Peter Senge on Education, Learning, and Humanity’s Future

How do we tie our children’s learning to the world at large? It’s time to rethink, not just what we are teaching are kids, as the information is old and too often wrong. But also, we need to redo HOW we are teaching them. Our children are way ahead of the system that is trying to teach them. Peter Senge’s video will help you open to some possibilities. Possibilities that have to go beyond conversations … Continue reading “Peter Senge on Education, Learning, and Humanity’s Future”

Creating a Learning Exchange Marketplace

Learning Exchange Markets uncover hidden innovation which is often at the fringes of an organization. Within a Learning Exchange Market, a shift of emphasis occurs between the participants from debates and discussions to generative dialogue, which must be in place for true forms of sustainable innovation to emerge. During the learning exchange process, multiple conversations – both strategic and envisioning, are allowed to occur at the same time. This approach actually accelerates results toward action-oriented … Continue reading “Creating a Learning Exchange Marketplace”

Building A Learning Organisation

A learning organisation is an organisation that learns and encourages learning among its people. It promotes exchange of information between employees, hence creating a more knowledgeable workforce. This produces a very flexible organisation where people will accept and adapt to new ideas and change through shared vision.It is said that the only constant in life is change and organisations are not spared. Change brings about not only uncertainty and risks but also opportunities for growth. … Continue reading “Building A Learning Organisation”

Vic on Organizational Learning

Let’s set the stage for what this section of Discovery Fuel’s blog on organizational learning is all about. Companies that fall into this category often describe themselves as learning organizations. It is one of the first recognized concepts that the corporate world has successfully used to bridge the previously huge gap between education and business. Interesting to note that the value of this concept has been increasing as companies have needed to increase their rate … Continue reading “Vic on Organizational Learning”

Online Learning To Reshape Our World ?

I’ve been behind the mark in getting some good material out relating to online collaboration tools because I’m actually formulating new potions back in my personal ‘Colab’oratory. I am continuing my search for KISS (keep it stupid simple) online environments that will allow us all to connect online in amazing ways – no matter where we are in the world. And some cool tools are certainly rising to the top. I’ll admit as well that … Continue reading “Online Learning To Reshape Our World ?”

Vic on Creative Learning

Let’s set the stage for what will be discussed here: What does this subject have to do with anything outside of a school environment? Well allow me to elaborate … The world has changed. Noooo, the world is not ‘about’ to change, it HAS changed. And the way we learn no longer fits into the slot of go-to-school, get a degree, then go apply what we learned. No, learning has become a frequent set of … Continue reading “Vic on Creative Learning”

How to Facilitate Powerful Generative Team Meetings – Onsite or Online

Improve Group Trainings and Team Design Sessions with Discovery Colabs The Art of Collaborative Design: Learn how to facilitate more powerful, generative meetings using this collaborative design process. Discovery Colabs can be either physical or virtual and have nearly the same top level process configuration. However, the online tools used for a physical onsite session are quite different than those used in a virtual online session, which are described in a different presentation. Contact me for more information.  … Continue reading “How to Facilitate Powerful Generative Team Meetings – Onsite or Online”

Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital

How does one go about building social innovation and creating social capital? Creating more grounded transformative work is done by formulating a collective research process that builds shared capacity. If done well, an emerging social system moves itself (self adaptive) into momentous collaborative action.  CREATING SOCIAL INNOVATION – RESEARCH STAGES Asking powerful questions within dynamic interactive feedback loops is key to establishing a foundation for the collective to stand on. Some general advice about how to do social research … Continue reading “Collaborative Design: Methods for Developing Social Innovation and Social Capital”

Collaboration in Context of the Big Shift

On Collaboration This article by is a must read. It helps to describe the critical shift from isolated accumulative information, represented by degrees and the like, to collaborative flows of knowledge, which is only on the fringes of being recognized, let alone accepted within the world’s production-oriented cultures and societies. The article provides a great summary that addresses a new level of consciousness that emphasizes: adaptive, flowing, dynamic, and learning over established, structural, static, … Continue reading “Collaboration in Context of the Big Shift”

Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development

Download Resume from gDocs Vic Desotelle – Resume (831) 515-8141, vicdesotelle @, Santa Cruz, CA, LinkedIn Recommendations       Social Innovation Blog Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development  PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY My background is broad and systemic, which is a prerequisite for building and running effective programs. I have diverse skillsets in sustainable development, online e-learning tools, technical design engineering, leadership training, group facilitation, small business management, entrepreneurial coaching, organizational change, and team collaborative … Continue reading “Social Innovation, Sustainable Business, Technical Design, Organizational Development”

Collaboration "IS" the New Government

Imagine a new way of thinking regarding what government is …  Rather than government being the provider of fixes, it instead becomes a convener of stakeholders, thereby allowing ‘we the people’ to generate our own solutions, which is how a real democracy should be. This shifts our system from a STATIC governMENT institution into a DYNAMIC ‘governANCE’ system. We go from rigid structure to flowing process. The governing body becomes a manager (or governor) of the … Continue reading “Collaboration "IS" the New Government”

A Six-Point Architecture For Mapping Next-Generation Innovation

A deeper Learning conversation has emerged that we believe will help designers of companies, technologies, and communities, to develop new forms of offerings that are more appropriate for a conscious global culture. These conversations are the result of a new framework for organizing ourselves, where our activities now relate to what we call a Regenerative Commerce system. One that provides a balance of Equitable, Ecological, and Economical products and services to our global communities – … Continue reading “A Six-Point Architecture For Mapping Next-Generation Innovation”

Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Considerations for Effective Application

Sustainable Innovation Through Whole System Design My experience has taught me that the design and application of sustainability requires a ‘whole-systems’ approach. It requires ability for team members to work while recognizing multi-system interdependency’s called a ‘Design Ecology’. For example, although energy is a critical touch-point for effective implementation of sustainability, the impact on other aspects of enterprise becomes systemic and dynamic. This means that, when a new energy solution is applied, its impact goes … Continue reading “Building a Sustainable Enterprise: Considerations for Effective Application”

Our Money Or Our Lives?

These talks (below) by Peter Joseph establish a baseline for understanding why sustainability can ‘not’ happen (listen up all you greenies!) under our existing monetary system. Time to educate anew in order to clear ourselves of the old. Note this clearing will not from those ”with” but rather from those of us with”OUT”. What are you going to do TODAY to start taking action? Get RE-educated now, not tomorrow. As with so many of us, … Continue reading “Our Money Or Our Lives?”

Declared ‘Critically In-Sane’

I’ve just been declared ‘critically in-sane’ by the authorities. So you can disavow anything I say or do, as it is merely a fig-newton of my delirious irrational in-sanity-iation. You can visit me. I’ll be in padded cell # 13 talking through steel-secured cement walls to other cuckoo’s who got nested here before me. You know – the ones society locks up because they are nut cases, insane, crazy, out of touch with reality? Good … Continue reading “Declared ‘Critically In-Sane’”

Lossy vs Efficient Organizations – How to Design a Sustainable Supply Chain Management System

My recent insight on Sustainable Supply Chain Management System design … Lossy vs efficient organizations – how to design a ‘sustainable’ supply chain management (scm) system sustainability in supply chain management is optimized by measuring the lossiness cause by reflective coefficients at the sources and sinks of each learning node (suppler/vendor) in the chain. This refers to both informational and material flows. Thus, when the reflective coefficients are high, much loss occurs in the transfer of … Continue reading “Lossy vs Efficient Organizations – How to Design a Sustainable Supply Chain Management System”

SUPPORTING INDIVIDUALS, SMALL BUSINESSES, STARTUPS, & NONPROFITS THAT HAVE A FOCUS ON SOCIAL DESIGN AND SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION. Vic Desotelle I have expertise in organizational development, whole-system design, online group facilitation, collaborative process, web design, and strategic planning. GLOBAL TRANSFORMS FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION *Sustainable Systems *Collaborative Design *Leadership Ecology *Cultural Mythology I bring 20 years of experience with for-profit, non-profit, and startups, with a diverse skill set in technical engineering, online business development, executive and team leadership, group facilitation, and … Continue reading “”

Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series

Start Your Own GREEN Company! Create a sustainable business plan through my private coaching and online workshops. THIS WORKSHOP SERIES IS FOR: Social Entrepreneurs, Green Business Start-ups, Clean Tech Ventures, Sustainable Designers, Business Technology Incubators, and Corporate Green Programs and Innovation Teams. A Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series Turn Your Green Ideas Into A Real Sustainable Company! Got a great idea but missing certain business know-how pieces to make it happen? Would you like to … Continue reading “Sustainable Business Planning Workshop Series”

Defining a Regenerative Commerce System

Regenerative Commerce is a system based on a broader understanding of what it means to develop technology and business. I propose that, using these principles, a region’s economic system can revitalize itself and perform beyond today’s assumptions and expectations. The following represent shifts in awareness of the models we use to create and innovate within enterprise. Note that a ‘shift’ means we are including new information that expands existing models and does not mean that … Continue reading “Defining a Regenerative Commerce System”

The Art of Authentic Leadership

How To Become An Authentic Leader By Vic Desotelle Authentic Leadership is for those who choose to ‘BE change’ as the way to ‘SEE change’ ____________________________ Authenticity as Prerequisite for Leadership Today’s growing global problems can not be solved using the same methods that created them in the first place. Thus, we must evolve our approaches toward innovation, including a new eye on leadership. This article addresses leadership from a very different perspective. How do … Continue reading “The Art of Authentic Leadership”

Concentrix Management: How To Cross Pollinate Innovation Teams

Concentrix Management (CM) is a model for distributing and managing information with the intent to cross pollinate ideas and concepts across sub-groups so that each part of the system knows about the ‘whole’ (of which all working groups within it reside) without overloading any one person. ——————————————————– We are each at the center of our own Universe. How does yours relate to mine? ——————————————————– CM is an important communications tool that allows innovation to emerge … Continue reading “Concentrix Management: How To Cross Pollinate Innovation Teams”


Vic Desotelle Sustainability Innovator, Green Entrepreneur, Collaborative Design Facilitator, Change Agent, Leadership Coach, Social Mythic + + + “Mythic Dragons appear at the Earth’s Horizon, as the Sun Inflects the Dawn of an Emerging New Culture – An Awakened Global Civilization, Ignited by Humanity’s Inner Solar Rays.” + + + Vic’s Insights and Inspirations We have entered a new era of ‘once upon a time’, where the reappearance of mythical dragons signal the emergence of … Continue reading “Vision”


SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: PERSONAL & TEAM CONSULTING Solutions for Organizational Design and Sustainable Innovation Discovery Colabs * What is collaborative design? * Sustainable business created with a collaborative design facilitation process * Organizational learning concepts applied to company development * Green Business Planning Workshops (green company development support) * Collaborative Design Facilitation (with an online, distant network focus) See My Concept Articles Below Blog For Social Entrepreneur Startups (new!) Authentic Leadership Ecology What Is Sustainable Innovation Next Generation Innovation Mapping … Continue reading “Ventures”


. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller     Practical Summary of Vic’s Skill Sets Technical Project Management, Startup Business, Green Development, Group Facilitation, eMarketing, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, Leadership Coaching, Change Management, Social Innovation, Organizational Learning, Instructional Training Program Startup Management: Company development and technical management for entrepreneurs * Social innovation program management within startup or changing environments Business on the Web: Internet … Continue reading “Resume”

Communication: Differentiating Debate, Discussion, & Dialogue

I have been asked to clarify the difference between ‘debates‘, ‘discussions‘, and ‘dialogues‘ (note wikipedia incorrectly clumps discussion into the same definition as ‘debate’). Below is a first attempt at trying to evolve our understanding of these three primary communication processes. I ask for your feedback, and also for your own insights on this matter. The intent here is to help organizational change processes be more conscious and more effective by becoming aware that how … Continue reading “Communication: Differentiating Debate, Discussion, & Dialogue”

