Innovation: a 3-Phase Transformation Process.



The Game Is Up … Preserving Our Soul

Yes, the game is up. And most of us know it, but can not speak to it. So how do we know what to do? What will others do to us if we tell them that we are lost? I will let poet master David Whyte express this point. Listen deeply into the poem and allow personal time for the silence he speaks of to breathe into you. Sit with the mythic images that appear and the voices that speak from stories like this. For it is there we will find our next answers to social innovation issues, as they will not be found where we ‘think’.

Silence is a cancer that grows – from enslaved thinking.

No more silence.

Use your voices and speak up for what is right; for yourself, and for the people.

What do you have to say?!

Allow no logic, no mindfulness, no model, NO CHAINED THINKING …

Let nothing get in the way of speaking up now!

What do you know? What do you feel?

What is deep in you screaming to get out?

What do you have to say?!

There can be no deep impact, no change, without your voice.

Speak it now. Allow someone to hear you.

Speak it now!

How to Facilitate Powerful Generative Team Meetings – Onsite or Online

Improve Group Trainings and Team Design Sessions with Discovery Colabs

The Art of Collaborative Design: Learn how to facilitate more powerful, generative meetings using this collaborative design process.

Discovery Colabs can be either physical or virtual and have nearly the same top level process configuration. However, the online tools used for a physical onsite session are quite different than those used in a virtual online session, which are described in a different presentation. Contact me for more information. 

What is a Discovery Colab?

CoLab-inKNOWvateA Colab is a facilitated group experience specifically designed to create the necessary conditions for intensively creative and productive activity. It can be either physical, virtual, or both.

As implied in the name, Collab-oration refers to a group working together as a unified whole, rich in diversity, celebrating the variation in points of view, experiences, personality types, expertise and work styles.

The Lab-oratory component of Colab refers to an environment where participants can make discoveries and be highly creative. Underlying the entire design of the experience is the intention of creating a community of individuals who will work together as a coordinated whole for achieving a mutually created vision/goal.

The mechanics of a Colab involve a series of facilitated work sessions – all carefully crafted to build one upon the other and to foster intensely productive and creative insights, solutions, plans, etc. The outcome of each work session and, ultimately the outcome of the entire multi-day event, are a direct result of desired outcomes pre-specified by principals and stakeholders.

Benefits from Running Discovery Colabs

  • You will greatly improve and accelerate the quality of your strategic, tactical, and operational aspects of business planning.
  • You will generate a shared company vision rather than one that comes from only executive direction. This will allow you to more easily reach measurable goals because they are founded on common values that the entire team or company has selected.
  • You will broaden your understanding of how to build and innovate within your organization in a more sustainable fashion.
  • You will create a better understanding of what a triple bottom line business looks like, how it operates, and how to profit from it in many ways.
  • A (w)holistic design of your organization will emerge that identifies all of its elements and shape it into a systemic, integrated, architectural whole.

The Primary Ingredients in a Discovery Colab

Below is a general definition of the future ‘scope of work’ that will be included within the actual proposal, to be presented at a later date.

Creating Your Own Colab, Retreat, or Collaborative Meeting – The Basic Steps

  1. Interview core team or primary decision-makers
  2. Establish first level needs and desired outcomes with core team
  3. Create list of stakeholders who will be present, along with commitment levels
  4. Design the Colab™ based on stakeholder list and desired outcomes
  5. Perform the Colab™ itself
  6. Develop a continuum of activities that build on your meeting outcomes.

What Happens Before The Colab?

Critical information that needs to come from the core team:

  • Determine stakeholders, their commitments to the organization and level of participation
  • Create and distribute a survey, used to assess stakeholder relationships and needs
  • Complete an online values assessment (optional)

How much development time does a Colab require?

A typical Colab is structured into three parts – Pre, During, and Post. The ‘Pre’ period is a time for gathering information. The ‘During’ period is the actual Colab event itself. The ‘Post’ period is the time when outcomes turn into delivered activities and is crucial for a Colab’s success. It is often where focus fades and breakdown occurs. The facilitator’s job is just as important during this time. As a rule of thumb, each actual Colab event day requires about two to four man-hour days of development time.

The CoLab Group Experience

The word “Colab” represents two vital aspects of a facilitated group experience:

  1. Laboratory: A place to make discoveries, to uncover important truths, together with those who are your community.
  2. Collaboration: Working together as a unified whole – rich in diversity – celebrating variation in points of view and creativity – all coordinated for achieving a mutually created vision or goal. You will need to:
    • Choose or create a “workspace experience” where things will get done.
    • Facilitate a series of experiences (or work sessions) crafted to build one upon the other that will allow for creative insights, clear plans, and productive solutions to emerge.
    • Recognize that the outcome of each work session, and ultimately the entire multi-day event, is a direct result of pre-specified expectations that you determine collaboratively with company principals and stakeholders.
  3. whatiscolab2.JPGKnowledge capture: We document key information during the Colab event using various content mapping methods to capture the essence of insights and activities that emerge during your CoLab event. These materials will be made available online as an essential resource for post Colab developments (otherwise known as the “Continuum”).

What might a one to three day Colab look like?

  1. Day One (From Passion to Envisioning) – Determine WHY are you are doing this?
    1. Create stakeholder values alignment
    2. Establish a values synthesis to help shape a common vision
    3. Craft an integrated mission with the vision
    4. Use storytelling to develop a company ‘value proposition’

    Outcomes: Core values and vision shared by the organization and stakeholder community

  2. Day Two (From Vision to Goals) – Determine WHAT you want to achieve?
    1. Expand your understanding of Six Point Architecture ™ for purpose of broadening group’s perspective
    2. Go through a second iteration of the first day’s value proposition in light of the Six Point Architecture

    Outcomes: Develop the organization’s highest level goals and how it will be organized

  3. Day Three (From Goals to Actionable Strategy) – Determine HOW you are going to do it?
    1. Develop critical strategic paths
    2. Isolate responsible parties for each discrete project. Determine who does what, when, where, how?

    Outcomes: Timeline of milestones, critical steps, resources needed, and responsible people

Virtual (or online) Portion of a CoLab

Document key information during the Colab event using various content mapping methods to capture the essence of insights and activities that emerge during your Colab event. Make these materials available online as an essential resource for post Colab developments and continuation.

Ensure that the agreements, ideas, discussions, wisdom, knowledge, learning, skills and memories, etc, are preserved in a format that allows for continued development and evolution. The outcomes of the event need to be a web-based synthesis, put into a storybook form, that shows the generation of the Colab including: graphic imagery, all white board notes, group creations, vision and strategic outcomes, and videos and audios of key Colab sessions. Graphic recordings of meeting minutes with real-time graphic representations of discussions, ideas, agreements.

