Vic on Creative Learning

Let’s set the stage for what will be discussed here: What does this subject have to do with anything outside of a school environment? Well allow me to elaborate … The world has changed. Noooo, the world is not ‘about’ to change, it HAS changed. And the way we learn no longer fits into the slot of go-to-school, get a degree, then go apply what we learned. No, learning has become a frequent set of … Continue reading “Vic on Creative Learning”

Vic’s Supplements Plan For Wellness … and Sustainability

Our wellness influences what we create as human beings and how it either supports or depletes the world’s complex ecology of life – a planetary well being, so to speak. Our individuality is made up of a physical body, mind(fulness) and thoughts, emotions and attitude, and spiritual connection with something greater than us. The interactions between sustainability, leadership, collaboration, and innovation (my favorite subjects) start inside ourselves. That is, how we treat the inward effects … Continue reading “Vic’s Supplements Plan For Wellness … and Sustainability”

Who Says It Ain’t Easy Being Green ?! (Sustainable Business Planning Workshop)

How to Create a ‘Sustainable’ Business Plan AN ONLINE WORKSHOP .Join Vic Desotelle from for an ONLINE collaborative sustainable business planning workshop series. This session will allow you to preview and inquire about the series, which is for small business social entrepreneurs who have dreamed of owning a sustainable business. Learn how to make a viable business plan that moves your green idea from conception to successful execution. Create a sustainable future for yourself, … Continue reading “Who Says It Ain’t Easy Being Green ?! (Sustainable Business Planning Workshop)”

Unbounded Particulates of Spirit

Unbounded (Particulates of) Spirit work to be integrated   see the world differently ——————————————————————————————-   ——————————————————– Value Density (gravitational lensing): All things manifest once a certain level of mass-density occurs; from galaxies, to planets, to organizations. This density can be realized physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually (we usually only consider ‘physical’ densities in our science). ‘Lensing’ then, is way to bring focus to something and is what makes it apparent (a parent). Awareness and attention … Continue reading “Unbounded Particulates of Spirit”