Vic’s Soul Mate

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What I Seek in a Woman …

I seek companionship with a woman who, through her life experiences, knows her place in the world.

She may be afraid of the unknown, but chooses to go there anyway.

She owns her decisions and differences of opinion, while seeking to understand why others choose what they do, and reaches toward compassion for them, whether she agrees with them or not.

She possesses a high level of wonder about the dream world and seeks meaning from her direct experiences.

She dabbles in the esoteric and is very intrigued with the meta-physical realm.

She asks questions of herself and others with a conscious sense of curiosity, rather than a manipulative desire to change another.

Her inner beauty is reflected in her physical outer form, having distinct but soft feminine features.

She is an artist who knows how to express herself through an intuitive connection with the greater All.

She is an example of good fitness and nutrition, but knows how to balance ideals with cultural influences and bodily desires.

Her soul holds deep experiences that are expressed in the way she supports herself and nurtures others.

She knows how to support a man’s creative longings, without loosing her own sense of identity.

She is not fixated on money, but knows how to be with its power.

She is a mother and a friend to her own child, who is close in age near to my 8 year old son so they can be friends that share their lives while growing up together.

She believes more in ‘learning’ with children than in ‘educating’ them.

She expresses herself freely and allows others to express themselves similarly.

She has learned to be with, and to move through, her moments of natural despair, knowing that it is a part of her humanity, and does so without blame or projection onto another.

She is very playful and highly sensual.

She is continuously learning how to be of service to others and being spiritually connected, while seeking to be happy, joyful, and awe-inspired with life itself.

And Mutually … She seeks a man who can be there for her in a similar way.


My Personality and Interests …

I am more of an experience than a description, but here goes … I am a visionary, a social mythic, truly innovative, inspiring to others, playful and serious. I desire depth in connections with others, am a challenger of ‘normal’, an agent of sustainability, and a seer of (w)holistic change. I experience all the flavors of emotion including happy and sad, anger and joy, ecstasy and depression, anxiety and peace. The woman who joins me will have to understand the depth of me as a man and know how to be with all of these emotions.

Playing and learning with my son, and travel with a friend and lover would be nice – not to tour, but to directly experience the world. I love to partake in the evolution of consciousness; that’s really cool stuff to me. I like sci-fi movies, and sports such as tennis, skiing, 2-man volleyball, hiking, and many others, and working to get more active again (not enough exercise this year). Metaphysics and philosophy are my intellectual buttons, along with whole-system design and sustainable innovation (i.e. creating cool things that make a world of difference). The creation of a collectively-designed global mythology is at the core of my work and passion – check out my online community at

I consider myself a facilitator and innovator of the emerging new world culture – a social mythic you might say, and spend much of my time with ideas, people, work, and play that revolves around this. A quote of mine that I like: “Dragons appear at the Earth’s horizon as the Sun inflects a new dawn. The time has come for a new planetary culture to unfold, ignited by humanity’s inner solar rays.”

Vic’s Soul Mate

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