How To Design The Colab Process

  1. Assist in the development of creating a core team. With the core team, interview key stakeholders to determine your desires, requirements, and anticipated outcomes. We can provide you with guidance on how to develop a process that accelerates you toward the achievement of needed action and desired outcomes.
  2. Review your company’s existing documents/content (vision, strategies, stakeholder lists, etc.) looking for specific actions that you’d like to achieve and then incorporate them into the Colab experience so that those projects/actions can be moved forward and even completed. For example, if you need a feasibility study done, make that one of the activities that the collective group creates; right down to the responsible people, milestones, and resources that are needed.
  3. Here are a few essential aspects for consideration while you are crafting your Colab into a customized experience:
    1. Colab logistics
      1. Dates and number of days
      2. Stakeholder enrollment; number of participants what days
      3. Venue: location, overnight needs, pre-event room access, meeting times,bathrooms, parking, catering, handicap access, music, sound, room configuration,chairs, tables, whiteboards (existing, ours), etc.
      4. Anticipated budget required (Colab plus venue, number of days)
      5. Commitment dates
    2. Colab investment objectives
      1. How will you justify cost?
      2. What is the desired return on your investment?
      3. What are the key performance metrics or milestones?
    3. CoLab design principles
      1. Common ground and values
      2. Company identity through storytelling
      3. Triple bottom line perspectives
      4. Harvesting information that informs decision-making
      5. Developing a self sustaining company learning system
      6. Look for innovation via integration of the whole-system

After the Colab … Follow Through!

It is suggested that you get commitment from your group for its ongoing success by setting up customized quarterly reviews, secondary sessions, online collaboration tools, extended organizational and business modeling, coaching, and/or outside council. We will help you design a program that works.

Discovery CoLab Deliverables

whatiscolab1.JPGTo ensure that the agreements, ideas, discussions, wisdom, knowledge, learnings, skills and memories, etc, are preserved in a format that allows for continued development and evolution. Make your event outcomes web-based with the primary objective of synthesizing your work. Going through a synthesis process is where you gain huge results.

Put your outcomes into a storybook form that shows the generation of the CoLab™ including: graphic imagery, all white boards notes, group creations, vision and strategic outcomes; videos and audios of key CoLab™ sessions. Graphic recordings of meeting “minutes” with real-time graphic representations of discussions, ideas, agreements.

What kind of follow up?

Be committed to your ongoing success by providing regular reviews, secondary sessions, online collaboration tools, extended organizational and business modeling, coaching, and council as needed for your team members.

I can teach you how to run your own ‘Discovery Colab’ meetings by having me facilitate your next collaborative design session or team meeting.  

Contact Vic by email for more information.



Illusion or Reality? Awakening to Humanity’s Present State of Being

christmas-presentsOn Christmas, that day of the year which best reflects our ‘present’ state of being, I watched three films. Elysium, Consumed, and Obey, which you will find links to below. Being alone for this holiday, I couldn’t think of a better present to gift myself than to open up to the ‘present’ state of  our humanity. Call me odd; maybe so. But I wish there were more like me who see the best gift under the tree, as the one that opens ourselves into becoming more ‘present’ to what is happening.

These films are certainly a stark awakening to presence, as they describe a collective truth about the world as it really is: A tragic state of being, shrouded in beautiful images and messages that cloak the fear we are feeling inside about today’s darker social and personal truths. Togther, the films create a tight interconnection about our true present state of being. These films are not easy to watch. Yet I believe they will fuel you with a sense of power for real change – if you can go deep into them. Because they do not just touch the surface about these matters, but instead reach deep into our psyches; that place where worlds are conceived and destroyed.  

elysium-godElysium presented a story that is about our emerging world. It is about the separation between an elite few with plenty, and the remaining many who are poor, used as slaves to labor the resources needed for the elite’s idealized world. This is not an abstract sense of the present held by the insane. Nor is it science fiction anymore. No. There is too much growing discomfort around this subject for  films like this to be taken lightly. It’s real. Watch this film, but be sure to watch the other two films along with it so you can go deeper into what it may mean. 

consuming-our-environmentConsumed presented a view on consumerism that points to something beyond mere materialism to something inside the human condition. It suggest we go deeper into what we think consumption really is, in order to transform it. To get away from consumerism being a conspiracy and more as a primary condition of the human mind. A fundamental part of our human nature. It points to the core of consumerism being our inability to accept  our own death, and how the best way to avoid something we don’t want to deal with, is to project it outward from ourselves. We must move beyond pointed solutions such as ‘if everyone recycled we’d be fine’ kind of thinking, because it’s not enough and it not at the root of the problem of consumption. The subject ties other aspects of what make us a culture based in destructive consumption, such as marketing and its power to rule our minds by tapping into response mechanisms that address how we see ourselves. And in the process, we are loosing touch with our dependency on the environment that nourishes us. Ironically, to ‘consume’ by definition means to engulf and destroy. And so we then withdraw into ourselves, hiding from the very act that we are trying to avoid, pointing directly at the monster in the closet: Fear of our own death. Hence we are becoming – not citizens, but consumers, eating ourselves to death by trashing the environment for its resources and creating an ecological assault on the natural world. Our home. … This is not an easy pill to swallow, but we must. Watch it and tell me what comes up for you. 

obey-corporate-ruleObey presents the most difficult message.Suggesting a truth within that is very difficult for most of us to consider. It addresses a triad of issues including market psychology, mass productivity, and capital labor, reasoning that there is a growing gap between corporate capitalism and personal freedom. It reenforces the slave state that has been created in the name of more jobs, which has been used to build corporate growth, which feeds a distorted power, enticed by its ability to generate technical comfort. Yet more for an isolated elite few in control, while ‘we the people’ are being entrained to obey the rules of their game. It talks about how democratic decision making has been replaced by  propaganda disguised with limbic stimulating messages that make us think we have social choice. Assuming we are free to debate issues, we are instead being over-ruled by a black government that is run by the corporate elites. The lie has become the truth and no one sees it, reinforced at the education level to brainwash the next generation into thinking that its enough to be positive and believe in miracles is how we can get everything we desire, falsifying one’s own values and beliefs in the name of a greater system. Interestingly he links this with being employed, where getting paid now does not free you but sucks us into corporate choice and rule. Those who resist their way will become apart of the underclass, pushed out by those who themselves want to  eradicate the gap between the rich and the poor. In this twisted state of being, meaning has become distorted through incessant emotionally charged shows, news, and beauty images, creating a world where brand overrides ideology, where illusion becomes the truth, and the sane are seen as insane.

