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Also See Vic’s Many LinkedIn Testimonials

Maria Kostelas
Founder and CEO, Flutes of the World

“The single most perceptive coach I’ve worked with, Vic Desotelle combines the wisdom of an old sage with the business acumen of a CEO, and the psychological know how of a learned clinician. Our work together catapulted me into the higher level of professionalism and business operations I had always wanted to realize, but didn’t know how to achieve. Vic made it easy, and made it seem like I got there all by myself. You’ve heard the old adage, If a tree falls in the forest and no one is listening…I’ve witnessed Vic Desotelle’s ability to put himself in the forest of every single individual in our group, no matter their position, or background. Before a tree even begins to think about falling, he is there, guiding their transformation of a potential disaster into an opportunity for expansion. Averting failure, Vic has facilitated their movement into a direction that capitalizes on their strengths, honors their truest vision, and celebrates their growth.”

Tim Billing
Operations Director, IDEO Inc.

“For many years, Vic has been an adviser of mine on issues related to the environment and sustainability . Vic has exhibited a knowledge and an undying passion for these topics long before they were part of the mainstream consciousness. It’s a pleasure to work with Vic as he brings an energy and can-do attitude to everything he does.”

Mei Lin Fung
Chairman, Inst. Organizational Excellence & Co-Producer, FutureTalk

“Vic has a wonderful gift for understanding and listening. I was very glad to have his help in developing a complex proposal for leadership transformation certification – his insightful perspective increased the value of the proposal by making sure we had participants engaged in co-designing the program. Vic is a designer to bring your collaborative programs into the present and helps you launch them into the future. Additionally, Vic is a good listener and deep inquirer with a broad understanding of the subtle nuances of collaboration design. He provided great energy, passion and inspiration in the stirring launch of the FutureTalk commmunity. We now have a successful collaborative group talking about the future, looking for ways to extend that discussion through the use of TV and video.”

David Rubine
Founder and CEO, Cornerstones

“As a group facilitator, whether in a corporate or community venue, Vic brings an extraordinary blend of spontaneous and intuitive interchange with a capacity for masterful precision and discernment in the use of conceptual distinctions regarding leadership. This combination of talent provides a foundational balance rarely exemplified in someone promoting his or her leadership skills. His dedication for expanding the freedom of expression for all people is an exceptional and vital gift to the world.”

Larry Walker
President, Knowledge Management Inc.

“Our company worked with Vic to develop a project proposal based upon Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS). Whereas our company is very familiar with large, complex projects, we were not familiar with the emerging CAS concepts and theories. Vic did an excellent job of bringing us up-to-speed on CAS and helped us develop the proposal — which we could not have done without him. Vic was very helpful and supportive in working with us even though we were a new contact for him. Based on this initial contact, we have remained in touch and shared ideas. Vic is innovative, helpful, and supportive, and I would recommend him as a good partner for anyone to work with.”

Susan C. Strong
Executive Director & Founder, The Metaphor Project

“In my experience, Vic has demonstrated keen appreciation of the subtleties of language and communication. He also has an excellent grasp of the importance of cultural beliefs in developing effective business activities.”

Mitchell Swanson
Owner, SwansonRivers.com

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Vic Desotelle’s services for business planning, including team collaboration, coaching and facilitation, web design, and market presence, for any company, government, or NGO. His ability to “drill down” through organizational complexities and positioning it on the internet has allowed for the re-creation of my company in the world marketplace. Vic showed great dedication to my company’s specific needs and helped to articulate its fundamental mission, focus, and direction. His efforts moved my company’s web presence into an expanded understanding and public awareness of my qualifications for clients seeking my specialized services. He also stimulated my own thinking for how to better apply skills that diversify and expand my business opportunities. I whole heartily recommend Vic for any entity wanting to broaden their personal or business horizons.”

 Also See Vic’s Many LinkedIn Testimonials

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