Vic’s Supplements Plan For Wellness … and Sustainability

Our wellness influences what we create as human beings and how it either supports or depletes the world’s complex ecology of life – a planetary well being, so to speak.

Our individuality is made up of a physical body, mind(fulness) and thoughts, emotions and attitude, and spiritual connection with something greater than us. The interactions between sustainability, leadership, collaboration, and innovation (my favorite subjects) start inside ourselves. That is, how we treat the inward effects the outward. Each then, are tightly connected to other bodies, thoughts, emotions, and spirits that make up a collective of creativity, and the outcomes of our innovation and creativity start with you and me feeling whole as individuals. Keeping our bodies attuned within a now toxic environment becomes very important. To be global change agents, we must recognize that all four areas of inner being affect the same four aspects of an outer being that is realized within our communities and the earth as a whole. This is why some people call the earth ‘Gaia’, because it better represents our planet as a living being made up of an intertwined ecology of living things. This way of thinking is in fact at the source of all human development within the context of understanding a deep ecology. Let us come to recognize that giving credence to our individual wellness directly influences the next generation of innovation, and will be the result of a more conscious, collaborative, global design process.

That said, the outline below suggest some ways to use supplements to keep our bodies well. Everything below comes from a body-wellness perspective and is based on three key points …

1-Clean the colon (the ‘inner’ toxic environment)

Plain and simple: 90% of all human disease starts in the colon, so a clean colon is will prevent most of the stuff that’s killing or making us sick.

2-Alkalize the body (an acid world is an angry world)

pH balance is the best indicator of human health. Our body organs regenerate and rejuvenate when alkaline and get sick when acid. For example, cancer can not live in an alkaline body but thrives in an acid one. Also, a balanced set of healthy bacteria help to keep bad micro-organisms from passing further into your body, including one that seems to be prevalent in today’s highly food processed world known as candida.

2-Assimilation of nutrients (know how to take in the good while shielding ourselves from the bad)

I have found that, just because you take supplements does not mean that your body is taking in the ingredients. The body’s ability to break down and utilize supplements is as important as the supplement ingredients themselves. Laboratory-made ingredients usually are far less capable of assimilating properly than supplements made from natural sources because their molecular structure is often too large to pass through cell membranes and often do not have the carriers that help with the exchange processes in the body. So be sure that you consider this as part of your supplements selection process.


My solution:

This is not, by any means, a perfect solution – there isn’t one. I’m posting this because I want to share what I know through my own studies, hoping that it will encourage more of you change agents to build your own wellness solution.

1-Alkalize the Body

(a) Alkalize the body with pH drops

Drink lots of water throughout the day with drops in it. Try Cell Power pH drops and/or try Phion pH drops.

(b) Drink raw lemon juice

Lemon juice with touch of B grade syrup as lemons are a great alkalizer to the body and makes my stomach feel good. It cuts my apetite so its easier to eat way less food during day, which is very important. This program is called the Master Cleanse which uses just lemon juice. I’ve gone 10 days with just this and no other food – It was great, but takes will power I don’t have right now.

2-Cleanse the Digestive System

Clean out the colon and keep it that way. I like using Dr. Schultz 5 or 30 day bowel detox system, or something similar. Listen to his lectures on how he describes the interaction between a healthy colon and overall wellness – his approach is wise and sound.


3-Add Highly Assimilable Nutrients

(a) Nutraceutical

Vitamins do not get into the body due to size of dissolved particles, and our diets (even if healthy) no longer have the nutrients they once did due to destroyed soils. New vitamin products are called ‘Nutricuticals’ help get those needed extras, especially ingredients that get lost during food processing, such as aminos, enzymes, healthy bacteria. These are the two I use: IntegraMax and sometimes Eniva Vibe. Try both and see which one works for you.

(b) Superfoods with Juicing

Make lots of juices with live fresh vegies and fruits and add super foods. Top superfoods are seaweed, raw honey, wheatgrass juice, and whole crushed flax seed. Add Dr. Shultz superfood to your juice. Also, go get 2 to 4 ounces of wheat grass juice from a local juice bar a couple times a week. It is one of the highest forms of nature-made nutrition on the planet. Also add seaweed to your diet as it contains the macro and micro minerals that our diet does not provide anymore. And when you can, use raw honey in green tea and or just by the spoonful. The tea is high in antioxidants and the honey is high in enzymes, which are normally heated out of most all of our foods but essential for nutrient breakdown and assimilation. I often add all or any of these into my juice concoction, plus dark greens, carrots, raspberries and blueberries. All are extra high antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Mix up a juice to satisfy your taste buds, but just get it into your body.

(c) Probiotics and Fish Oil

An unbalanced flora allows the bad bacteria to populate and they generate major acid. Plus omegas help to reestablish cell membranes thereby reducing irriation. Take Jaro probiotics or Blue Rock probiotics (mix of 4 to 7 billion healthy bacteria types), along with a balance of omegas that come from clean fish oil pills that have total of 1000mgs of dnl and hcl (see backs of bottles).


4-Exercise to burn off stress

My stress level has been chronically off the charts for too long and is main reason for my acid reflux and stomach problems. Exercise helps but I still don’t do this one enough, but am walking now very often. It helps a lot. Looking forward to things has also has helped to calm down my anxiety. (Special note: I have also recognized that taking too many supplements causes stomach problems – more is not better. Monitor the quantities that work for your body.)


5-The ‘Magic Nine’ Foods For Wellnes

I have added eight foods into my diet that combine high levels of the magic that the body needs to run well. Note these foods are either ‘raw’ or properly ‘processed’ to retain their magic. They are: Fish Oil (omegas) Seaweed (minerals), Raw Honey (enzymes), Wheatgrass Juice (vitamins/minerals), Whole Flax Seed (omegas/fiber) [ground at time of intake], Blueberries (vitamins/antioxidants), Green Tea (metabolism/antioxidants), Cayenne Pepper [metabolism and circulation], and a Superfood Blend (vitamins/minerals) [best ‘processed’ combo I’ve found is from Dr. Schultz.


Note: I’m a believer in the products I’ve listed here through my own research and experimenting. I suggest you try them, but by all means, find the ones that work for you! In principle, emphasize prevention or cure solutions, and the use of earth-grown substances instead of lab-based pharmaceuticals. And recognize that BOTH supplements and pharmaceuticals have their place in wellness and well being.


If you have any suggestions regarding this list, please email me and let me know.

Vic Desotelle