Money-or-your-lifeA Way Out? The ideas these films present are presentations on ‘separation’,  ‘obedience’, and ‘consumerism”. By blending their perspectives, I believe we can build a yet unrealized power for creating real change. By taking in their messages – done with self question and scrutiny, new insight can appear within our minds that can begin to break down the trans-like state we are in, and wake up to the real world that we are creating. Taking this path is for all of us to follow now, not just a few. Be aware that as you enter this process, your power will first be observed as fear, giving you a desire to suppress the discomfort that it brings up. So do not do this alone. Start a community or small group to discuss what comes up. Be careful to step away from false optimism and have the courage to step into the fear as it arises. Allow that fear to help you and your group break down old beliefs and assumed perceptions, to alter your awareness. Raise the questions of “What is illusion?” and “What is reality?”, and feel into your ‘present’ sense of being as you go deeper into this process. Then – and only then, can we actually create the potential to move toward a world that works for all.


Changing Normal: Wisdom-based Societies in the Making


Click Here To Join The Changing Normal Meetup Group.


Rappoport addresses the idea of what NORMAL is in his articles. He speaks to each individual having the ability to create realities, and how our essential creative nature for doing this is being suppressed. [Caution: His writings are not for minds whose belief systems are easily threatened!]


The work of “Changing Normal” is founded on the dream of a new mythology arising. One that is globally aware, and speaks to the magnificence of our individual and collective manifesting potential. 

Each person’s true Identity can get suppressed by an unconsciously arising shared belief system. This is when myth takes on negative connotations. However, once an individual awakens to the myth-making method, each holds the power to become creators of grand new worlds. This can not be done until one’s ego is transformed to align with both personal and shared realities. 

A cultural mythology arises when individual messages inform group thought (mind), expressed through metaphorical (emotion), and transferred through a collectively connected medium (body). This is how our shared reality is created, controlled, and sustained. 


Culture change happens as a conscious co-creative emergent process. Below I describe my vision for an online community that I am creating called ‘Changing Normal’. A collaborative process for designing and developing a more livable and sustainable future using an open flexible framework called ‘community domains’ (see slides below), providing a comprehensive approach for building real-life communities designed with the whole system in mind. Participants will be invited to use the changing normal environment to share their talents, unique creativity, and passion with others. The long term goal is to transfer each person’s creativity into real-life formations and healthier more sustainable communities worldwide. 

Linking Cultural Misfits with Changing Normal

Additional considerations under way to discuss how the (so-called) crazed “Cultural Misfit” plays a role in transforming an insane world that is requesting healing and transformation. 

YOUTUBE VIDEOS Uploaded on Apr 10, 2009
CN 040909 Part One
CN 040909 Part Two
CN 040909 Part Three



Click once on the moving pages below to stop pages from changing. Click links on pages to access more details.

Click once on the moving pages above to stop pages from changing. Click links on pages to access more details. 

social innovation, collaborative design, design ecology



Values: The Obstacle That Keeps Us From Deeper Collaboration, Innovation, and Change

Dance of the ‘Victor Victim Villain’ Archetypes

Victor (Champion, Hero)

The three ‘V’s – victor, victim, villain. If you are human being, you can’t escape it. We all wear their cloaks at times in our lives. You are more dependent on these three V’s than you probably know.

Our ways of thinking shape our world. Whether we know it or not, the way we formulate our ideas do control how we see the world and how we make choices.

Consider for a moment how our inter-actions and choices emerge through them. How might these 3V’s show up as part of ongoing issues within your workplace and home-life? Most, if not all, of our decisions and actions emerge through the interactions underlying this ‘3V’ culture-making archetype.

Consider This …

Applying quantum physics to human behavior

Villain (Evil Bad Guy)

All models have rotation or spin. Thus each subject within a model becomes one of the others. The victor-victim-villain archetypal interaction has (like all models) a dynamic movement that moves each subject into becoming one of the others. In this case, the victor becomes the victim, the victim becomes the villain, and the villain becomes the victor. Have you ever noticed how this happens in your favorite movies? How the good-guy and bad-guy overlay each other’s light and dark sides? Batman and IronMan are two good examples that present this interplay. Have you also noticed, at least in our Western society, that there is often more attention placed on – not the hero, but on the villain? Because of this, the villain ends up being the real hero. This is the archetypal rotation in action. The policeman-assailant-assaulted scenario is another example how each person in the triad play an unconscious role in keeping this cultural engine running.

Awareness Shifts

Now then, in a (w)holistic view, do we need to allow the time it takes for each one of us to become the other? If so, this is a conscious act, is it not? Otherwise each of us (too often) get unconsciously caught migrating from one identity to another, and then fall back again, creating a polarized oscillation. Bouncing back and forth to and from the identity we had for ourselves previously. Instead of moving through one and into the next identity within this triad configuration, we stuck in one of them, and movement stops.

An Open Conclusion

Psychology, archetypes, and the dynamics of change

Victim (Suppressed Person)

What might be another model that could work better than the one we are unconsciously using today?

If we could become aware myth-makers, maybe we could design something different for a  relational dynamic model? We have become the result of  it designing us, rather than consciously using the model to create a collective intelligence that supersedes the interplay within the subjects of victor, victim, and villain.

What if we had an archetype for this dynamic? An archetype of archetypes? Would this allow humanity’s failing displays of destructive expression to be able to move downstream into other realms of possible life, form, awareness, and consciousness?

I’m writing a book on ‘cultural misfits’, and it’s just coming to my mind that this may be its charter – to transmute “objective isolated acts” (static) into “subjective interdependent actions” (dynamic). How we think about models – their influence on our beliefs, choices, and actions – may give us a way to begin consciously creating our way of life, rather than be unconsciously run by them.

+ + +

A new insight …

The Hidden Healer is ‘Vulnerability’

After watching this TED presentation I realized that the center of this complex, codependent triad, is the hidden healer to the turmoil created by the 3V interactions. It is VULNERABILITY. Watch the below well done presentation, which based on research, and you will see what I mean.

And what does this all have to do with COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, and CHANGE?

To become vulnerable, it means by default that you are connected to others. This simple yet profound point is unlike what most organizations teach. Instead they remove the irritating grit quickly to get to the strategic gems. Known as being ‘efficient’, it is a false premise and ends up not being effective at all, and certainly is not sustainable. In fact, when the grit is removed, it is a rare case where the innovation is not removed along with it. Turbulence, conflict, disagreement are healthy, but have to be placed within the context of our humanity, not our productivity.

More on this later, but it is very clear to me now that the gooey, yucky, sticky, muddy stuff that is created when each member of the organization or team consciously chooses to become vulnerable with each other, the whole game changes. Thus, this 4th V (vulnerability) is a baseline for healthy and effective collaboration and design.

Here’s the part that stops the show for most and they run away: At the core of our shells is vulnerability, which consists of those uncomfortable feelings we have when feeling exposed. And what binds the core together is the festering seed of SHAME.

