Our Money Or Our Lives?

These talks (below) by Peter Joseph establish a baseline for understanding why sustainability can ‘not’ happen (listen up all you greenies!) under our existing monetary system. Time to educate anew in order to clear ourselves of the old. Note this clearing will not from those ”with” but rather from those of us with”OUT”. What are you going to do TODAY to start taking action? Get RE-educated now, not tomorrow. As with so many of us, … Continue reading “Our Money Or Our Lives?”

Plutonium is Flowing into Our Oceans and Skies

Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast as result of Fukushima nuclear fallout (click for article) Do you know this?! Do you know what plutonium is? Do you know that it’s leaking into the Pacific? Do you what this means? And here we are – watching CNN journalists argue about who’s got the bigger balls to be president, with barely a whimper about Fukushima. Too funny. You’re right: It’s not … Continue reading “Plutonium is Flowing into Our Oceans and Skies”

Values Map

Sample Values Map Summary Chart The following sample will help you to see how a values assessment is used to map organizational values. By combining yours with others a collective map can be determined. Most important is the process of awareness – how you and your co-hearts come to learn what is important to each other and how to support it. This is the beginning of a truly sustainable organization, which is why I am … Continue reading “Values Map”

Organizational Values Mapping

Enterprise Innovation Through Values Aligning VALUES within an organization is a crucial element for generating new forms of sustainable innovation. Organizational values mapping is for companies of people who understand that values are the foundation for all group activity, including: Human Resources; hiring the right staff Public Relations; creating meaningful messages Marketing; targeting the best customers Engineering; designing with the best technologies Procurement; selecting ideal supporting products And so much more What are Values? In … Continue reading “Organizational Values Mapping”

Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series

Start Your Own Green Small Business! Create a sustainable business plan through my private coaching and online collaboration workshops.  THIS WORKSHOP SERIES IS FOR: Micro Businesses, Social Entrepreneurs, Green Business Startups, Clean Tech Ventures, Sustainable Designers, Business Incubators, and Corporate Green Programs and Innovation Teams. A Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series Turn Your Green Ideas Into A Real Sustainable Company! Got a great idea but missing certain business know-how pieces to make it happen? Would … Continue reading “Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series”

The Art of Authentic Leadership

How To Become An Authentic Leader By Vic Desotelle Authentic Leadership is for those who choose to ‘BE change’ as the way to ‘SEE change’ ____________________________ Authenticity as Prerequisite for Leadership Today’s growing global problems can not be solved using the same methods that created them in the first place. Thus, we must evolve our approaches toward innovation, including a new eye on leadership. This article addresses leadership from a very different perspective. How do … Continue reading “The Art of Authentic Leadership”


Vic Desotelle Sustainability Innovator, Green Entrepreneur, Collaborative Design Facilitator, Change Agent, Leadership Coach, Social Mythic + + + “Mythic Dragons appear at the Earth’s Horizon, as the Sun Inflects the Dawn of an Emerging New Culture – An Awakened Global Civilization, Ignited by Humanity’s Inner Solar Rays.” + + + Vic’s Insights and Inspirations We have entered a new era of ‘once upon a time’, where the reappearance of mythical dragons signal the emergence of … Continue reading “Vision”

Vic’s Soul Mate

SEEKING MY SOUL MATE What I Seek in a Woman … I seek companionship with a woman who, through her life experiences, knows her place in the world. She may be afraid of the unknown, but chooses to go there anyway. She owns her decisions and differences of opinion, while seeking to understand why others choose what they do, and reaches toward compassion for them, whether she agrees with them or not. She possesses a … Continue reading “Vic’s Soul Mate”

Building A Learning Organisation

A learning organisation is an organisation that learns and encourages learning among its people. It promotes exchange of information between employees, hence creating a more knowledgeable workforce. This produces a very flexible organisation where people will accept and adapt to new ideas and change through shared vision.It is said that the only constant in life is change and organisations are not spared. Change brings about not only uncertainty and risks but also opportunities for growth. … Continue reading “Building A Learning Organisation”

Who Says It Ain’t Easy Being Green ?! (Sustainable Business Planning Workshop)

How to Create a ‘Sustainable’ Business Plan AN ONLINE WORKSHOP .Join Vic Desotelle from DiscoveryFuel.com for an ONLINE collaborative sustainable business planning workshop series. This session will allow you to preview and inquire about the series, which is for small business social entrepreneurs who have dreamed of owning a sustainable business. Learn how to make a viable business plan that moves your green idea from conception to successful execution. Create a sustainable future for yourself, … Continue reading “Who Says It Ain’t Easy Being Green ?! (Sustainable Business Planning Workshop)”

Unbounded Particulates of Spirit

Unbounded (Particulates of) Spirit work to be integrated   see the world differently ——————————————————————————————-   ——————————————————– Value Density (gravitational lensing): All things manifest once a certain level of mass-density occurs; from galaxies, to planets, to organizations. This density can be realized physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually (we usually only consider ‘physical’ densities in our science). ‘Lensing’ then, is way to bring focus to something and is what makes it apparent (a parent). Awareness and attention … Continue reading “Unbounded Particulates of Spirit”