Our Future and the Mistake We Continue to Make

the mistake we continue to make is about how we learn and make Decisions Taking action on our future is less about ‘what‘ we know and ‘who‘ is in the room, than it is about ‘how‘ we come together to learn. We’ve had this wrong for a long long time. Look at the photo below. This is a “climate action” conference. Observe how people in the room are positioned. Notice how one person is actively … Continue reading “Our Future and the Mistake We Continue to Make”

Schools Should Teach The Way Children Learn

I love this article from the S.F. Chronicle. It will make you rethink your beliefs around technology’s role in teaching and how we humans tend to learn. Read up. (Click on the article image to enlarge it) Use your mouse to click, hold, drag, zoom, autoplay, and control the presentation below. Playing to Learn? on Prezi

Vic’s Soul Mate

SEEKING MY SOUL MATE What I Seek in a Woman … I seek companionship with a woman who, through her life experiences, knows her place in the world. She may be afraid of the unknown, but chooses to go there anyway. She owns her decisions and differences of opinion, while seeking to understand why others choose what they do, and reaches toward compassion for them, whether she agrees with them or not. She possesses a … Continue reading “Vic’s Soul Mate”

Growth Myth: How Sustainability is Linked to Poor Economic Design

The future of HUMAN sustainability is directly linked to the models that we have created to manage our social systems. And our inability to connect with exponential growth concepts is about to take the whole thing down in flames. I highly encourage you to watch Chris Martenson‘s ‘Crash Course‘, which covers a slightly different set of 3E’s: economy, energy, and environment. Chris builds a clear and concise description of money and its relationship to the … Continue reading “Growth Myth: How Sustainability is Linked to Poor Economic Design”

Web Technology as Sacred

I want you to take your business hat off for a minute to read what’s below. I am about to enter the twilight zone and attempt to bring in what some may consider ridiculous or impossible. For me, what I am about to say touches on the profound, and believe it is a critical subject for our times. READY ?! The Web has reached a level of maturity where it can be viewed as an … Continue reading “Web Technology as Sacred”

The Link Between Ethics and Innovation

Ethics to Innovation Article By Vic Desotelle and Michael Kaufman Table of Contents Introduction The Ethics/Innovation Relationship What are Ethics? Forces Creating Managerial Dilemmas (Principle Forces Creating Practical Dilemmas) What is Innovation? Innovative Wholes and Inventive Systems (Fractal Wholes vs Fractured Parts) The Emerging Global Ethic Innovation through Ethical Tension Sustainability: Bridge from Ethics to Innovation The New Innovation Strategy Architecting a Regenerative Commerce Conclusion Ethics to Innovation CONVERSATION WORD MAP . . Introduction In … Continue reading “The Link Between Ethics and Innovation”

Mapping Next Generation Innovation

Considering A Six-Point Architecture For Mapping Next-Generation Innovation A deeper Learning conversation has emerged that we believe will help designers of companies, technologies, and communities, to develop new forms of offerings that are more appropriate for a conscious global culture. These conversations are the result of a new framework for organizing ourselves, where our activities now relate to what we call a Regenerative Commerce system. One that provides a balance of Equitable, Ecological, and Economical … Continue reading “Mapping Next Generation Innovation”

Put in Values and an Organizational Structure That Will Stimulate Innovation

Donald Mitchell asked: le associate industry-changing innovation with high technology products and services, and certainly those industries create lots of innovation. On the other hand, almost every business seems to enjoy the potential to be more innovative if people think about the business that way. Few industries had a greater reputation for being stodgy than steel making during the 1950s and 1960s. Today, the industry has been totally reshaped, by relying on technology that did … Continue reading “Put in Values and an Organizational Structure That Will Stimulate Innovation”