Brené Brown: Listening to shame; Being vulnerable


As an experiment … I will be continuing my work on this post, so stay tuned.

note1,  note2

missing in the equation for social redesign: 


New Addition …


victor, victim, villain, vulnerability, vengeance, virtuosity

Here is a framework that can help you to hold powerful conversations.

A way of revealing individual value from community values. Inside this crystal is a movement of energy that defines the health of a community and the individuals that make it. It’s “V” formation shapes the alchemical vessel of community, allowing for the transformation of personal meaning and collective identity.













Ritual’s Role in Social Innovation and Design


No matter what we do – from guiding our child’s evening prayer, to the way we prepare our food, to how we hire and fire people at work, to how we say hello on our iphone, to celebrating our nations leaders, to ringing the bell on wall street, to starting an act of war. It’s all loaded with ritual.

ritualRitual is what defines our lives. The blending of these rituals becomes the tight weave that make up a society’s mythology. Myth, a cloth made of ritual threads, drives all of our actions and decisions, done mostly without knowing it. So for me, it’s less about bringing ritual into our technical lives, as much as becoming more conscious of them.

We have forgotten rituals’ place, their vital power in manifesting our world, thus making their practices irreverent. Bringing back the Sacred into our daily walk and talk, becoming observers of how we ritualize, and transforming the ones that no longer serve us. This I believe, is the most important thing we humans can do to transform our world.

Sustainable Innovation Is Impossible Under Today’s Monetary System

Knowledge is power. Truth in Knowledge is Transformative. 

I’m sure I am irritating some of you with my remarks that social capitalism and sustainable business can NOT happen under the existing monetary model, which is now globally applied. I find it interesting that no one has either supported nor refuted this point here.

However, I implore you to consider this as a an extremely important point regarding transformation and real sustainable change. If we wish to create and insert socially responsible innovations into today’s global society, then we ‘must’ also redesign the money system, along with all of our other green, clean, and socially sound cool ideas.

Because money is what ties all of it together and allows for the exchange of those innovations to happen. Since the present monetary system being used for these exchanges is not itself sustainable (even mathematically it is not), then there is no way that any person, organization, or company can insert their genius products or processes into our world without the money system tainting their performance. You may see isolated successes, but if we look closely, we have all seen how 9 out of 10 of even successful inventive endeavors decay over the short or mid term. None of them sustain their power long term. Why? It’s the money.

So, to build a new economy, the money system used must be new as well. It must be invented just like all the other innovations and applied. To do this, we do not have to destroy the existing one. If fact any attempt to do so would cause war and killing like never before seen. No, let’s not go there. Instead a new money system must be built in parallel with the existing world’s money system(s). Then and only then can the amazing creativity and innovations that I see crossing this colorful ‘bridge’ group can actually have a chance of sustainably changing the world for the better.

The first step is to reeducate ourselves on how money actually works, because 99 out of 100 of us have no idea how it works, and in fact believe that it works differently than it really does. This is so dangerous. Knowledge is power right? But ‘truth’ in knowledge is transformative. Watch these two video series below on money and educate yourself on how money really works. They have a U.S. reference, but the money model used here is global, and in fact started in Europe.

After you watch the videos (note it may take a few watches to grock it), I ask: Which of you out there are open to a dialog on the following point:

All higher purpose missions that are inherent in Social Capitalism, Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Green Technology, and Social Entrepreneurship can not be reached unless the fruit of their labors are exchanged within a new form of money system.  Vic

The History of Money

The Money Masters

Why the Social Innovation Movement is Bound to Fail: It’s The Money Stupid!

For social entrepreneurship to truly take hold, a redesign of the world’s money systems has to be a part of any complete social innovation plan.


We all go around wondering why such bad things happen. Why are so many out of work? Why I can’t make ends meet at the end of the month? How come green technologies rarely seem to reach the marketplace? Why do people do such bad things to other people and the planet? Why is it taking so long for sustainability to get implemented? How come corporations are so manipulative? Why is our government made up of people that none of us trust anymore? … WHY?

Sure there’s those of us doing good things out there. But the overall decay of our ecological and social systems are getting worse, not better. We have to face up to this and recognize that you are not some kind of rambling ‘chicken little’ suggesting that ‘the sky is falling’ to say so. … No this is real. Personally, I may be cynical, but I’m an optimist at heart. And over the years, I have also become a realist, willing to look at what is happening under the covers.


What if there were a source to our world’s major problems and we had the power to change it? Would you do something about it? What if homelessness and all our other major global problems, like pollution and war, were solvable within just a couple of years? What if paradise was actually at our door step? What if it were so palpable that you could almost taste this future? Would you act knowing that you could help and truly make a difference?


Many of these questions fall under the trendy movement called ‘Social Innovation‘ or ‘Social Entrepreneurship‘, among others, which are exciting new realms of positive change that is happening all over the planet. Yet, in order to create this wonderful world, we have to first wake up to an unspoken truth. The bad guys are winning, and they are doing so using a weapon that you and I personally use every single day. Do you know what it is? This weapon is the reason that you and I have little or no power, and are feeling more and more disempowered every day.

It also means however, because it’s in my hands, that I am the person who can help to replace the power back to the people. This is so for each of us …  for you, and you, and you. And unless we come to terms with this unspoken truth and deal with it, many of our social movements – from the Occupy Movement to the use of clean energy technologies, will eventually fail for all but the elite. I believe one third of the world is headed for this ‘elite’ status. The other two thirds will be enslaved to serve those elites without enough to have a happy life themselves; constantly struggling and being over-worked just to make enough for basic survival. Don’t believe it? Look out your window with different eyes. It’s already happening.


Watch the below videos and learn about the weapon each of us wields every day. Drop your denial hats at the door and stay open to what you are about to see. And rather than make vicious remarks in an attempt to deny what you hear, instead begin to ask questions and inquire with each other about what your beliefs are about money and how those beliefs are holding us back from a better world for all, not just a few. Consider what your future role could be in creating a real live sequel to these films.


Now that you know the secret, what are you going to do about it? Anything? I look forward to this important dialog toward change.

The Money Masters Series

The Secret of Oz (sequel)

Money as Debt Series 

Comprehending Money’s Value and Amounts

David Graeber, DEBT: The First 5,000 Years

America From Freedom To Fascism

The producer was murdered after he made this film

Ethos: A powerful new political documentary

97% Owned – Economic Truth documentary

Enough is Enough

All Wars are Bankers’ Wars


Review these other money articles:

The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class

Our Money or Our Lives? More on the scenes behind the failed system

Let’s build on this video list:
Please add your money videos below under ‘add a comment’.

Our Money Or Our Lives?

These talks (below) by Peter Joseph establish a baseline for understanding why sustainability can ‘not’ happen (listen up all you greenies!) under our existing monetary system.

Time to educate anew in order to clear ourselves of the old. Note this clearing will not from those ”with” but rather from those of us with”OUT”. What are you going to do TODAY to start taking action? Get RE-educated now, not tomorrow.

