Truth vs Logic

scullIn the end truth defies logic.
And yet we have a world that insists logic is the way out. How many holes do we need to step into, in order to get that logic is good, but it is not what will take us out of social collapse? Actually, I don’t think we will. It’s too late. We will die in the name of an unspoken logical premise.
I believe it is here where this idea of truth lies hidden, awaiting the time when we reveal it to ourselves. Watch this film. Listen deeply into the realm of mythology and consider how critical it is to our survival, our ability to innovate and create a sustainable future.
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Discovering our collective global mythology

It is essential that the world collaboratively discover our collective global mythology. Only through this act can sustainable forms of innovation be created that can build a planet of whole, diverse communities that are united in the dance of an emerging conscious global culture.


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Myth and Metaphor as a Way for Creating Intelligent Businesses

In a time when we feel more chaos than order, and more wrong than right, we must consider deeper aspects of our psyche as human beings and reassess our assumptions about everything. To create more intelligent companies we business leaders must do the same. Finding more meaning and purpose in our businesses is critical to this assessment. And using ‘myth’ can help us go deeper into ourselves to reveal how we want to relate to each other, our business solutions, and the planet.

Today, much of our impact on the world as individuals is done through business. Yet, when considering the overall ecology of our societies and the environment, humanity’s impact is proving to be more harmful than helpful. Thus, we must reconsider how we are with each other as human beings and define new purpose, meaning, and relationship as men and women. I propose that bringing in myth as a means for going deeper into what we really want can create more meaning in our lives so that our businesses become leaders in the making of a world that works.

One thing I ask as you read this brief article: How can myth and metaphor help us to create new forms of business and culture?

In my below introductory article, I will use Yung’s metaphor of [ King (Queen), Warrior, Magician, Lover ] to address the changing of our world’s mythological paradigm. I find this model effective for describing a fuller, more (w)holistic expression of humanity at this stage of our evolution.

World expression is shifting physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. From the perspective of ourselves, which is often expressed through our male and female natures, some kind of greater awareness is emerging within our human(e) race.

First let’s consider the women:

The world is filling with women awakening to their own power – which is wonderful, isn’t it? They are very present with today’s situation, meaning that their WARRIOR is rising. And they are learning to stand up for themselves. Their MAGICIAN is weak but also rising because they now have their warrior protecting the entrance to their Tent so they can gather and remember their sacred ability to Create. Their LOVER is still (and rightfully so) very angry, as they have much pain in the process of forgiving men for what they have done to women (and still are) over the centuries. Finally, women intuitively sense their QUEEN energy of purpose. However, they have no idea how to ‘rule’ with it. Thus, they look to other authoritative individuals to hold that seat. Queen energy is misunderstood to be like King energy, which is dangerously incorrect. There is much work to do here so that transferring the mantle of women’s Queen energy is done well. It is a sensitive issue and will continue to be one of the world’s greatest challenges for some time. But without women becoming empowered to their own queen energy (and done so for each women at their individual right time), the kingdom will be lost.

Second, let’s look at the men:

Of course there is a whole new man arising in the ranks of men, (but not near as many as woman) who are awakening to their compassion. They are LOVER men – men who are learning to feel deeply. This male lover energy is so important to global transformation, that change can not be done without it. It is these men who hold a very important role in the coming integration of the Masculine and Feminine, which is how myth will transform, and thereby our world culture. (I’ll say more about this later.) However, most of us men are very lost, and in many ways, much more so than the women. Most of us don’t know which way to turn, and it’s been our nature to hole-up. This used to be done to come to terms with our state of being. However, too often the cave is now used to escape without conscious awareness of why. Our WARRIOR has dropped both his sword and shield in the name of stopping the bloodshed. But it has left us vulnerable to physical and psychic attack, especially from women’s unstable warrior energy. It means that we can no longer protect our villages because we are (in most cases) unconsciously choosing not to bepresent with the reality of our world’s critical situation. Because the warrior is needed to manifest, the lover group of men have lost the ability to manifest as well. Our MAGICIAN has lost all power and have excommunicated themselves from the kingdom. Many of us have gone running in shame to the hills knowing that our way of life of the Empire is no more. Additionally, there is no KING to serve because he is dead. In my minds eye, I see men standing limply, high on a mountain top, alone and awaiting for an answer from someone or somewhere else. We lie at night saturated in the dream of a funeral march, unable to awaken from what is quickly becoming collective nightmare for each man. We too are still looking for our King purpose energy from other authorities and saviors. We men need masculine king energy to perform in the world, and it is challenging because the meaning we once knew and lived by is gone. ther may not even be a king to replace what we have created psychic space for, as he is a part of a dying mythology. So, just as the women gather in their Tents, so we too must gather in the woods and collectively learn to create a sense of meaning and purpose that can only emerge from contained within the safety of each other, and draw from the insights that only a man can give a man.

And now, let’s consider myth itself; the old and the new:

With this all said, it is important to note that we are in a time when past ways of living, and the metaphors we use to pull their etheric energies into the present, is also near an end. New metaphors must now be “consciously” created that can hold a place in the human(e) psyche for new visions to be formed. These visions will need to over-stand an old reality that no longer serves us. By gathering as we are now, all over the planet, we are creating the vessel from which new stories, metaphors, and myth will emerge that can establish a collective ‘will’ for building an awakened planetary society that is made of a diverse-yet-unified, globally-conscious, world of communities.

Finally, let’s consider the elements of an alchemical wedding:

So, holding a conscious awareness of our present state of being (and the myths that define it) is crucial for humanity to generate a collective sight – a vision of where we ‘choose’ to go. To do this, we must learn to stand on a bridge that is not yet completed. A dual bridge which crosses two chasms; one between an ‘old age’ and ‘new age’, and another which is separating men from women in an unhealthy way. It is on this bridge where we will evolve human-kind’s DNA Signature from a static emblem of who we once were, to a dynamic, interactive, more playful way of being. The bridge will join an allow for the synthesis to occur: an ecology of design that is right now form-ulating the greatest most romantic Dance we have ever known. A Dance that culminates in the Sacred Intercourse of the Masculine and Feminine. Even now, we are anticipating this Dance as we long for the signs of a new Birth into a new ‘age’. One that places a missing Rhythm into our days, revitalizing and fulfilling our desire for something more, welling up from a Drive deep Divine place within ourselves – It is our gGod-Nature’s desire and acknowledged ability to Create that will bring forth an incredible world in which to live.

Now am I speaking of more sex in the workplace? Of course not! These are metaphors. That said, how can myth and metaphor help us to create new forms of business and culture? Let me know your ideas and insights.