Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development

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Vic Desotelle – Resume

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Social Innovation, Sustainable Business,
Technical Design, Organizational Development 


My background is broad and systemic, which is a prerequisite for building and running effective programs. I have diverse skillsets in sustainable development, online e-learning tools, technical design engineering, leadership training, group facilitation, small business management, entrepreneurial coaching, organizational change, and team collaborative process, with decades of experience in for-profit, non-profit, educational, and technical sectors. My primary interest is facilitating programs that teach and build solutions for social innovation and sustainable design within organizations. My place is with creative companies of people who are alternative thinkers, value the importance of applying new forms of sustainable innovation; done through individual empowerment and team collaboration.  I blend group development with interpersonal effectiveness using techniques to improve learning, conflict resolution, and productivity. 




Organizational Facilitation Firm :  DISCOVERY COLABS : SANTA CRUZ, CA 2011-2014

  • Developed and Ran Onsite/Online Collaborative Design Programs for Organizational Change
  • Leadership Change Coaching, Group Strategic Planning, Council Circles For Decision-Making

Social Innovation & Sustainability Consultant : DISCOVERY FUEL : SANTA CRUZ, CA 2007-2011

  • Collaborative learning process and facilitation for team strategizing and change management

Entrepreneur Coach & Trainer : BUSINESS/TECHNOLOGY INCUBATOR : MARINA, CA 2007-2009

  • Sustainable business planning teacher, and executive coach to business startups



Technical Business Startup : INTELLITICS, INC : SAN JOSE, CA 2012-2013

  • Web Collaboration Tool – Multi-function Duties: Business Planning, Market Development, Tech Design


  • Organizational developer, triple bottom line, sustainable strategic planning efforts

Directing Manager : SUSTAINABLE QUALITY (501c3) : SANTA CRUZ, CA 2002-2004

  • Directed awards program, judged and awarded green business companies

Company Operations Manager : TERRANOVA ECOLOGICAL : SANTA CRUZ, CA 2007-2009

  • Implemented management system, sustainable landscape design and installations

Executive Director : ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL (501c3) : SANTA CRUZ, CA 1999-2001

  • Shifted mission from environmental advocacy to sustainable innovation, rebuilt board and strategy



Business Developer Designer : DESOTELLE WEB DESIGN : SANTA CRUZ, CA 2010-2012

  • Create strategic plans for moving small businesses to the web including online marketing and ecommerce

Green Energy Sales Engineer : SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES : SANTA CRUZ, CA 2005-2007

  • Solar accounts manager, formulated sales trainings & product delivery strategies

Business Development Manager : MGA (PHARSIGHT) : BOSTON, MA 2001-2002

  • Opened west coast regional markets for physical phenomena pharmaceutical software

Technical Program Director : ACCLAIM TECHNOLOGY : SAN JOSE, CA 1998-2000

  • Created design automation division, built business plan, developed overseas partners, hired staff

Sales Applications Engineer : AVCOM SYSTEMS : SUNNYVALE, CA 1994-1997

  • Supported design automation tools training for major companies HP, Motorola, Intel

Digital Design Engineer : BOEING (ARGO SYSTEMS) : SUNNYVALE, CA 1990-1994

  • Designed, tested, installed digital RF signature decoder interface via multiplexed antenna arrays



  • Eliminate Homelessness – Online project uses unique formula for social change
  • Entrepreneurs For A Better World – Online green business startup community
  • Foundation For Global Community – Group sustainability and culture change


  • BSEE Program: Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology 1985
    • Masters Equivalency: Organizational Development, Sustainable Design, Ecological Thinking, Group Learning & Behavior
  • Open Knowledge Creation, MOOC, Stanford, Palo Alto, CA


  • Building Sustainable Enterprise, Collaboration Processes for Social Innovation
  • Concepts in sustainability, leadership ecology, collaborative design



Group Facilitation and Instructional Training

  • Designed and facilitated online collaboration processes for organizational strategic planning
  • Facilitated collaborative design retreats and organizational learning sessions for businesses
  • Led year long leadership program that created personal empowerment and change for many individuals
  • Coordinated multi-stakeholder collaboration processes, created learning environment
  • Developed eco-management workshops for local companies to implement green business practices
  • Utilized dynamic sustainable reporting techniques to monitor company success
  • Created campus redesign and planning process for local college moving toward sustainability

Project Management

  • Developed business and technical strategic plans for organizations and startup entrepreneurs
  • Trained startup company owners in business planning, process development and implementation
  • Executive director for environmental non-profit; re-organizational focus, rebuilt direction and board
  • Built and managed technical company programs, negotiated vendors, hired staff
  • Facilitated onsite and online groups with strategic planning and team collaboration

Problem Solving and Team Mediation

  • Coached individuals through personal crisis, change management, leadership development
  • Wrote articles, modeling for sustainability, social innovation, organizational change, leadership
  • Taught managerial ethics and decision-making to Silicon Valley middle managers at UCSC extension
  • Board Member of environmental non-profit; influence sustainability guidelines and applications
  • Advised groups in triple bottom line applications and procedures
  • Mediated board members in conflict resolution relating to group challenges

Holistic Planning and Organizational Design

  • Built social capital, leadership ecologies, learning networks
  • Broad background in electronics tech, web design, online tools for collaboration
  • Critical understanding of how to enable socially responsible organizations
  • Digital design, electronics engineering, online applications and implementation

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