As with so many of us, I am quickly becoming a part of the wrong 50% who are in or on the edge of poverty in the U.S. I have a plan to eliminate my situation (and 1,000’s of others like me), which is pointed toward a horrific way of life living on the streets. If I can find a way to keep a roof over my boy’s head long enough to move my project forward, maybe it’s the ticket to making a difference. So, watch for my crowd funding proposal to eliminate homelessness.

Your money or your life:

  1. This youtube talk is one of the better I’ve heard on why homelessness is growing and ecological decay is increasing.
  2. I’m learning that money and way of life are actually two very very different things, which our society thinks is dependent upon each other.
  3. This article helps clarify how money and social classes work.
How about you? What are you going to do help the change happen? Start today, not tomorrow.

This 2 part talk is a must … Watch it all the way through.

Related Article: 

Growth Myth: How Sustainability is Linked to Poor Economic Design

The future of HUMAN sustainability is directly linked to the models that we have created to manage our social systems.

And our inability to connect with exponential growth concepts is about to take the whole thing down in flames.

I highly encourage you to watch Chris Martenson‘s ‘Crash Course‘, which covers a slightly different set of 3E’s: economy, energy, and environment. Chris builds a clear and concise description of money and its relationship to the decline of the world’s economies, based on our lack of understanding of how ‘exponential’ growth works.

He also ties failing money systems to the earth’s limited resources and energy production. And he talks about how the Federal Reserve’s ‘right’ to freely make money keeps our poorly designed financial system going – until now.

I ask you: How do we best bring this knowledge to our communities so that we can redesign the system before the inevitable collapse? Learn for yourself by watching and learning at the link below. Thank you Chris for a well done program. 

Vic Desotelle

Occupy Movement’s Underlying Purpose

Occupy’s presence is felt to this day. Seeds that were planted years ago have been germinating, and now breaking ground.


The reason no one could get their arms around the Occupy movement is because it was of principle, not of policy, and not yet a way of practice. Principle is highly intentional and not always tangible in its early stages. When principle moves into action, it looks like an early practicing community.

If we look at systems that are fixed inherently within human(e) discourse, there are those that act in PRACTICE (communities), others by defining POLICY and rules (government), and others guided by PRINCIPLE (emergent organizing structures like the Occupy Movement).

*Principle groups are a bit futuristic, presenting what needs to happen (intentional vision, where we are headed).
*Policy is of the past, it keeps culture in place based on what has happened (lessons learned; where we come from).
*Practice is the activity that we monitor between the two – A feedback that signals when it’s time to realign our principles with practice.

Government will try to rule over principle making groups, attempting to rein them back into the order it oversees. This is it’s job and purpose. However, when the policy making part of this system goes rogue, and thinks it leads over principle, and no longer recognizes its purpose to regulate between principle and practice, it then fails to serve its purpose. At this time, it signals the overall system that it’s time to change our governing body.

The outcome of Occupy is what the signaled us to this occurring. Flagging a time for not just realignment, but systemic change. Including a replacement of the existing governing body.

Watch presentation by Chris Hedges in Seattle Town Hall Meeting about his encouragement on generating the first peaceful revolution as the only way out of humanity’s predicament.

Read recent article called “Occupy Just Won“, which triggered my thoughts herein my post.

Read more on a framework for comprehending applied change.

Fractal Scaling Social Innovation – Alignment with Fractal Brain Studies

The Fractal Nature of Nature

There has been talk within my Facebook ‘Social Innovation’ groups to figure out a way to scale it for growth. I proposed that we can not apply the same methods to social innovation as we have for all our other forms of innovation, as that would backlash and bring down the potential breakthroughs that SI are beginning to tap into.

The idea of ‘fractal scaling’ popped out of my brain and I’ve decided to pursue a study of its potential for us to transform our thinking and actions around social innovation. Sometimes doors open when you put a stake in the ground: Last night I finally watched a presentation that I’ve been wanting to get to forever called “2012 & the Fractal Brain Theory” where neuroscience thinker, Wai H. Tsang presents a revolutionary Fractal Theory of Brain, Mind & Consciousness that could fundamentally alter the course of human(e) progress. This is holy grail stuff.

In the video, Wai correlates new research on the brain that shows how its complexity emerges from fundamental simplicity and links it to fractal math, then eloquently takes the whole subject into a journey of spiritual awareness! Excellent. These are the kinds of people out there that I want to hang with, as his synthesis speaks of a new paradigm that is founded in ancient truths … fractal.

Moving Back into the Sacred

From this work, I believe that we will find the scaling of anything (everything?) may end up correlating with Fractal Brain Theory. If we are to innovate ourselves out of the destructive box we’re in, we will have to paradoxically enter deep into ourselves – only to find that we ‘are’ the Universe.

Sound familiar? God is within us? All is one? And all that sort? Now our technology has reached a point in its fronteer that suggest undeniable connections between spirituality and science. A sort of bounded ball of inter-twine.

The outcome is revering our creation of technology as a Sacred Act. What would our world be like from this frame of mind? How wonderful. From this work, I propose that a model of ‘fractal’ scaling for social innovation may be just what the doctor ordered, and will emerge a few of us addressing what is being presented in Wai’s video below.

It seems that complexity truly is the offspring of simplicity. And from simplicity, breeds complexity. The fractal cycle of matter, and ‘what’ matters, in this world. The future of innovation and our social wellbeing will be founded upon this universal condition.

2012 & the Fractal Brain Theory from Paradigm Shift Productions Ltd on Vimeo

The Dirty Little Secret About Sustainability

With all the growing commitment to green, is sustainability actually happening?  

quick_draw_rattle_shake_by_blackrhinoranger-d6qkqhlAs an advocate for sustainability for many years, I sincerely want to know what you think. My goal here is to rattle things up a bit. To shake and stir us sustainability advocates into sharing what I believe is a silent voice regarding its future. 

On our way to where? …

Consider the statistics in the video presentation and then please share with me – Are we on our way toward sustainability? Maybe the survey statistics are not correct – that 2/3’s of all CEO surveyed don’t see today’s sustainability efforts as solving the growing problems we face.

He mentions incremental vs transformational change …

So far, it seems we are spending most our time with ‘incremental’ rather than ‘transformational’. These are very different animals; are they not? Why would one work and the other fail?

Social and environmental systems should be showing more signs of improvement … 

Yet the crisis in both cases is still getting worse.  Are we at a place along this journey where we need to reconsider that SUSTAINABILITY MAY NOT BE ON THE RIGHT PATH? 

Maybe it’s time we touch on truths that we do not wish to address … 

Uncomfortable as it may be, are we denying what is really happening and avoiding looking at the bigger picture? How can we bring these statistics to the front of the room and talk about fears we have about our ongoing efforts? How do we step up to a deeper level of responsibility regarding our direction?

