Myth and Metaphor as a Way for Creating Intelligent Businesses

In a time when we feel more chaos than order, and more wrong than right, we must consider deeper aspects of our psyche as human beings and reassess our assumptions about everything. To create more intelligent companies we business leaders must do the same. Finding more meaning and purpose in our businesses is critical to this assessment. And using ‘myth’ can help us go deeper into ourselves to reveal how we want to relate to … Continue reading “Myth and Metaphor as a Way for Creating Intelligent Businesses”

Living Strategies: Bringing Innovation To Life

Guiding Your Organization Through The Rugged Landscape Ahead By Arian Ward of Community Frontiers As we all know well, the world has changed dramatically since the times when traditional strategic planning first became the foundation on which organizations of all types are based. The landscape on which organizations operated then was relatively predictable, stable, and homogenous. Now it is filled with uncertainty, rapid change, and increasingly diverse players and dynamics. These players not only think … Continue reading “Living Strategies: Bringing Innovation To Life”

Ecological Design Principles

Principles of Ecology From the Center for Ecoliteracy (By Fritjof Capra) 1-Networks *Interdependence, Diversity, and Complexity* The members of an ecosystem are interconnected in a vast network of relationships in which all life processes are interdependent and achieve stability through a diversity of linkages. 2-Boundaries *Scale and Limits* At all scales of nature, we find living systems nesting within other living systems, each within its own boundary and limits. 3-Cycles *Recycling of Resources and Partnership* … Continue reading “Ecological Design Principles”

Innovation and the Great Global Warming Debate

This is a great article. I like the authors that counter an anticipated perspective based on their status; in his case, as a scientist. I agree with Botkin’s perspective here. Note that the author’s points do not counter any of my other social-intellectual points made earlier. I too have as much concern for the exaggeration of our isolated focus as I do for my sense that humanity is a major instigator in the break-down of … Continue reading “Innovation and the Great Global Warming Debate”


  Vic Desotelle email me A CHANGE AGENT’S GUIDE Being change itself means facilitating the transfer of your will, done to empower others to lead their own awakened intentions into action. This is humanity’s next spiritual evolution.   AWARENESS (heart/compassion)  “Normalcy is the surest sign of low self esteem.” (John Trudell) Collectively, this becomes an expression of a world filled with fear and insecurity – signaling social meltdown. Awakening to this truth is an emotional process … Continue reading “Contact”

Who Says It Ain’t Easy Being Green ?! (Sustainable Business Planning Workshop)

How to Create a ‘Sustainable’ Business Plan AN ONLINE WORKSHOP .Join Vic Desotelle from for an ONLINE collaborative sustainable business planning workshop series. This session will allow you to preview and inquire about the series, which is for small business social entrepreneurs who have dreamed of owning a sustainable business. Learn how to make a viable business plan that moves your green idea from conception to successful execution. Create a sustainable future for yourself, … Continue reading “Who Says It Ain’t Easy Being Green ?! (Sustainable Business Planning Workshop)”

Unbounded Particulates of Spirit

Unbounded (Particulates of) Spirit work to be integrated   see the world differently ——————————————————————————————-   ——————————————————– Value Density (gravitational lensing): All things manifest once a certain level of mass-density occurs; from galaxies, to planets, to organizations. This density can be realized physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually (we usually only consider ‘physical’ densities in our science). ‘Lensing’ then, is way to bring focus to something and is what makes it apparent (a parent). Awareness and attention … Continue reading “Unbounded Particulates of Spirit”

Organizational Geometries: Emergent Design

NOTES: the chemical periodic table and its relationship to organizational configuration and development energetic flux is generated by geometric configuration which then results in form & function … Economical, Equitable Leadership. Organizational Geometries. Vibrational Organization. … (physical) [ PROCESS … (coming in the future). Organizational Geometries: the chemical periodic table and its relationship to organizational configuration and development. …   … Generative Dialogue Framework. Aligning Comprehension with Behavior. Ecological, Economical, Equitable Leadership. Organizational Geometries. … … Continue reading “Organizational Geometries: Emergent Design”