"Be The Change!" – 7 Steps To Manifestation

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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Mohandas Gandhi’s quote above is powerful, isn’t it?

Being the change requires that we embody change itself. To do this, each of us must surround ourselves with a community of others that can provide us with encouragement and supportive feedback.

Seven Steps To Becoming The Change:

  • Know WHY you want change and be able to articulate it.
  • Understand WHAT it means for that change to happen.
  • Time WHEN the change can best occur.
  • Find WHO you want to ally with.
  • Consider WHERE the change can best serve.
  • Practice HOW the change needs to emerge.
  • And always always always be aware of the influence of your change on others – Our greatest risk is that we become blinded by your own righteousness about our own need for change. This is why a community is necessary to keep each of us highly motivated and always in check.


Become a ‘Fuel-Molecule’ within the Solution of Change



Because ‘WE’ being change is far more powerful than just ‘ME’ being change.



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