From my view, it’s time we shake out the dirty little secret about sustainability (as stated in the video) and rattle things up a bit as a collective.

Please share your thoughts … 

What do you have to say about what is said in the video? Might you be in agreement with my own conclusion, that sustainability is failing? Or not? If no, tell me why. If yes, what do we need to do to turn things around?

Alice’s Mirror and the Great White Elephant

A story of conflict and healing in human interaction & collaboration

With compassion in his voice, he said (something like) you can be too sensitive. The energy with it was almost as if the conflict was not that big of a deal, and more in your mind; as if it wasn’t real enough. Since there are some similarities between you and me in the area of ‘sensitive’: Do you think we are too sensitive? In what ways? How might we blow things up bigger than they really are? Or how much of this is others projecting the unseen ‘white elephants’ that arise in the room and shoving them onto our backs? Hec, I usually just want to return her to her herd.

It’s hard giving up something that one likes, but I’ve been here before and things don’t change, so I end up alone – either while in the group, or because I feel a need to choose a lesser of two evils, to leave the group. Usually it’s about this white elephant that no one will acknowledge. I love the white elephant. It’s a misunderstood soft but wounded feminine energy that this elephant represents … And it’s a dark feminine energy that rides her. Ahhhh, there’s the conflict.

And this elephant just wants the weight off her back. She just wants to play (participate) and be reclaimed/accepted by her community, but is guided by the reins of her unconscious master. I wonder where her herd is that she longs for? And where does the rider belong; certainly not on this white elephants back.

Somehow she keeps getting lost in the safari, or is it abandoned?, misguided?, forced to leave? (by others, by self?) In that vulnerable place she is bridled. Or when lost on her own, the poor animal gets surrounded by a mash-up of uninitiated bulls that have clustered together from other elephant tribes. Desperate to claim their masculine nature, but un-fathered – their energy is abusive, manipulative, and of war.

If you look closely, you will see a few unusual elephant warriors that seem to be of this turbulent tribe, but are merely seekers who journeyed into the group as they crossed paths. Afraid of this stranger, they know not who the real leader is, and project their dark masculine force in all directions, suppressing the needed insight that arises, seen in reflection through the new one’s presence. Then, when the dark feminine rider smells this musk energy on the rise, she pulls on the reins of her white elephant and leads it into the culminating battle. The pubescent masculine force becomes a gathering of wimps, confused by the intertwined light and dark feminine that overpowers with rage, killing the masculine acts.

In rage, the rider and elephant reach the looking glass. Wonder if the white elephant can see her own reflection in Alice’s mirror? No. She can not see herself. But the rider does. Although it’s too late, as the white elephant stampedes through (rather than step into) the mirror, and shatters it. Too late now for reflection. The rider bleeds to death as the bulls stand silently, and ignorantly helpless; longing and waiting for silence to return.

Ongoing emergent metaphors and questions arise that I’d like to dialog with you about, maybe next time we talk. The story is not clean nor perfectly clear, yet helps me to express my sense of it all better than a summary or review. And it holds its own healing for me, as I weave myth and act into a story to share – a potent potion that helps to return a realm of self and group identity that’s too often hidden – lost within the human psyche.


For more experimental information/notes on the subject of human interaction and collaboration,
go to

Vic Desotelle

Revolution or Evolution?

I used to watch videos like this. Watching youth getting jazzed would give me a chill (a real thing) that would go all the way up my spine. But now, I only get a small shiver that is felt in only a small section of my spine. Is my physical response sending me a message?

When I watch videos like this, I know their intent is good. They are trying to get youth inspired, which is most important. But now I watch things like this and feel deeply that something is missing. This approach, exciting as it may be, has been attempted over the ages in different forms and mediums, and yet NOTHING has changed – Our situation has only gotten worse, hasn’t it?

I listen to my own voice monitoring what I am seeing, with the question ‘what is truth?’, while assuming my own voice may not be correct. The voice that speaks back is my TRUTH, as I see it today. Unfortunately, the truth that speaks is nothing close to what juiced up videos like this are trying to offer. SO WHAT IS MISSING?

Listen to the language in the video – It’s of ‘revolution’, not ‘evolution’. It is NOT about ‘evolving’, but rather about ‘revolting’. This is nothing but the same, which we have all seen through the millennia.

Humanity can NOT go through another REVOLUTION … It will take ALL of us down, not just some of us. The next revolution will be humanity’s last.

Instead, how do we move ourselves into an awareness of EVOLUTIONARY (not revolutionary) perspective? I want to see the youth dancing to an evolved way of being. No more to fighting what has never worked, except for an elitist few. It is time we tell that new story differently – the story of an evolved humanity.

I say this to the youth mostly … Since my generation, and those before me, have failed their future: WE NOW HAVE TO DEPEND ON YOU. MAKE IT SO. I for one will be there to support you in anyway that I can. Just call on me (Vic Desotelle 831-515-8141 email).

Read more on how the Occupy Movement can catalyze an evolutionary revolution.


For Those Who Stand in the Arena of Change

May 2014 be the year when the men and women of ‘the arena’ (see below) come together to share our triumphs and struggles, and to celebrate the making of a world that works for all. I wish a to extend to each of you who stand in this very special place, a joyful and transformative New Year.


THE MAN IN THE ARENA by Theodore Roosevelt

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”


Social Innovation in Action: Vic Applies for the Bucky Fuller Design Challenge Award

InGENuity Vision And Guiding PrinciplesBuckyFuller Design Science Challenge:

How to shift innovation’s intent from creating intellectual widgets to forming intelligent societies.

I want to share that last week I applied for the Bucky Fuller Challenge Award. Hoping you will wish the inGENuity team and me lots of luck. Learn more at links to the story below. Vic 🙂

Awakening to Social Dark Truths is how Bright Futures Begin

Batman-Arkham-City-Joker-Heath-Ledger-460x470As a student of truth, I have become the ‘cynical optimist’. I have allowed myself to go down forbidden rabbit holes, and there faced information that I did not want to deal with. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me to not only have horrific truths revealed to me. But then to also be pushed aside by most people, not wanting to address it. That has been even tougher. I watch how they shut down to what I am saying, and then quickly paint over it with ‘think positive’ brushes. This is a sham.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 3.57.27 PMMy work is about positive transformation and change. What I learned however, is that creating a world that is truly wonderful for all to live in, means standing face to face with humanity’s dark nature. Paradise not a pipe dream. It’s a very real possibility. But not until many more of us wake up to the enslaved society we live in and then consciously act to change it.

