Validation Generates Deep Collaboration

picture-2There are some things that do not need explanation. Want to feel real good at your next gathering or meeting? Then take time from your busy schedule and allow yourself to feel good for a couple minutes. Check out these two AWESOME videos. Play one of these at your next meeting or pow wow and watch the difference in the way people connect with each other. And the next day, try an experiment: See what comes as a result of validating each other.

Collaboration: The Dance Between Inner and Outer Realities

So what’s real? And what influences it? Is it all withIN me where the control power lies? Or is it withOUT me? … And what the hec does this have to do with COLLABORATION ?

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Some say to themselves; I have no power of my own and I am controlled by the outer world, and by the influence of other people, events, and circumstances – an outer perspective. Yet the guru’s say that we are makers of our own reality – an inner perspective. So, if you go within yourself, then all the power you need to change is there. Well I would hereby like to raise the B.S. flag.

From this guy’s mountain top view both are correct. It is not one or the other that brings us to Nirvana. It is the dance between the Inner and the Outer that IS the FULL reality. For my world, your fire’s reality is outside of me. Yet in your world, your life’s flame is within you. So inner and outer are very relative to whose doing the conscious perceiving, right?

So the new Story (I believe) will be based on the relationship between INNER and OUTER reality. Between what happens withIN me and at the same time what happens withOUT me. (Notice my use of the word ‘without’ is different that is normally used.)

Interesting that is what Collaboration is all about. It is an unfolding story of how you the individual and we the collective are considered and co-created together. Diversity is from the individual theme, and Unity is from the collective theme. And COLLABORATION is just another way to describe the dance that occurs between me and them, you and us, I and we.

Vic on Team Building

Allow me to set the context for this section of my blog.

For me, team building is a highly important aspect of any organization’s development. Very few of you will argue me that.

However, I propose that it is rare to see team building as a process that is directly integrated into the work that needs to get done. Instead, team building is done using separate programs, like climbing trees together, or goofy games that create bonding. Yeah, it does that to an extent. But there is nothing better than a team that builds itself amidst the project they are working on – and doing that consciously together.

Now ‘that’ is the best way to build teams in my view.

It is a method that I emphasize strongly during the discovery process as I believe it is the way to fuel deeper forms of innovation. When team building is separate from the work at hand, it is harder to relate what happened when you were hanging 100 feet in the air from a rope when – back at the company – a statement is made by someone that just doesn’t make sense. How do you team with that?

Integrate team building with your project and get better more sustained results. Then go out and have some fun outside of the workplace together.