Watch this video as an example of another agent of change slides down a rabbit hole, only to find out truths about our money and political systems that 99% of us refuse to address, calling it conspiracy. As if saying that somehow makes the fact that its happening disappear. Watch with your eyes wide open, allow yourself to take it in, and don’t let words like fascism stop you from going down this rabbit hole to see for yourself. Then decide what’s true for you.

In a time of deceit telling, the truth is a revolutionary act ~ George Orwell
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~Goethe

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.33.58 PM



Going Beyond the Idea of ‘Conscious Capitalism’

Conscious-CapitalismThe following are my comments to an associate who went to the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ conference.

I anticipated when I reviewed Gil’s notes from the ‘Conscious Capitalism’ Conference, that I would be brought into a state of aggravation. Expecting that the language would point to the same old talk about doing good business, while actually covering up that its not doing ‘good’. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised! I’m so relieved, and quite jazzed, about seeing signs of real change, captured within key phrases that were noted. A shift in the integrity of mind and heart about business and the model of capitalism.

His notes suggest to me that, just maybe, we are finally around the knee of the wake up curve, where many of the speakers seemed to be recognizing the need for a different kind of change in business, that so far has merely been rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

monsterteethWithin the language of his notes, there are signals of a readiness to alter our formula for what business is, how we do it, and why … what it’s real purpose is. While moving away from concepts that have merely cloaked more of the same destructive activity that continues to occur.

I will also be so bold (dare I say?) that I was relieved not to see the word used that has represented a mission we have all adored as our savior for so many years – ‘sustainability’. LOL! Suggesting to me we have to go beyond what it represents in order to achieve it.

Finally, to also see that people were questioning even the conference theme itself (as in the last note) by stating: “Does the phrase ‘conscious capitalism’ further instill the corporation with misplaced personhood?” This is where I hope to see a powerful generative conversation to emerge. Because behind its teeth are answers we’ve been seeking.

Vision Quest: Faith seeps through the gaps of our despair.

The corporate oligarchy is now fully in charge. Things will be getting worse for 2/3rds of us, while 1/3 will flourish. Which are you?

Chris Hedges is my new champion. He speaks of the dark state that we are in as a humanity. Naming specifics of our dying plant’s woes, being held in the grasp of an inhumane society.

He addresses truths that do not get spoken. Just as I have tried to do. But his experiences and eloquence far supersede me. Listen to him. Hear his messages – he has two of them. Do you know what they are?

As I head out for my Vision Quest at 5am, I will be carrying the burden of our future with me. Not to despair, but to transform and alter.

As part of my Quest, I will be seeking a deeper meaning of what ‘FAITH’ is. Asking Spirit to guide me in knowing its power, in a time when it feels too late. … But then, that’s when faith creates miracles.

I hope some of you will join me in your own way. To envision a radically different reality for us and our children than what we are headed for. Charge your faith with the despair you feel, and use it to change the future with me.

World War 3 – In the Name of Social Good – For Who?

tanks_largeWith the Ukraine literally ‘up in arms’, is World War 3 on its way?
As with most all wars, this one’s about power mongering. Nothing different. They’re all the same. It has little to do with keeping freedom. In fact, war itself demonstrates we have never had it. I feel helpless to its ways.
Wars are run by the bad guys in my view, always have been. Those who want to profit. A method built into all economies designed to increase the separation between the haves and have-nots.
When will the world of ‘we the people’ rise to a new level of saying ‘no more’? What will it look like when that happens? More war and bloodshed? How do we face up to those whom we all helped to put into power and remove them? How do we replace the system itself with a true democracy, or something even better? How do we replace our old ways of leading nations into war in the name of peace; to a new way following a true path into worldly peace?
It would be interesting to see players in the field of Social Innovation consider how we might design our way out of war, instead of just feeding those who are the result of them.
… I don’t really think we want peace. Do you? I do not believe we are willing to do what it takes to get it. What do you think?

Moving from Thinking to Action – The Fears and Myths that Bind Us (part 1)

Transformation or Collapse?

Many of us sense that humanity is a a place of act now or die – no exaggeration. Yet, not much change seems to be happening, especially in human behavior.

There seems to be incredible unconscious fears about acting on ideas, and even more about the future that is ours … Just better not to think about that part. Thinking is wonderful, but if it just stays in the mind, nothing new gets created. And I’m not sure that thought is the way out of our misbehavior in a world that is asking for a reunification of its wholeness.

‘Failure’ too is another show stopper. It is so voodoo in most cultures that it freezes people from action, and increases the thinking – It’s safer there. Even the responsibility of success is scary because of the confusion that comes up when we think of having to do the work; for no pay typically. How would we survive?

The essence of personal sustainability emerges in this space and is not being addressed in traditional organizations – even the ones who are attempting to apply sustainability in terms of technical developments. There also seems to be a fear of abandonment and being shamed if acting on their out-of-the-box, culturally unaccepted ideas. I speak from my own experiences here, but this has not stopped me from trying. Not one bit. But I’ll admit it has put me into a horrible place in life, with no ability to make ends meet financially, loss of friends and family, inability to find meaningful work, isolation, and so on. I guess their fears are valid.

Yet: Where are the new heroes going to emerge? I have felt for sometime that the new hero is not “a” hero, but a collective “heronis”. This is my word for a collaborative form of heroism that arises through the integrity of collaborative design. Strangely, very few seem to know how to do this thing called ‘collaboration’ and fall into the trap of linear structured methods of development that depends on singular forms of leadership – truly old paradigm, but still viscerally real in our existing world.

This way of organizing worked in the past, but now it only sets up false expectations based on the idea of a ‘savior’, an idea that is so prominent in all human cultures. The savior mythology for leadership needs to pass out of our consciousness so that a new myth can emerge – a global mythology that reshapes the role of leadership from having power ‘over’ people into power ‘to’ people. Myth is where the unseen directives that influence a society’s way of being come from, and is where we will need to go – if we want to see real change.

More on this is coming – how to move from thinking to action, and how our fears and myths blind and bind us. I plan to move this discussion into the realm of ‘values’ – those tangible tidbits that are visible when a culture’s underlying story (its mythology) expresses itself. They are the bridge from the conscious to unconscious, and have a big role in limiting the emergence of a new creation myth by entangling our abilities to manifest an evolved shared humanity. Vic D. 🙂

The Influence of Super Heroes and Mythical Stories on Cultural Progress

People need myth. Especially, the super heroes of mythical stories allow the socially suppressed to have something to hold onto that is strong and good -It provides a sense of hope for a better life. Hero movies often touch on, if not lead, the meaning of our present culture’s beliefs and driving forces. Forces that move a society forward. They reflect a rising desire or struggle in both the individual and as a collective.

The idea of the ‘smart’ super hero is on top for 2012. Leading the pack on this theme is a movie called “The Hunger Game”, which I believe exemplifies the state of our society. I was intrigued how exhilarating it was, just watching the preview. I don’t think I’m alone, as this surge within me is collective. Plans for this movie becoming a mega-block buster suggests it’s story is addressing a rising desire within us. Some are aware of it, but most of us are not.

There is a growing edge of discomfort occurring world-wide, and I believe that it is crucial to keep an eye on emerging mythical stories that are being told in film and other medium. For it provides us with a crystal ball that reveals an emerging future. Watch how movies are talked about at  home, at work, and on political stages. Look for changes in the myths that are told. How is the super hero’s story changing and why? And how does it reflect real world circumstances?. Listen to NPR’s news brief on the relationship between movies, super heroes, and myth.

Fukushima Radiation and the End of Life as We Know It

OMG … What have we done to ourselves and our children’s future?!

Most of us think the nightmare of Fukushima’s nuclear power towers is over, but it has only just begun. Do not feed your family Pacific Ocean fish, ever again.

The blindness of our so-called intelligent experts, and the complacency of us as citizens, has now placed humanity in an accelerated breakdown of the planet’s life system. And it is continuing to get worse. Only this time it is affecting not just the environment, but us as well – Human Beings DIRECTLY. Scientists are warning the greatest risk to humanity, right now today, is coming from Fukushima’s fuel pools

Even with the Fukushima nightmare happening, are you aware of how many more nuclear plants are being readied for development right now? Why, after a series of major incidents over the years, do we still continue to allow nuclear energy? Feel the fear of our foolishness – Feel it to your core. Because the upwelling of that fear may be the only thing that can enable us to act out against the horror of nuclear energy. With tears in my eyes I ask you to read more on the data being gathered. Here is a list of 28 signs that prove the U.S. West Coast is getting radiated.

Watch the videos below. You have every right to feel terrified as you watch. Let that fear help us to act on what we can today, not tomorrow. Although it may already be too late for us and for many generations to come, please take the initiative to act. Find ways to STOP putting any more radiation into our world. 


When Something New Needs to be Said – Watch Out for the Platitude Beast!

Ask me why I posted this.

Do you know?

What comes to mind?


Platitude beasties in the area

…. When something ‘new’ needs to be said ….
Watch out for the Platitude beasties hiding behind rocks!


platitude |ˈplatiˌt(y)oōd|
a remark or statement, esp. one with a moral content,
that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful : she began uttering liberal platitudes.

• the quality of being dull, ordinary, or trite :
educators willing to violate the bounds of platitude.

Declared ‘Critically In-Sane’

I’ve just been declared ‘critically in-sane’ by the authorities.

So you can disavow anything I say or do, as it is merely a fig-newton of my delirious irrational in-sanity-iation. You can visit me. I’ll be in padded cell # 13 talking through steel-secured cement walls to other cuckoo’s who got nested here before me. You know – the ones society locks up because they are nut cases, insane, crazy, out of touch with reality? Good thing too. This place helps to keep us nut jobs off the streets so that truly sane people can be in authority and do the great work they are doing, without a bunch of dimmed light bulbs like us getting in their way.

How hard it must be for our authorities to have cultural misfits like me hanging around them.

Well, the nice people here, the ones that wear those neat little white suits, have helped me to understand that my ’bouts of speaking truth is too painful to hear. It hurts them and I must stop. I’m really trying to stop. And my visions; seeing things and all – they are wrong, dangerous, and bad. My actions have been hurting all those good people who are running our society. I’m so sorry to have hindered their way. They are so smart and intelligent and compassionate and right. How could I have done what I did, and said what i said to them? I must be truly mad. It’s good that I’m put away now.

Funny how in-sane I’ve become over time.

I can see my craziness when I talk to my cuckoo friends in here, because they make more sense to me than the people outside. Can you imagine thinking this way? I know, probably not. That’s why I’ve been told I need a lot of help. I get scared when they tell me these things and I have to take more pills. Sure is a good thing for the medicine though. It keeps me calm and helps me to realize there is nothing I can do and that it’s alright. Everything is okay.

I see now that it’s a good thing they’ve locked us all up, cause who knows what we might have done with our feelings-of-grandeur! All those attempts to save the world, and my sick desire to change normalcy. Geeez. The world is just fine, so what was I thinking?! Can you imagine what might have happened if I were still on the streets?! OMG!

And there are so many more of me out there that will be in here soon.

I welcome your company. It’s okay. Let them bring you in to get better with me. I guess we will have to have a lot more of these places built because it seems to be like a virus or disease or something. More and more people are going crazy, just like me. I hope they find a cure for it soon.

Well, I’ve been cured and saved from my turmoil. I’m happy now.

Visiting hours end at 5pm sharp, so I can receive my pharma-cocktail, which I very much look forward to. Please don’t let them take that away. You can send me an email from my blog site here – at least until they take it down. Good thing too, because there is a lot of whacked out stuff I said on here. And the videos? – do NOT watch any of them. The things I was learning from them are very very bad.

Well, it’s cocktail time so I’m signing off now.

Sincerely from a critically in-sane person.

Vic D.


Suggestion: Consider, an early online community that is championing the change of what we call “normal” (or in – sane).


Religion is the Unseen Barrier to Effective Collaboration

Religion? A barrier to collaboration? Who’da thought? One must stop for a moment to deeply consider why I have placed this subject here in the category of ‘barriers to collaboration’. Read on …

Religious positioning may in fact be the essential obstacle that stands in between a healthy human(e) collaboration. If there is a place to claim ‘wrong-ness’, it would be a religious wrong that we all share as a humanity. A wrong that has been the foundation for every war ever fought on this planet. For my God is the right God, and yours is not. Such fear comes up to consider that my beliefs are not the higher truth, that we will kill to keep the belief alive.

Thus, a need for deep dialog and collaboration across God-belief boundaries is crucial to realizing effective collaboration. Because within the religious pedals that secure the seeds of our beliefs are also a deeper more hidden truth that can allow for the rebirth of our collective God-nature. A morphing DNA that will actually bring us into an evolved state of being alive – a transformation in consciousness.

So, it is time that we put down our strategic modeling minds just for a moment and allow our compassionate hearts to step into the center of the collaboration circle. Because no strategy can sustain unless our heart will allow each to be with the other, even if our minds choose to disagree.

For more on this subject, see my friend Jean Houston’s discussion on ‘The Future of God Debate, where she embraces religious, spiritual, and scientific paradoxes, and stakes new claims for what (and what isn’t) our spiritual nature within an emerging globally-conscious world of peoples seeking something more that is beyond each of our present beliefs and mythologies.

Also see James Carrol’s film called Constantine’s Sword, because it covers many mis-assumptions, misguided education, individual, group and collective denials, and indirectly addresses the ultimate the huge lack of collaboration across human societies due to the endless battles between higher-power religious belief systems.

These are my thoughts for today. What comes up for you?

Vic Desotelle